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DnD Artefact Crown of Fire

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Artefact – Crown of Fire

5e-wiz-tod Tyranny of Dragons
5e-wiz-tod – Tyranny of Dragons

Standard: The dragon mask reshapes to fit the face and head of the wearer. This mask of glossy crimson has swept-back horns and spiked cheek ridges. Its damage type is fire.

  • Dragon Fire – If you deal fire damage to a creature or flammable object, it starts burning. At the start of each of its turns, a creature burning in this way takes 1d6 fire damage. A creature that can reach the burning target can use an action to extinguish the fire.

Attunement: While attuned to the dragon mask you gain the following benefits:

  • Damage Absorption – You have resistance against the mask’s damage type. If you already have resistance to that damage type from another source, you instead have immunity to that damage type. If you already have immunity to that damage type from another source, whenever you are subject to damage of that type, you take none of that damage and retain a number of hit points equal to half the damage dealt of that type.
  • Draconic Majesty – While you a wearing no armour, you can add your Charisma bonus to your Armour Class.
  • Dragon Breath – If you have a breath weapon that requires rest to recharge, it gains a recharge of 6.
  • Dragon Sight – You gain Darkvision to 60ft, or to an additional 60 ft if you already have that sense. once per day, you can gain blindsight out to 30ft for 5 minutes.
  • Dragon Tongue – You can speak and understand Draconic. You also have advantage on any Charisma check you make against dragons that share the mask’s colour.
  • Legendary Resistance (1/Day) – If you fail a saving throw, you can choose to succeed instead.

Set Item – Crown of the Dragonlord. This item is part of the Crown of the Dragonlord set. Individually, the five dragon masks resemble the dragons they are named for. When two or more of the dragon masks are assembled, however, they transform magically into the Mask of the Dragon Queen. Each mask shrinks to become the modelled head of a chromatic dragon, appearing to roar its devotion to Tiamat, If all the masks brought together they are arranged in a crown-like shape around the wearers head and below the five masks, the wearer gains a new draconic visage that covers the face, neck and shoulders.

While attuned and wearing this mask, you can have any of the properties from any one mask. Additionally, you gain the Damage Absorbption frokm each of the five dragon maks, and you gain five uses of the Legendary Resistance property.

Relic: Dragons who are attuned can permently change their dragon colour to that of the Dragon Mask. While they share the colour they can refresh Legendary Resistance on a short rest, and have a extra use per day.

Campaign Items – GM Section

Artefact Details

Note: Discussing GM Section in character at the game table causes your character to take a penalty. Full penalty details are discovered by trial and error.

  • Requirement: tba.
  • Handicap: tba.
  • Power Points: Base 8, Attuned 10, Awakened 12, Exalted 14 PP.
  • Recharge: Base 1, Attuned 2, Awakened 3, Exalted 4 PP per long rest.
  • Powers:

Artefact Penalty


Artefact History

  • Note: This item is meant to be sponsored by a Dragon of Energy, but has been shunted to the Sphere of Matter

Artefact Traits

  • Handicap – This is an effect applied to all who pend PP while handling the item until the given time has passed.
  • Penalty – A penalty can be removed by a special downtime activity with discussion and approval by games master only. (limit once per game year)
  • Plane Locked – All artefacts cannot be taken through extra dimensional travel, this includes teleportation, fey step and dimensional travel.
  • Power Points (PP) – This is the amount of power points that the artefact can draw upon to use its abilities. All abilities with a PP cost have a chance of causing a penalty on a d20 equal to the cost. Use of PP also causes the wielder to reduce their maximum hit points by the PP spent. This lost hit points uses the Soul Burn mechanics from Secret Crafts.
  • Recharge – the amount of power points that the artefact will refresh over a set time.
  • Set Items – can be combined to form a more powerful item.
  • Team Item – can provide other powers if members of the part wield other items in the team set.

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