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Religions – The Runelord of Pride

This is the information for the Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path regarding what is known about the Runelords of Thassilonia. For players in my campaigns, this will be different from what you find on the web or in other resources of the setting.

This page represents as much information as the two groups have learnt about the Runelords of Thassilonia.

Xanderghul – Runelord of Pride

Satrap of Cyrusian, Holder of the Peacock Throne, Lord of Illusions, Master of the Unblinking Eye, Heir to the Xin God Emperor of Thassilon

A handsome, bearded man in extravagant clothes, wielding a lucerne hammer (Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride).

Patron of Illusion Magic
  • Special Materials:
    • Horacalcum
  • Special Servants:
    • Order of the Green Feather
    • Therasic Order
    • Rune Guardian of Pride
  • Special Spells
    • Raiment of Command (Level 2)
  • Holy Sites:
    • Black Tower – Jorgenfist
    • Castle of the Green Feather
    • Grand Temple of the Peacock Spirit
    • Sech Nevali – The Hanging Monastery
    • Therassic Spire – Kaer Maga
    • Xin-Shalast
  • Holy Texts:
    • Emerald Codex of the Therassic Order
    • Revelation Quill
  • Aeon Stones
    • Western Star (pf2-lopsg-122)
  • Artefacts of Pride
    • Baraket, Sword of Pride (one of the Alara’hai, Seven swords of sin)
    • Empty Hands
    • Lucerne Hammer
    • Mantle of Lordly Command
    • Shard of Pride
    • Rune of the Inscrutable One
    • Runeforged Weapons (Domineering, Tyrannical)
    • Sihedron Ring

Illusion opposed by Conjuration and Transmutation.

Xanderghul, Runelord of Pride, Satrap of Cyrusian, Master of the Unblinking Eye, unsubstantiated Heir of First King Xin, and self-proclaimed Rightful Emperor of Thassilon, claimed many titles, but few so true for this God as Lord of Illusion. From his lofty throne, Citadel Arete – which contradicting accounts record as either a mile-high tower or a floating castle – he veiled his domain in vast illusions, some to delight his fantastically wealthy populace, others to cull the passions of his slaves, but most to baffle the eyes of his opponents. Throughout the entirety of his rule no force dared invade Cyrusian, as none ever truly knew the extent of the domain’s forces. To maintain this deceptive veil, the Runelord of Pride employed a variety of potent magical items, including arcana said to have been stolen from Heaven itself.

Cyrusian – Today, what was once Cyrusian is now part of north-central Varisia and the kingdom of Southmoor in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. It is also considered to be part of the outer planes.

Horacalcum: The rarest of the known skymetals, this dull, coppery substance warps time around it, making things seem to speed up or slow down. Horacalcum is associated with illusion magic, humility, and pride. Almost never found in amounts greater than a pound, horacalcum is the same weight and density as steel, but is much more durable.

Pathfinder 1 Rules: A weapon made of horacalcum gains a +1 circumstance bonus on attack rolls (ammunition can be made of horacalcum, but does not grant any bonus on attack rolls). An entire suit of armor made from this rare metal is fantastically expensive, but since a suit of horacalcum armor simultaneously allows its wearer to react more quickly while perceiving time more slowly, some consider the cost justifiable. A suit of light horacalcum armor grants a +1 bonus on Initiative checks, medium horacalcum armor grants a +2 bonus on Initiative checks, and heavy horacalcum armor grants a +3 bonus on Initiative checks. Weapons and armor made of horacalcum are always of masterwork quality – the masterwork cost is included in the prices given below.

Weapons and armor made of horacalcum have onefourth more hit points than normal. Horacalcum has 30 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 15. A weapon made of horacalcum costs +6,000 gp. Light armor costs +10,000 gp, medium armor +30,000 gp, and heavy armor +60,000 gp

Content Updates

  • 2021-10-26 – Added in additional details.
  • 2021-07-17 – Correcting spelling issues.
  • 2021-02-26 – Runelord of Pride split into its own page.
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