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Wrath of the Immortals Timeline – AC 1020


Phase Five (Character Level 21)

This is the 21st game year with all character reaching 22nd level over the winter new year period. Some characters have advanced to this point from year AC 1000.

Spoiler Alert! This will tell you some details of modules and adventure where it is appropriate to the timeline, but will hopefully not spoil the adventure itself. I apologise if I inadvertently spoil a storyline in your home game.

Party Level 21 – All characters are level 21 and will not reach level 22 until they get to the 12th month and find a teacher. They can spend time learning other things or adventuring. All new characters are level 21. All characters are heroes of their nation (either adopted or actual), and treated as such when they return. In neighbouring nations they are treated with respect and suspicion elsewhere.

With these adventures, my players will reach 22nd level. Details of these will be given out as rumours in my games for players to discover. This is an exciting build up to the campaign and I am looking forward to where it goes with my players.

Nations of the World – AC 1020

Note: <-> and Italic text indicates storylines run in the campaign.

Alfheim (AC 1020)
TimelineAC 1020Alfheim

War of Alfheim – Armies are away to help the Sylvan Realm, Darokin and Wendar. The remaining elves turn to guerrilla tactics. (CM7 – The Tree of Life – Levels 8+)

The land that was once Alfheim is now a nation of dark and twisted tree ruled by the pale, xenophobic Shadow Elves.

Elven quest for immortality

Alphatian Empire (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Alphatian Empire
  • Still to be Edited
    • With the exception of some of the most mountainous regions, the underwater city of Aquas, and the Flying Islands of Ar, the continent of Alphatia is gone, sunk beneath the ocean.
    • Alphatia’s greatest colony is independent for now, whether it can retain its independence in the face of future expansion by the Thyatian Empire and the Heldannic Knights remains to be seen.
    • Most of the surviving Alphatians in the surface world return to the eastern portion of the Isle of Dawn and settle there, their main centres are Dundale, Trikelios, and East Portage. The Thorhians one the southernmost portion of the isle re-assert their independence.
    • Alphatian quests for immortality
Atruaghin Clans (AC 1020)
Broken Lands (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Broken Lands
  • Still to be Edited
    • Many humanoids who lived above the ground died under the Heldannic Knight’s mighty blades; in fact, the words “Heldannic Knight” become a phrase to frighten young orcs with for generations to come. Those humanoids who remain cower in their lairs. King Thar remains in control of the Crater, but little else. Many small groups raid or forage across the borders of the greatly expanded Broken Lands into northern Darokin.
    • GAZ10 – The Path of the Conqueror – A quest for Immortality.
Darokin (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Darokin
  • Still to be Edited
    • Exhausted by repeated invasions, the Republic tries to rebuild its shattered economy. Its northern and western territories have bene ravaged by the humanoid and desert nomads armies, while the presence of the unfriendly Shadow Elves in what used to be Alfheim weaken Darokin’s control over all the land bordering on Aengmor, including the important eastern trade route through Selenica. With Thar dug into the north, Hule to the west, and the Shadow Elves (still an unknown quantity) smack in the centre of their country, the Darokinians attempt to attract as many allies as they can as they look nervously to the future.
Ethengar (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Ethengar
  • Still to be Edited
    • The Great Khan and his armies are disgraced by the failure of the invasion of the Heldann Territories and the Northern Reaches and by his inability to stop the counter invasion. A Challenger to his rule would be welcomed by many discontented warriors, but so far no one have stepped forward.
    • Ethengarian quest for immortality
Five Shires (AC 1020)
Glantri (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Glantri
  • Still to be Edited
    • Although triumphant in the end, Glantri has been devastated by the lengthy war. One principality (Blackhill) has been completely destroyed. A second (Caurenze) has shrunk to one heavily fortified castle occupied by a single person, Prince Innocenti, whose paranoia after the meteor crash reaches such heights that he assumes anyone approaching is trying to kill him and disintegrates them on the spot.
    • Many refugees settle into Western Glantri, where new principalities start to form. Rumours about that werewolves are attempting to create their own state. In addition, one of the humanoid leaders of the forces occupying Blackhill and part of Caurenze breaks with King Thar and begins to petition to become the head of a new principality.
    • Prince Etienne’s disappearance threatens to throw the government into chaos, but his youngest brother, Prince Henri d’Ambreville, steps into his brother’s post as head of the d’Ambrevilles and Catherine d’Ambreville, Eitenne’s estranged wife, takes over his role as Grand Master of the Great School of Magic. Of the current whereabout or status of Etienne d’Ambreville, the Immortal Rad, there is not a clue.
Hollow World (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Hollow World
  • Still to be Edited
    • Alphatia is now a floating continent of the Hollow World, retaining some of the most interesting aspects of old Alphatia concentrated on a smaller land. Once Hollow World Alphatia adjusts to their new environment (especially to the changes in magic), they will begin exerting considerable influence there. The immortal Alphatia returns Empress Eriadna back to life, to rule over Hollow World.
Ierendi (AC 1020)
Karameikos (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Karameikos
  • Still to be Edited
    • King Stefan sets about making Karameikos an important and prosperous nation in the new, post-war world. He has new elvish dominions in the east, where once there were goblin infested forests. Many Alphatian wizards, led by Master Terari, settle in Specularum and establish a school of magic. Many wartime refugees from Darokin and Thyatis decide to stay on and become part of this still young and still changing nation.
Minrothad (AC 1020)
Northern Reaches (AC 1020)
Norwold Region (AC 1020)
TimelineAC 1020Norwold Region

War in Norwold – Norwold is looking for new leaders to help bring peace and prosperity to the region, in the name of Alphatia, Thyatis or anyone else really. Continuing Conflicts. A curse in Norwold needs assistance. An elven lord is needed to recover an artefact. (CM1 – Test of the Warlords – Levels 15+), (CM3 – Sabre River, Levels 18-22), (CM5 – Mystery of the Snow Pearls – Levels 15+)

Though depopulated by plague and warfare, the Heldannic Territories nation emerges victorious from the war. The Heldannic Knights are war heroes, having cured the plague and led the fight to repel the invaders. The Knights who made the epic journeys to relieve Glantri and fought in the final battles in Thyatis are treated as legends in their on lifetime.

With Alphatia gone and Thyatis licking its wounds, the Heldanners look to an undefeated Norwold as a site for future expansion, having already annexed some land hear Landfall. As soon as thy have regrouped and rested their forces, a major northward push to seize new territory can be expected. Their next goal is Oceansend.

The chaos and infighting of this region continues unabated. Now that Norwold no longer enjoys the protection of might Alphatia, the disorganised area is likely to be invaded by the land-hungry Heldannic Knights in the months ahead.

Rockhome (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Rockhome
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ6 – The Dynast – A path to Immortality.
    • GAZ6 – The Epic Hero – A path to Immortality.
    • GAZ6 – The Paragon – A path to Immortality.
    • With the war over, the dwarves of Rockhome emerge from their caverns, sweep up a bit, and return to life as normal.
Shadowlands (AC 1020)
Skothar Continent (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020 – Skothar Continent
  • Still to be Edited
    • Rappan Athuk – Rumours of an evil temple in the Forest of Hope.
Thunder Rift (AC 10020)
Thyatian Empire (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Thyatian Empire
  • Still to be Edited
    • Emperor Thincol of Thyatis remains true to his word and respects the sovereignty of the new nation of Helskir in the north of the island. He does dispatch forces under the joint command of his daughter, Princess Stephania, and her husband, General Anaxibius, to re-take control of Newkirk, Redstone and West Portage.
    • Ochalea, a clerical nation remains independent of the empire of Thyatis for the time being.
    • The Peral Islands remain independent of the empire of Thyatis.
    • Bled dry by the years of war, Thyatis begins its slow recovery. The empire regains full control of all its mainland territories and of loyal area on the Isle of Dawn. All of the areas it formally held by force, such as Ochalea and the Pearl Islands have become independent. Much reduced in manpower, territories and prestige, Thyatis will be a long time rebuilding itself, even without competition from Alphatia. Nevertheless, it is clear that the empire will survive. Emperor Thincol’s health continues to fail, and he begins to consider whether his son Eusebius or his daughter Stephania should be his successor.
Ylaruam (AC 1020)
  • TimelineAC 1020Ylaruam
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ2 – The Pilgrimage of Al-Kalim – A quest for Immortality.
    • This nation continues to promote the ideas of the Immortal al-Kalim. It becomes even more warlike than before, especially in view of Thyatian’s current weak state and the stunning victories the Ylari carried of at Biazaan.

Campaign Events

Newmont (1) – Mid Winter
Vatermont (2) – End Winter
Thaumont (3) – Start Spring
Flaurmont (4) – Mid Spring
Yarthmont (5) – End Spring
Klarmont (6) – Start Summer
Felmont (7) – Mid Summer
Fyrmont (8) – End Summer
Ambyrmont (9) – Start Autumn
Sviftmont (10) – Mid Autumn
Eirmont (11) – End Autumn
Kladmont (12) – Start Winter

Content Updates

  • 2021-01-15 – Added in notes for future references and work.
  • 2021-10-31 – Adding in references for Skothar Continent.
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