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Charms Overview

A supernatural gift is a special reward granted by a being or force of great magical power. Such supernatural gifts come in two forms: blessings and charms. A charm is typically the work of a powerful spirit, a location of ancient magic, or a creature that has legendary actions. Unlike a magic item, a supernatural gift isn’t an object and doesn’t require attunement. It gives a character an extraordinary ability, which can be used one or more times.

A charm is a minor supernatural gift, which can be received in a large variety of ways. For example, a wizard who finds an eldritch secret in a dead arch mage’s spellbook might be infused with the magic of a charm, as might a character who solves a sphinx’s riddle or drinks from a magic fountain. Legendary creatures, such as ancient gold dragons and unicorns, sometimes grace their allies with charms, and some explorers find themselves bearing the magic of a charm after discovering a long-lost location that is drenched in primeval magic.

Some charms can be used only once, and others can be used a specific number of times before vanishing. If a charm lets you cast a spell, you are able to do so without spending a spell slot or providing any components (verbal, somatic, or material). In any case, a charm can’t be used in the area created by an antimagic field or a similar effect, and a charm’s effects are susceptible to dispel magic and the like. But the charm itself can’t be removed from a creature by anything short of divine intervention or the wish spell.

Example charms are provided below. The text of a charm addresses its user. A typical charm mimics the effects of a potion or a spell, so it is easy to create more charms of your own , if you like.

Known Charms

  1. Charm of Animal Conjuring: This charm allows you to cast the Conjure Animals spell (3rd level version) as an action. Once used three times, the charm vanishes from you.
  2. Charm of Darkvision: This charm allows you to cast the Darkvision spell as an action, no components required. Once used three times, the charm goes away.
  3. Charm of Feather Falling: This charm allows you the benefits of a ring of feather falling. These benefits last for 10 days, after which the charm vanishes from you.
  4. Charm of Heroism: This charm allows you to give yourself the benefit of a potion of heroism as an action. Once you do so, the charm vanishes from you. (W025)
  5. Charm of the Slayer: One sword in your possession becomes a dragon slayer or giant slayer for the next 9 days. The charm then vanishes from you, and the weapon returns to normal.
  6. Charm of Vitality: This charm allows you to give yourself the benefit of a potion of vitality as an action. Once you do so, the charm vanishes from you.
Uncommon Charms

Uncommon Item Value
Price: (1d6) x100 gp (100 to 600 gp) – 50% for consumable items
Base Price: 400 gp or 200 gp for expendable
Expendable Items can be attuned on use, at the cost of a random attuned item and slot.
Cursed Items auto attune on use and replace a random attuned item and slot.

  1. Charm of Remove Curse (Elven)
Rare Charms

Rare Item Value
Price: 2d10 x1,000 gp (2,000 to 20,000) – 50% for consumable items
Base Price: 12,000 gp or 6,000 gp for expendable
Expendable Items can be attuned on use, at the cost of a random attuned item and slot.
Cursed Items auto attune on use and replace a random attuned item and slot.

  1. Charm of Plant Command (Elven)
  2. Charm of Restoration (Elven)

Design Notes

This section is still under consideration for how it will fit into the setting ongoing. But I am expecting to have charms altered ongoing.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-26 – Update to the menu.
  • 2021-02-20 – Added in Charm of Plant Command.
  • 2020-11-13 – Added in reference to use.
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