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Corporate Overview – Aztechnology

Aztechnology, headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, at one stage was the second largest corporation in the world and the largest corporation in North America. Aztechnology is the number one producer of consumer goods in the world. It is also number one in the Magical Industry. The corporation strongly supports the Aztlaner government, which in turn enacts a number of laws to the advantage of Aztechnology. The corporation is privately owned and does not disclose the names of its shareholders and board members. On the other hand, it heavily uses publicity to support its foods and consumer goods sales.

  • ​Corporate Slogan: “The Way to a Better Tomorrow” ​
  • ​Corporate Court Ranking (2075): #4
  • ​Corporate Court Ranking (2077): #4
  • ​Corporate Status: AAA Corporations, private corporation ​
  • World Headquarters: Tenochtiltlan, Aztlan​
  • President/CEO: Flavia de la Rosa​

Corporate History – Aztechnology


Unknown to everyone (at the time) the three largest drug cartels in Mexico (the Medellin, Masaya, and David) were working together behind the scenes. And they were working well together. The leaders of the three cartels came together in 2007 to form the ORO Corporation. Their name was somewhat of a double joke… Ortega (Medellín Cartel), Julio Ramos (David Cartel), and Diego Oriz (Masaya Cartel) were the three leaders of the cartels that formed the company, and oro means gold in Spanish.

By the end of the year the ORO Corporation was the one of the larger investors in almost every industry in Central America both legitimate and otherwise. On March 4th, 2008 the ORO Corporation announced that they had discovered a source of molybdenum worth tens of billions of dollars. This was an amazing win for ORO. They had been quietly buying up the developers and facilities required to exploit this find for months beforehand and with this sudden explosion of money they were able to expand their portfolio and become the largest investor in Central America.

This increased influence in the economic sector, of course, brought with it an expansion into the political arena, especially in Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua, and Honduras. ORO either bought corrupt politicians or simply installed their own, and with their new political clout were able to push the repeal of most intellectual property (copyright) laws throughout Central America. This allowed ORO to expand into the extremely profitable market of digital piracy. It made them a mint and a half.


VITAS struck Mexico in 2010, and ORO was on the forefront of humanitarian aid. This continued throughout the chaos that the Awakening brought with it and the collapse of the Mexican government the next year in 2011 . They used these chaotic years to expand into other nations in the area including; Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Venezuela. And within months, these nations also repealed their copyright laws, further expanding ORO’s pirate empire.

They used their profits wisely, and helped rebuild Mexico from the ground up. They helped install a democratic government, the world’s first Matrix-based electoral process, and they helped Mexico become reborn as the nation of Aztlan.

By 2015, they were riding high on the good press these humanitarian acts provided. They helped push the Aztech Revival in the region to help the populace get in touch with their cultural heritage, thus providing them with a cultural identity that was separate from the chaos and turmoil that had rocked the region for centuries before hand.

Gen 1 History (2020 – 2035)

Founding Member of the Corporate Court.

In 2022 the ORO Corporation was a rising star in the megacoporation community. They moved their world headquarters to Tenochtitlán (formerly Mexico City) and underwent one of the most effecting re-branding campaigns in history, and became Aztechnology.

2023Ares Industries (renamed Ares Macrotechnology in 2024), ORO Corporation (renamed Aztechnology Corporation in 2022), BMW, JRJ International, Keruba International, Mitsuhama Computer Technologies and Shiawase (all founding members of the court)

Over the next two decades, Aztechnology provided Aztlan with a basic infrastructure, an intelligence service, and helped beef up the Aztlan military. Which Aztlan turned around and used to conquer several of it’s neighbors, most likely with the help of Aztechnology working from the inside since they already had so many corporate assets throughout the region. Aztlan also managed to take a piece of Texas including San Antonio and part of Austin.

Gen 2 History (2035 – 2050)

In 2044, the Aztlan government nationalized all corporate assets in their country except for those that belonged to Aztechnology. Essentially they took control of these companies and gave them, lock stock and barrel to the Big A. The Corporate Court was understandably upset, and ordered the Big A to stop… But they didn’t. Four year later in 2048, the Corporate Court began Operation: RECIPROCITY. The corporate court led several strikes against Aztlan property. This forced Aztlan (and the Big A) to sign the Veracruz Settlement which; forced Aztlan (and the Big A) to repay the corporations for lost assets and opened the doors to foreign corporation (though only indirectly through Aztlan majority shareholdings).

Gen 3 History (2050 – 2065)

Things calmed down for the Big A, until 2061 when a series of earthquakes destroyed “El Infierno”, the walls that had sealed the worst portions of Los Angeles from the rest of the world. This was a lawless region where the only rights one had were the ones you could protect through force of arms. The Big A tried to move in and clean up the mess (and of course, gain a foothold in LA) but before they could Pueblo Corporate Council Forces moved into the region, ostensibly for the same reasons. Though, their other mission was to keep the Big A back to San Diego. Within months they had revoked all of the Big A’s licenses, effectively barring them from Los Angeles as well as all PCC territory.

The next major blow to the Big A came on Christmas that same year when the Western Great Dragon Ghostwalker appeared in Denver and utterly destroyed the Aztlaner enclave there, and gifted the area to the Confederated American States.

In 2064 the Big A attempted to help Aztlan get rid of the Yucatan Rebels that had been plaguing the region (and Big A’s bottom line). Between the natural disasters in March, and the raging toxic spirits it ended up not going so well for them. By the end of it, Aztlan and the rebels had come to an agreement, but not before the Big A lost a huge portion of it’s security forces. Then their CEO, Juan Atzcapotzalco, was killed in a terrorist bombing at the peace treaty signing. An attack led by the Feathered Serpent, Dzitbalchén. He was later convicted and executed for his crimes against metahumanity.

Gen 4 History (2065 – 2080)

While they were busy, a small firm in Los Angeles made a bid for several markets that had long been dominated by the Big A, and by the end of 2065 Horizon had achieved a seat on the Corporate Council. The Big A was not happy about this, because Horizon was taking big bites out of their most profitable pie.

By 2072, with the assistance of Wuxing, Inc., the Pacific Prosperity Group let Aztechnology join the institution. Wuxing, Inc. and Aztechnology have been allies in the PPG and both have benefited greatly from that alliance.

In early 2072 Aztlan and Amazonia went to war with one another. An Amazonia agent was caught spying on Aztlan, and they used this as justification to start the war. This was probably a move that hearkened back to ORO’s expansion in the ’20’s. The Big A had better weapons and training… Amazonia had better magic, and a dragon. In 2073, Sirrurg the Destroyer resurfaced. He lead an attack against an Aztlaner military base in Cali, Columbia. This attack was composed of a half dozen feathered serpents, a dozen or so wyverns, and a large horde of drakes, spirits, lindworms, and various well-known members of the eco-terrorist groups GreenWar and mercenaries.

Aztlan (and the Big A by association) had egg on their face. And for the next year promised to use cutting edge weaponry to take down the Destroyer. And on October 3, 2074, after months of searching and preparation they managed to do just that. They had found one of Sirrurg’s “mini-hordes” outside of Roswell and destroyed everything inside of it to enrage the dragon and lure him from hiding. Two hours later he was spotted flying along the east coast of Aztlan. He was shot down outside of Acapulco, but the fighting raged on for 98 more minutes. Finally, after much bloodshed and losses they managed to bring down the Destroyer. Then suddenly a storm came out of nowhere to obscure the battlefield were Sirrurg fell. Reports claim that two large shapes moved effortlessly through the fog, and once the storm passed Sirrurg’s body was no where to be seen. In the aftermath, Aztlan emerged victorious in the Amazonian War, after the brutal climatic Battle of Bogota. The reputation of both Aztlan and Aztechnology was restored and global public opinion was on their side.

Corporate Business – Aztechnology

Public Relations

Among the megacorporations, Aztechnology is the leader in public relations. They always make sure that skilled communicators are in the right positions. Aztechnology’s many subsidiaries are extremely knowledgeable about their customers, making them remarkably effective in getting them on the company’s side. They are so good that a customer may dislike Aztechnology and/or Aztlan, but love a subsidiary company and its products or services, and may not even know that the real owner is Aztechnology.

The corporation keeps its bad fights private, and makes the public know about its good fights. It’s talented at using philanthropy to increase its business. Making Aztechnology look great to the public, while advancing their own business interests or political agenda doing so.


Aztechnology makes what the people want, and is really good at it. Aztechnology brands are trusted by the general public and seen as reliable. Whether its high end and therefore expensive or its something affordable for the masses. Everything from electronic goods to magical foci to combat vehicles and aircraft. Aztechnology does its manufacturing in Aztlan (where labor is cheaper than in Asia) and in West Africa (where labor is cheaper than even in Aztlan). They are also a major power in banking, insurance, and financial services due to their Latin American division. To the likely dismay of Amazonia, most of the financial sector in South America is controlled by Aztechnology, including in the Amazonian nation itself.

Corporate Acquisitions

Aztech identifies companies that are suitable for a hostile takeover. The department has all the resources it needs to identify targets and evaluate what would be the most effective method of breaking down the defenses the target has against a hostile takeover. It’s tactics are rumored to include assassinating executives and blowing up facilities belonging to the targeted company, basically the types of operations that other megacorps conduct. Unlike them whom usually use shadowrunners to do the dirty work, Aztechnology often uses its own internal assets.

Defensive SOP

When it comes to competitors’ who target Aztechnology’s operations, the megacorp takes an approach which has been described as “total war” and “scorched earth”. It will respond to what it perceives as an attack, even something as simple as directly challenging Aztechnology’s market share, via a massively escalated response.

Corporate Members – Aztechnology

Members Interacted With:

Hernandez (Bill, Enrica, Hozay),

Corporate Shadowrunners – Aztechnology

When it comes to shadowrunners, Aztechnology is a great employer as long as you can stomach the kinds of missions that they will give you. They used to leave out information or lie, resulting that some shadowrunners turned on Aztechnology when they discovered what it was they were doing or what the mission objective was. Now Aztechnology is pretty much upfront, giving quite a bit of information to shadowrunners being hired for a job. The corporation pays pretty good and provides the shadowrunners with a lot of assistance. Aztechnology has displayed less interest forcefully extracting those who don’t want to defect compared to other companies, but if they do want to defect then they are right on the ball. When it comes to its own employees they will do all they can to prevent a competitor from kidnapping a loyal Aztech employee, but if necessary they will kill said employee themselves rather than let a competitor get a hold of them.

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  • 2022-05-28 – Update to the Corporation information.
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