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DnD Artefact Hazirawn

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Artefact – Hazirawn

5e-wiz-tod Tyranny of Dragons
5e-wiz-tod – Tyranny of Dragons

Standard: This greatsword has the blade edged like it is a flame:

  • +1 weapon to attack and damage rolls.
  • On a successful strike the weapon also deals an extra 1d6 necrotic damage.
  • This item has standard powers if not attuned to someone: .

Attunement: If this weapon is attuned you gain the following qualities.

  • The weapon adds its bonus to the number of damage dice of the weapon.
  • This item has attuned powers: Detect Magic, Detect Evil and Good.

Awakened: One the item is awakened it auto-attunes to someone, no longer takes up an attunement slot and makes you unable to touch another Artefact.

  • The bonus increases to +2. This also increases the necrotic damage to 2d6.
  • This item has awakened powers: Detect Thoughts.
  • Weapon gains Sentience Stage 1

Exalted Status: Achieve a milestone of killing 100 air genasi makes this item exaulted.

Exalted: Once the item is exalted it remains that way.

  • The bonus increases to +3. This also increases the necrotic damage to 3d6.
  • Weapon gains Sentience Stage 2

Relic: An darkness aspected character gains a bonus to their strength and saving throws of the weapon bonus. Fire Genasi using the weapon treat their weapon proficiency as one rank higher for this weapon.

Note: When a power with PP is used, roll a d20. Further awakening on the item can bring more powers.

Campaign Items – GM Section

Artefact Details

Note: Discussing GM Section in character at the game table causes your character to take a penalty. Full penalty details are discovered by trial and error.

  • Requirement: tba.
  • Handicap: tba.
  • Power Points: Base 8, Attuned 10, Awakened 12, Exalted 14 PP.
  • Recharge: Base 1, Attuned 2, Awakened 3, Exalted 4 PP per long rest.
  • Powers:
    • Entropy’s Shadow: Can use this item as part of casting a spell to enhance the spell with entropy with one of the following effects: Note: This can’t enhance non damaging spells.
      • Caster check to cast damaging spell as if native to region including in the hollow world
      • +1 damage dice per PP used
      • 1 PP to bypass resistance to a damaging spell
      • 2 PP to reduce immunity to resistance for one damaging spell
      • 4 PP to bypass immunity for a damaging spell
      • 1 PP per level of spell to bypass spell restrictions
      • A critical hit with this weapon causes one level of exhaustion on the target
    • Detect Magic: Costs 1 PP. You cast Detect Magic spell. (1 on a d20 causes a penalty)
    • Detect Evil and Good: Costs 2 PP. You cast the Detect Evil and Good spell, with 50% it affecting an Immortal. (1 to 2 on a d20 chance of a penalty)
    • Detect Thoughts: Costs 3 PP. You cast the Detect Thoughts spell. (1 to 3 on a d20 chance of a penalty)

Sentience – Stage 1: Neutral Evil weapon with tba. It can speak, read and understand Alphatian and Flameish.

Sentience – Stage 2: tba.

Artefact Penalty


Artefact History

Artefact Traits

  • Handicap – This is an effect applied to all who pend PP while handling the item until the given time has passed.
  • Penalty – A penalty can be removed by a special downtime activity with discussion and approval by games master only. (limit once per game year)
  • Plane Locked – All artefacts cannot be taken through extra dimensional travel, this includes teleportation, fey step and dimensional travel.
  • Power Points (PP) – This is the amount of power points that the artefact can draw upon to use its abilities. All abilities with a PP cost have a chance of causing a penalty on a d20 equal to the cost. Use of PP also causes the wielder to reduce their maximum hit points by the PP spent. This lost hit points uses the Soul Burn mechanics from Secret Crafts.
  • Recharge – the amount of power points that the artefact will refresh over a set time.
  • Set Items – can be combined to form a more powerful item.
  • Team Item – can provide other powers if members of the part wield other items in the team set.

Content Updates

Mystara Artefacts

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