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Genesys Part 3 Changed History

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Shadowrun Part 3 – Changed History

This is a conceptual post about my journey building a Shadowrun campaign using the Genesys rule systems and how I am planning on introducing it to my players.

In the third part of these articles I am looking at history and incorporating more than one them into the ongoing narrative from other franchises.

Generational Storyline Concept

The Shadowrun world for this campaign will be a blending of the actual shadowrun universe with other settings I am familiar with. The concepts of Shadowrun will be there in each of the ages as will various other science fiction aspects.

Players can choose what they are willing to particiapte in, and which timelines they experience. What happens in the generation will effect those that follow, there will be planned reveals, and things that just happen. Actual historical dates will be taken from source material and integrated into the campaign timeline.

Gen 1 – The Magic Age

In 2012 the world changed, and magic returned to the world.

  • The characters born in the age of magic and live through the return of magic to the world.
  • The magic was subtle and only a trickle and went unnoticed by most of the world.
  • Across the globe children were being born who have aspects of the mythological Dwarves, Elves and Gnomes.
  • The first dwarves, elves and gnomes are made public and the world deals with the emergence of dragons and other creatures of legend.
  • Technology takes unexpected advancements and a research station from orbit strikes in the pacific bringing with it a new plague that causes what becomes known as goblinisation and the region is declared a hotspot too dangerous to life, with a military cordon set five miles around the island.
  • Corporations beginning to rise above governments in dominating the world economy. The great ghost dance causing the split of the United States into separate entities. You hear about corporations experimenting on their own to make better workers.
  • Space travel comes to the forefront with the exploration of the moon and first people to arrive at mars.
  • Most hackers are using decks and not accessing it themselves.
  • The age ends with the establishement of Zuric Orbital.
Gen 2 – The Corporation Age
  • Corporations start genetically making their own workers, and augmenting their existing workers.
  • The first forages into the solar system begins with structure being built on the moon and planned missions to other planets take place, including mining operations in the asteroid belt.
  • The first of the virtual reality hackers appears.
  • Technology advances into AI with rapid expansion into the existing global infrastructure.
  • The first portable hacking rigs can run from a van.
  • New power supplies emerge, using emergent technology taking leaps in new and unexpected directions.
  • The age ends with the collapse of the World Wide Web and the rise of the Matrix in its place.
Gen 3 – The Matrix Age
  • After the first big crash, the web is rebuilt as the Matrix.
  • The building of autonomous robots for hard labour and dangerous conditions.
  • A magic flare has causes another bout of goblinisation and the creation of new races.
  • The establishment of a base city for a tether into space begins construction, while a asteroid from the belt is diverted to earth to serve as the terminus of the tether. Workers begin to settle on the moon in preparation for construction in orbit and the maintenance of spacecraft without having to land on earth.
  • Hacking technology becomes more portable and can be carried by the hacker.
  • With the rebuild of the matrix, the hackers have more power than before.
  • The Age ends with the start of the construction for the teather.
Gen 4 – The Technomancer Age
  • The construction of the space tether and the preparation for settlement of other locations in the solar system begin.
  • The building of midpoint and the corporate court provides access to space for colonists.
  • Hackers have started to access technology without an interface.
  • The age ends with the completion of the teather and the crash of the Matrix.
Gen 5 – The Beanstalk Age
  • Dealing with the repercussions of the second great crash and the rise of the Matrix 2.0.
  • The operation of midway and the beanstalk dominate this age.
  • Colony ships start to head out to pre-prepared locations around the solar system.
  • The ability to use technology without an interface is just another variation on the magic of the world.
  • The age ends with the launch of the first ship capable of making space jumps.
Gen 6 – The Solar Age
  • Colonies are springing up all over the solar system as magic opens up portals to other realms.
  • Hidden allies and foes become apparent as the world is forced to unite or fall.
  • The age ends with the outbreak of war between humans and another species.
Gen 6 – The Interstellar Age
  • With a backdrop of war, characters get to experience life beyond the home system.

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