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Security – Barriers

  • Barriers incude fences, walls, and other obstructions that serve as a deterrent to keep people and animals out, prevent intruders from escaping, or deter surveilance or terrorist attacks (like car bombs). These can be strewn about the perimeter, set along restricted roadways, or intergrated into a building’s internal or outer security. They may be supplemented with various sensors, cameras, gun turrets, or scanners.​
  • ​Wooden, stone, chain-link, and electrified fences are most likely set around the parimeter and may feature barbed wire, concertina wire, or even monowire along the top. Climbing past fencetop wiring requires a Test: if the character fails, she takes damage.
  • The threshold needed to spot an electrified fence (as opposed to a regular fence) or monowire with a Perception Test, as well as the damage these defensive features can cause to someone who fails to bypass them. Damage is resisted as per normal. Note that protective mats may be thrown over barbed/concertina wire or electric fencing to climb over them without damage.​
  • Walls come in all sorts of compositions – usually brick, stone, plascrete, concrete, or drywall – and may be specifically intended to protect against explosions or penetration. For details on attacking through or bypassing walls. Plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are often found within walls and can increase the wall’s Armour rating.​

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