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Fragged Empire – Game Management

Fragged Empire Content
Fragged Empire Content

References and Errata

These are notes I has made for references in the Fragged Empire setting.

Current References include the following:

Places of Interest

  • Alabaster (CR 256)
  • Asteroid Belts (CR 258)
  • Cerberus System (PA 134)
  • Eden (CR 260)
  • Gehenna (264)
  • Halo Nebula (CR 264)
  • Kadash (CR 266)
  • Lilith (CR 268)
  • Meimarin (PA 132)
  • Mishpacha (CR 270)
  • Nagra (PA 142)
  • Oasis Bar (PA 146)
  • Tanjo (PA 149)
  • The Roost (PA 152)


  • The Honorbound (PA 122)
  • Order of Redemption (PA 123)
  • Psion Mind (PA 124)
  • Symphony of the Dragon (PA 125)
  • Symphony of the Salamander (PA 126)
  • Symphony of the Phoenix (PA 127)
  • Neochaelogists (PA 128)
  • Silver Mask Pact (PA 129)

Core Rules Errata

  • Analyse Actions gains the Minor Effect: Hit +Extr RoF Dice.
  • Snap Shot gains the Major Effect: Damage.
  • Puncture Rifle is now Range 6 (was 4).
  • Pallet of Supplies Cost increased 14t, up from 8t.
  • Lots of fixes to the Spacecraft Theatre of the Mind Only Traits.
  • Nukes Damage corrected to +1 End Dmg, and +1 Crit Dmg.
  • Skilled, and Nemesis Opponents gain +2 additional Attribute Points from Average PC Resources 6 and up.
  • Nemesis Opponents gain +1 Max Attribute.
  • Injectors have -1 Crit Dmg for PCs.
  • Low Quality Modification notes changes to “Requires a Spare Time Roll of 8t to remove this Modification.”
  • Strong Hit: Melt Armour only Stacks up to twice per character for PCs.
  • Limbs Crit Dmg changed to “Str -2”.
  • “Natural Armour” … change the line to “If you are not a Robot your Outfit gains the Keyword: Bio Tech.”
  • “Grav Support” … change the line to “Your active non-Natural equipment”.
  • Henchmen NPC Trait “Immobile” gains the following: “+1 Hit and End Dmg, all Weapons.”
  • Both Archon Round and X’ion Round Modifications gain the Keyword “1 Use:”.
  • Set Alight Strong Hit removes the Splash Keyword when making it’s free attacks.
  • Psionic Tackle Attacks always target a character’s Defence vs Tackle.


  • cr – Core Rules
  • pa – Protagonist Archive 1
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