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PF AP06 Kingmaker

Pathfinder – Adventure Path

#6 – Kingmaker

This is my thoughts on the books, storyline and possible issues I found while trying not to produce any spoilers for the storyline. This is an outline for a later review.

  • Campaign Rules:  Published Books, (Paizo)
  • Timeframe:
  • Total Sessions:
  • Gaming Group: Tuesday Night (fortnightly)
  • Campaign: Season 6 – Kingmaker
  • Experience: As obtained from storyline milestones
  • Special Campaign Rules: TBA
  • Note: Uses Pathfinder for play, campaign notes maintained in Realm Works, session notes in OneNote, tabletop environment in D20Pro and character creation in Hero Lab.


The land rush is on! Sent south by Brevoy, the heroes have the unenviable task of venturing into the infamous Stolen Lands and annexing the territory, facing down monsters, bandits, and worse. It’s hard enough to conquer territory—but does a ragtag band of adventures have what it takes to found and defend a burgeoning kingdom from the terrors of the wild?

The Kingmaker Adventure Path takes the heroes from encounters with mysterious bandit lords and barbaric raiders through the trials and tribulations of developing and defending their new settlement in the notoriously lawless River Kingdoms. Yet when war comes to the Stolen Lands in earnest, it’s up the heroes to take up a mystical blade and stand tall against the horrors of man, beast, and strange creatures more dangerous than either…

Guide to the River Kingdoms

Guide to the River Kingdoms
Guide to the River Kingdoms

Book 31 – Stolen Land

Can the heroes explore the lawless wilds of the Stolen Lands and defeat monsters and bandits in order to lay the foundations for a new kingdom? Also includes a gazetteer of the icy frontier kingdom of Brevoy, new rules for wilderness exploration, and the beginning of a misguided new adventure for disgraced noble scion and would-be Pathfinder Ollix Kaddar in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

Book 32 – Rivers Run Red

As stewards of a fledgling kingdom, the heroes find themselves responsible for guarding their settlers against monstrous threats that resent civilization’s latest encroachment. Also includes new rules for running cities and nations; insights into the faith of Erastil, God of the Hunt; and an undercover expedition into a different kind of nunnery in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

Book 33 – The Varnhold Vanishing

The town of Varnhold has vanished, and only the heroes can unlock the secret of its disappearance before their own settlement suffers the same mysterious calamity. Also includes a gazetteer of the distant fallen empire of Iobaria, six new sites of Stolen Lands adventure by Ed Greenwood, and an illustration of the high price of gallantry in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

Book 34 – Blood for Blood

An incursion by merciless barbarians sends the heroes searching for a lost blade that may mean the difference between their settlement’s survival and its conquest. Also includes information on the frog-men known as boggards and lost relics of the Stolen Lands, plus the perils of gambling with a leucrotta in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

Book 35 – War of the River Kings

War comes to the Stolen Lands as the PCs, barbarians, bandit kings, and fey monsters all vie for the ultimate prize – total dominion! Also includes details on the bandit town of Pitax and the church of Gorum, God of War, as well as gladiatorial combat in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

Book 36 – Sound of a Thousand Screams

A deranged fey seeks to claim the Stolen Lands once and for all by melding it with the alien and fantastic realm of the First World! Also includes a gazetteer of the First World, guidelines for expanding your kingdom beyond the scope of the Adventure Path, and a shocking battlefield revelation for Ollix Kaddar in the Pathfinder’s Journal.

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