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Corporations by Name

AC Delco (see General Motors), Ares (AAA), Ares America (see Ares Arms), Ares Arms (see Ares), Ares Arms Africa (see Ares Arms), Ares Arms California (see Ares CFS), Ares Atlanta (see Ares CAS), Ares CAS (see Ares), Ares CFS (see Ares), Ares Consumer Products (see Ares), Ares Europe (see Ares), Ares Global Commsat (see AresSpace), Ares Global Entertainment (see Ares), Ares Heavy Industry (see Ares), Ares Integrated Solutions (see Ares Europe), Ares Macrotechnology (see Ares), Ares Makrotech (see Ares Europe), Ares Seattle (see Ares UCAS), Ares Services (see Ares), Ares Small Arms (see Ares Arms), Ares UCAS (see Ares), AresSpace (see Ares), AresSpace Lifters (see AresSpace), AresSpace Security (see AresSpace), AresSpace Special Operations Division (see AresSpace Security), Aztechnology (AAA)

BANCOMEXT (see Aztechnology), Bank of America (see Ares), Battle Channel (see Aztechnology), BMW (see Saeder-Krupp), Buick (see General Motors),

Cadillac (see General Motors), Carrefour (see Aztechnology), Crystal Optics (see Ares Services),

Dassault (see Aztechnology),

Embraer (see Aztechnology), Emerging Futures (see Ares Services), Evo (AAA), Evo Corporation (see Evo),

Free Transit Cartage (see Aztechnology),

General Dynamics (see Ares Arms), General Motors (see Ares), Genetique (see Aztechnology), GMC (see General Motors),

Hard Corps Inc (see Ares UCAS), Hawker-Siddley (see Aztechnology), Horizon (AAA), Hoziron Group (see Horizon),

JRJ International (A),

Knight Errant (see Ares Macrotechnologies), Knight Errant of California (see Area CFS), Knight Errant of Tier Tairngire (see Knight Errant Security Services), Knight Errant Security (see Ares Europe), Knight Errant Security Services (see Ares),

Leviathan Technical (see Ares CFS), Lifescape (see Ares Services),

Marine Technologies (see Aztechnology), Maritech Enterprises (see Aztechnology), MCT (AAA), Medicarro (see Aztechnology), Mercury Express (see Ares Servies), Mitchel Holding (see Ares Europe), Mitsuhama (see MCT), Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (see MCT), Monstrans (see Ares Services),

NASA Consulting Inc (see AresSpace), National Broadcasting Service (see Ares Global Entertainment), Natural Vat Technologies (see Aztechnology), NeoNet (AAA), NeoNet Corporation (see NeoNet),

Optical Dreams (see Aztechnology), Osprey Technical Publications (see Ares CFS),

Pemex (see Aztechnology), Pontiac (see General Motors), Powertrain (see General Motors), Pratt & Whitney (see Ares Services), Productos Cultivatos (see Aztechnology), Pyramid Operations (see Aztechnology),

Quantas (see AresSpace), Quick Trigger Systems (see Ares Services),

Renraku (AAA), Renraku Computer Systems (see Renraku),

S-K (see Saeder-Krupp), Saeder-Krupp (AAA), Saeder-Krupp Heavy Industries (see Saeder-Krupp), Silicon Valley/Apple Computer Products (see Ares CFS), Stoner-Ares Weapon Systems (see Ares America), Stuffer Shack (see Aztechnology),

Televisa (see Aztechnology), Thyssen-Krupp (see Saeder-Krupp), Tres Chic Clothing (see Aztechnology), Tres Chic Cosmetics (see Aztechnology),

Weapons World (see Ares Arms), Wuxing (AAA), Wuxing Inc (see Wuxing), Wuxing Incorporated (see Wuxing),

Xpress Communications Corporation (see Aztechnology),

AAA Corporations and Subsidiaries

The Corporate Court rates AAA the largest and most important corporations. Also called Prime Megacorporations, AAA rated corporations enjoy the same extraterritorial privileges that AA megacorporations have. They are also given at least a representative on the Corporate Court for their importance. Because of this, AAA rating is only discussed prior to the election of a Court’s representative. If a Prime Megacorporation is a subsidiary of another corporation, this corporation receive AAA rating for practical reasons, and until the AAA subsidiary is sold, unless the parent company can justify sufficient size and an importance on its own (this is also true for AA or A rating). Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaftsbank is also maintained by the issue of a share to every Prime Megacorporation. The founding members of the Corporate Court have permanent AAA rating and must always retain at least one representative on the court. They are immune to domestic law, responsible only to themselves, regulated only by the Corporate Court. In order for a Corp to obtain AAA status, the corp must be diversified enough in several industries to become a Prime Megacorp.

Gen 1 Corporate History (2020 – 2035)

2023Ares Industries (renamed Ares Macrotechnology in 2024), ORO Corporation (renamed Aztechnology Corporation in 2022), BMW, JRJ International, Keruba International, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies and Shiawase (all founding members of the court)
2029Renraku Holdings (buyout of Keruba International)

Gen 2 Corporate History (2035 – 2050)

2036Saeder-Krupp (reorganization of the BMW group)
2038 – Fuchi Industrial Electronics (by acquisition of JRJ International)
2042 – Yamatetsu (by election)

Gen 3 Corporate History (2050 – 2065)

2059Wuxing (by election) and Novatech (by acquisition of JRJ International)
2060 – Cross Applied Technologies (by election)

Gen 4 Corporate History (2065 – 2080)

2066? – Horizon claims CATCo’s seat.
2080 – Spinrad Global (Leasing JRJ Internationals seat)

  • Subsidiaries – BANCOMEXT, Battle Channel, Carrefour (supermarket), Dassault (Aerospace), Embraer (Aerospace), Free Transit Cartage, Genetique (Bio and Nano tech), Hawker-Siddley, Marine Technologies, Maritech Enterprises, MediCarro (Medical), Natural Vat Technologies, Optical Dreams, Pemex, Productos Cultivatos, Pyramid Operations, Stuffer Shack (supermarket), Televisa, Tres Chic Clothing, Tres Chic Cosmetics, Xpress Communications Corporation
Ares Macrotechnology
  • Ares Arms – Ares America (Stoner-Ares Weapon Systems), Ares Small Arms, Ares Arms Africa, General Dynamics, Weapons World
  • Ares CAS – Ares Atlanta
  • Ares CFS – Ares Arms California, Knight Errant of California, Leviathan Technical, Osprey Technical Publications, Silicon Valley/Apple Computer Products
  • Ares Europe – Ares Integrated Solutions, Ares Makrotech, Knight Errant Security, Mitchel Holding
  • Ares Global Entertainment – National Broadcasting Service
  • Ares Macrotechnologies – Knight Errant
  • Ares UCAS – Ares Seattle, Hard Corps Inc
  • AresSpace – Ares Global Commsat, AresSpace Lifters, AresSpace Security (AresSpace Special Operations Division), NASA Consultin Inc, Quantas
  • Bank of America
  • General Motors – AC Delco, Buick, Cadilac, GMC, Pontiac, Powertrain
  • Knight Errant Security Services – Knight Errant – Tier Taingire
  • Ares Consumer Products
  • Ares Heavy Industry
  • Ares Services – Crystal Optics, Emerging Futures, Lifescape, Mercury Express, Mostrans, Quick Trigger Systems, Pratt & Whitney
  • SubsidiariesBMW

Content Updates

  • 2022-05-28 – Added in Aztechnology and its breakdown of subsidiaries. Added in the same for Ares.
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Campaign 2

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Gen 1 Runner: Year Three – Ghost Cartels, Year Four – Artefacts, Year Five – Horizon

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Gen 2 Runner: Year Eight – Sprawl Wilds, Year Nine – Stolen Souls

Gen 3 Runner: The Setup, Year Nine – Stolen Souls, Year Ten – Lockdown

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Gen3 Prime: Year Ten – Lockdown, Year Elven – The End.

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