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Religions – The Runelord of Wrath

This is the information for the Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path regarding what is known about the Runelords of Thassilonia. For players in my campaigns, this will be different from what you find on the web or in other resources of the setting.

This page represents as much information as the two groups have learnt about the Runelords of Thassilonia.

Alaznist – Runelord of Wrath

Queen of Bakrakhan

A beautiful woman with wild hair, holding a ranseur (Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath).

Patron of evocation Magic
  • Special Materials:
  • Special Servants:
    • Arcane Knights
    • Rune Guardian of Wrath 
  • Special Spells
    • Sign of Wrath (Level 6)
  • Holy Sites:
    • Hellstorm Flumes – Old Light of Sandpoint
    • Hollow Mountain
    • Irespan – Magnimar
  • Holy Texts:
    • Fleshwarping of Yamasoth
  • Aeon Stones
    • (pf2-lopsg-122)
  • Artefacts of Pride
    • Charred adamantine ranseur impaled with the skull of the first Runelord of Wrath
    • Garvok, Sword of Wrath (one of the Alara’hai, Seven swords of sin)
    • Rift Siphon
    • Rod of Malrion
    • Rune of Razing
    • Runeforged Weapons (Sadistic, Tyrannical)
    • Sacrificial Spear
    • Scepter of Alaznist
    • Shard of Wrath
    • Sign of Wrath
Rune of Wrath
Rune of Wrath

Evocation opposed by Abjuration and Conjuration.

Although the goddess possessed of wizardly might on par with the other runelords, Alaznist, ruler of Bakrakhan, cared little for the tedium of spell research and magical item construction. Her interests tended more toward the corruption, mutation, and empowerment of her vast legions, utilizing her cruel arcane genius to create the deadliest warriors in all of Thassilon. For all her efforts, though, the Runelord of Wrath saw her minions as expendable pawns to be sacrificed at her whim. Thus, into the ranks of her armies she seeded potent magical creations that often proved as deadly to the user and his allies as to the enemies of Bakrakhan.

Bakrakhan – The eastern border of Bakrakhan was a mountain range known as the Rasp, which today forms the western coast of Varisia. Most of the kingdom sunk beneath the sea during Thassilon’s destruction and now lies at the bottom of the Varisian Gulf. It is also considered to be part of the outer planes.


Pathfinder 1 Rules:

Content Updates

  • 2021-10-26 – Added extra material to the goddess details.
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