One-Shot Christmas 2020

One Shot Chrismas Specials

2020 Edition

This year I have chosen to embark on a new adventure, a bunch of one-off scenarios all using the Fate Acellerated system as its core, but pinching from many settings and genre. All in the name of new year’s comedy.

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fae Fate Accelerated


It is Christmas time and I have a pile of One-Shot games that will be available based on interest.There are rules in these games, but it will be very light, no real knowledge needed, but knowing the setting or genre will be an advantage. At the core all the games will be based on comedy and fun, more than horror and realism.

These game will only run depending on interest and availability over the end of year period. 19th December to 10th January as a break from my normal campaigns. Here are the starting concepts.

  • Game 1 – Goblins Save Christmas (Pathfinder Setting) A story about how a group of goblins in Magnimar have to work together to save winters festival…
  • Game 2 – This is the Way (Star Wars Setting) You have a package to deliver in time for Life Day and for some reason a group of Mandalorians just don’t want that to happen…
  • Game 3 – The Dragon’s Gift (Shadowrun Setting) You have been selected to deliver a dragons gift to the recipients, each a wealthy corporate in Seattle, and they WILL accept that gift…
  • Game 4 – Kiss of the Fae (Dresden Files Setting) Its Christmas time and the Fae have stolen something they should not have, the holidays goodwill, and now every one is extra cranky, can you fix things before tempers get too much and everyone goes psychotic…
  • Game 5 – Stars still the show (Robotech Setting) You’ve been hired to fill in on the entertainment for the SDF-1 for their christmas show, who knew that being the entertainment could be deadly…
  • Games 6 – The Immortals Christmas Special (Mystara Setting) You have been tasked with creating the ultimate gift for one special child destined for greatness, you get to work together with the other creators to each come up with that one gift to present to the child in the name of your immortal sponsor. Who’s gift will they choose.
  • Game 7 – Once More Dear Friends (Babylon 5 Setting) You have one chance to get a letter of recommendation from Londo Mollari while he is in a Casino Orbiting the Earth. Just how much are you willing to spend to keep his attention…
  • Game 8 – Look What I Got for Christmas (Superhero Setting) It Christmas time, and you just joined the ranks for the superpowers, this is your story…
  • Game 9 – The Great Sci-Fi Mash-Up (Any Setting is fair game) Just how many science-fiction shows can you rip off in a single story…
  • Game 10 – Mystery Inc (The Setting is the Mystery) The game itself is a mystery…


The one of sessions are moments in time all about the characters and will be using the FATE Accelerated rules to build the game. You will have between one and five encounters in each story that define the start of the story, the meaning of the story, and the conclusion of the story.

The game is the interactions with the Characters, the environment is only yhe backdrop with the NPCs only being a bit part for the storyline.


Each character will be based around specific statements vital to the character. On each session, the characters will have the following:

  • Each character will be made up as a series of statements defining their role in the story.
  • Each player will be able to define part of the storyline based on completing the statements provided for their character.
  • Each character will have a defined goal.
  • Each character will have secret information (meant to be shared during session)

At thiss stage I am expecting 2-6 characters in any of the storylines, and I will be writing them up from my head over the next two weeks in preparation for christmas as a reward to myself for a year of running many complex campaigns.

Design Progress

Based on interest in the games which I have done through the local gaming groups, I will work on the games that have the most interest first. And once the have been run i intend to put all the working up here as a way to show what was planned and how it turned out. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Content Updates

  • 2020-12-04 – Added in link to a pay what you want PDF copy of the rulebook.
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No, the notes on them were never completed online as I was unable to run them at the due to illness and lack of interest. Most of it is still in my head, but with many projects still to complete its more of an outline online than a complete adventure which I intend to run, but don’t want to spoil for my players.


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