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Living in Glantri

Living in Glantri Introduction

“Oh, it’s been a tough day! Can’t wait t’get out an’ breathe a little fresh air. C’mon, Ced, let’s take a break!” “You’re sure we should go out, Raphael? We have an awful lot of work for tomorrow,” asks Cedrik, a young elven apprentice.

Already halfway down the stairs, the other turns back. “We’ll study later, all right? Hey, I know this great place called the Mages’ Hostelry. Everyone who’s someone goes there to study. It’s quiet, service’s great an’ we also get a rebate as apprentices. The school owns the place. Come on!”

The two teenagers scamper down the stairs and race out to the gate. Barely catching their breath, they quickly proceed with the complicated gestures and command words to get past the magical portal. Pushing and shoving through the crowd, the two jump into a passing gondola, almost causing the gondolier to fall off the narrow, swaying boat.

“Oh, Raph? Did you get that lecture on the floating disc?” inquires Cedrik. “I’ve been trying to make it work, but all I did was drop the master’s reports.”

“It’s all in the wrist,” Raphael replies smugly. “See, always make ample moves, like this.” Demonstrating the appropriate gestures, the older apprentice almost bumps another passenger’s hat into the water. “They’ll teach you that stuff in later classes; it’s no big deal. But wait until you get to the real thing, like the magic missiles. %u should see that!” Leaping off the gondola, Raphael adds, “C’mon, this is where we get off.”

Moments later, the two are sitting at a corner booth in the Mages’ Hostelry. Cedrik is already lost in his scrolls, trying spell-casting gestures a la Raphael, when a vaguely manshaped sheet creature floats to the table. Absently glancing up, Cedrik suddenly jumps to the other end of the table, panicked: “A ghost!”

At Cedrik’s reaction, the sheet creature drops its tray. Clutching its apron, it looks all around and asks in an anguished voice “Where, where?”

Raphael bursts out laughing. “That’s Humphrey! He’s just a servant – you know, an invisible stalker! Geez, where d’you come from?” Then, turning toward the creature: “Two mandrake liqueurs, please!”

Once calm is restored, a young lady steps into the main room, a good-looking brunette with large blue eyes and a form-fitting robe. “Well, look who just walked in,” says Raphael.

“Who’s she?” asks Cedrik, distractedly setting his scrolls aside.

“She’s Leranda, the new sensation at the school; the sweetest dream of all students! Just keep busy with your stuff, kiddo. I’ll go check her out.” Raphael leaves his elven friend and walks to Leranda’s table.

Shortly after, Humphrey returns to Cedrik’s table with the two drinks. “I see your friend has left for awhile. Is there anything else I may do?”

Cedrik, still not comfortable in Humphrey’s presence, nervously answers, “Oh? Er, yes. As a matter of fact, I’d like to know a little more on this place, what it’s like to live in a big city. I was raised in the forests, according to elven tradition. Can you help me?”

“Why, certainly, my boy!” Straightening his bow tie, Humphrey adds “You’ve found the right stalker!” Then, leaning toward Cedrik: “Ahem, by the way, have you a spare crown, my boy? No gold, please, only the glowing stuff, or some gems perhaps?”

Living in Glantri with help from Mister Humphrey, the Invisible Stalker

“Coming to Glantri was a good choice, my boy! If you have the smarts, your destiny can be glorious. In Glantri, you see, only those with knowledge of magic can hope to become noblemen. This means power, privileges, wealth, and the chance to discover the secrets of the universe! “Here, all those hoping for a better life seek to learn magic. The stronger you are in the arcane science, the higher your status is. Always remember this, my boy: As long as you are a mage, I remain your loyal servant; but abandon your craft, and your rivals will show you no mercy.

“People are either Mundaneis or Arcaners. The first can’t cast spells; they are the ignorant, the workers, the merchants, and the bourgeois, poor and middle-class and wealthy. The others are the magic-users. There is a further distinction among them: An arcaner can be a gent, one who knows magic but is not of noble birth, or a nobleman, a wizard who rules a dominion recognized by the Parliament. All these people seek to enter the higher class and gain status so as to benefit from new privileges and protections. A gent is dangerous enough, but don’t you go offending a nobleman! Glantrian justice is a ruthless machine made to protect the masters before all.

“The first goal of a mundaner – after simple subsistence – is the accumulation of
wealth. Gold can open many doors. Some even buy their way into the Great School of Magic! Of course, they don’t have the vocation, and most won’t make it to higher levels of learning; all they seek is to become gents and gain the privileges of this class. The elite consider them vulgar parvenus.”

Licences and Bureaucracy of Glantri

“Our greatest national headache is the kindly Glantrian bureaucracy! The amount of scrollwork required in Glantri is frightening. Everything must be legally approved and licensed by the nation’s magistrates. Licenses are sold at the House of Ministers for 1 to 100 dc per year, depending on the importance of the requested activity.

(see The Licences and Bureaucracy of Glantri)

The Laws of Glantri

“Since you’ll be here for some time, you need to know about our laws, and the sentences for breaking them.”

(see The Laws of Glantri)

Magic in Glantri

“I’m sure you noticed our street lamps. Each consists of a iron pole that is elegantly sculpted, with a continual light glowing at the top during night and day. This is the first manifestation of magic you notice in Glantri City. There is much more than that, of course.

“Starting with the middle-class families and up to the noble households, licensed spell-casters are commonly hired to produce magical effects, both for comfort and social status. Conspicuous display of magic is the key to social success, my boy! There are many examples right here. Do you need water? A small permanent gate to the plane of water opens into the kitchen. It is linked to various pipes and faucets – this latest in magical technology can be installed in your own home for a modest 36 crowns!

“Heat, you say? Have your very own fire elemental in the cellar. It is fully restrained within a magical boiler through which the water pipes circulate. \bu can now take a hot bath in winter or cook at low price. All this, complete with licenses to operate fire elementals in the city, comes to a trifling 10 crowns, a true bargain!

“Should you desire refreshment – it’s equally easy. The ice box is located in the kitchen and filled every day. We order our ice from the the Vladimirov Brothers, mages who make a business of magically freezing clean water and foods. They deliver directly to your home for a meager four dc per iceblock. Wait until you try our delicious summer delights, such as the Frozen Griffon Egg Souffle, our specialty!

“Is there any refuse left after dinner? Scrape it into the ultimate garbage disposal, a personal black pudding unit. It disposes of anything and requires no cleaning and no maintenance! The whole system can be installed in your very own kitchen for the incredible sum of 25 cr, which includes a ten-year warranty!

“Are you looking for designer furniture? Try this! Permanent floating disks that conform to your body weight and shape, and follow you on command. They sell on the market for no more than 20 crowns, 25 with silk or velvet upholstery.

“Do you desire personal lighting at home? Try this: A small sphere of continual light that follows its owner, stands in place or varies in intensity at a command word. This marvel costs only six crowns.

“More? Try the latest in communications! For quick delivery, have your messages teleported directly to their destinations by your local Arcane Teleposters and Towers office. This will cost you 14 crowns.

“Need a multipurpose servant? Here comes Rent-a-Stalker. For 12 cr, hire your own stalker for a specific service – but if you ask me, most of these fellows are ill-mannered morons.”

“Flying carpets, creatures and constructs for security and service, weather control for handling fires and storms, force field umbrellas against the rain, magic doors, magic windows, magical hourglasses that flip around by themselves and whistle tunes every hour, wizard locks, wizard eyes to see who’s at your door, creative illusions for interior decoration, reverse gravity to reach the top of your tower without effort, brooms and cloths which clean a house on their own, the list is endless! In short, if you have the gold, you can get anything done. The usual rate is two crowns per level of spell. But make sure you are dealing with licensed spell-casters! The black market magic-users could be using stolen or counterfeit licenses and then, Great Efreeti knows what ill second effects may plague your house!”

The Glantrian Calendar Year – Seasonal Festivities

“Enough on magic for now. There are many other sources of entertainment, for the mundaner as well as the arcaner. This society is rich in holidays and festivities; that’s probably due to the large number of different cultures in Glantri. To suit all the princes’ fancies, each has one holiday devoted to his subjects, or to something dear to his people. Each is only observed in the appropriate principalities, except in the case of Glantri City, where any excuse is good enough to take a day off. On top of that, the House of Ministers adds a few of its own from time to time.

(see The Calendar of Glantri)

Other Events

“As you see, my boy, we have lots of fun here. But that’s not all. Not a year goes by without a noble losing his title, dying without heir, or challenging another to a magical duel. Since all politics in this land are influenced or decided by vote, rival nobles will go to great lengths to gain voters’ attention. During voting campaigns, supporters of one noble or another go about the city waterways, waving large bills and boasting the values of their leader. Once in a while, two factions run into each other and fight until the constables intervene. These people also hire supporters, a lucrative but dangerous business.

“Last year, when I was still wandering the city free and invisible, I witnessed supporters of a faction bringing thirty mundaners, tied and gagged, into a mansion’s inner court. I was hiding at the end of the row. The leader, a nobleman whom I do not personally know, cast a spell upon them. For a short instant a sensation of friendliness toward the man overwhelmed me and I felt compelled to help him. But soon the effect vanished, although I think I was the only one to break free. The other fellows listened to the nobleman’s speech and left the place, waving their posters, shouting slogans, and ready to do battle! Ten minutes later, another thirty victims where brought in and the same happened again. In a single day, this man bewitched over a hundred people to serve him. I say, it chills my spine to think about what these people do to achieve their ends! So remember, always stay clear of these crowds of howling fanatics.

“Nobles sometimes come down into the streets and cast spectacular new spells to impress voters. The object of this is to show their magic is superior to that of their competitors, so therefore they are worthier of their votes. Of course, many nobles are charged by the constables with casting spells for business reasons without a license. I say, good for the constabulary! Personally, I have no sympathy for politicians; all they do is make promises; few actually uphold them when they get what they want.”

Childhood and Succession in Glantri

“Well, Cedrik my boy, you probably think that this is no place for children. But you’d be surprised how well some younger fellows do.

(see Childhood in Glanti)

Succession in Glantri

Legal age in Glantri is 16 years old, the age at which spell-casting is possible without fear of infantile side effects. Under this age, children should normally only appear as NPCs in the Glantrian campaign.

Because of the time necessary to reach very high levels and the dangers involved, it is likely that PCs may be lost during the course of a long campaign. PCs who have reached nobility and/or established a family before they die may play an NPC son or daughter. The new player-character is at whatever level it reached at the time of the PC’s loss. If the new PC is not yet 16 years old, an NPC parent will run the dominion until the child reaches legal age. This opportunity should be viewed as an encouragement to role-play and create detailed character backgrounds.

When two ruling nobles marry in Glantri, they lose the dominion farther from the capital. For example: the Duchess of Fenswick marries the Baron of Oxhill; the Baron becomes Duke of Fenswick. The baronial dominion becomes available to lesser nobles. No decisions in the couple’s dominion can be made without both nobles’ consent. If the two perish without naming an heir, or an heir cannot be agreed, the Council of Princes and Parliament recognize the oldest wizardly descendant in the family as the heir.

Philosophy of Glantri

“You should know one important thing about living in Glantri. \bu already know religion is considered heresy here, but this does not mean spiritual ways are ignored. In fact, Glantri has its very own philosophy, and temples where it is taught. The wizards who run the temples are called Shepherds of Rad. People go there when they need an answer to a personal problem, or when they seek the light of universal knowledge. If you ask me, I think they’re charlatans. All they do is recite bizarre mantras over and over and perform meaningless ceremonies. The Shepherds claim these enhance the intellect and the memory.

“For example, one will rapidly recite this verse: ‘Knowledge is light, light in the mind, I mind the ways o’ Rad, Rad is the source o’ Knowledge!’ after which he bangs his forehead on a gong to make sure the lesson sinks in! And this one: ‘Magic is life, life is a spiral, I spiral to the Nucleus o’ Rad, Rad is the source o’ Magic!’ I saw disciples repeating this hundreds of times, until they collapsed to the ground, shaking and foaming. The Shepherds say the disciples are in trances and must not be disturbed. Disturbed, ha! I think they already were! They’ll tell you the gong’s vibrations on your cranium are good for meditation. But I tried it once and got only invisible bumps and a headache!

“But it does seem that in the long run some people are affected permanently. Over the years, one can increase his Intelligence slightly, but Wisdom is then similarly reduced. The disciples become fanatical followers of the wizards’ way of life, absolutely opposed to the concept of divine religion. These men are totally loyal to their Shepherds. The only thing I like about the Temples of Rad is the nice, ongoing ringing of the gongs that can be heard in the streets. It’s a reassuring sign of the people’s goodwill.

“A good citizen goes to the Temples of Rad. Army officers, public servants and constables must attend every morning, according to their manuals. You see, my boy, if you want to remain on good terms with your masters at the school, make sure you regularly show yourself at the Temple of Rad – but don’t overdo it! Leave this to the mundaners and the zealots.”

Concluding Storyline

“Well, then, it’s getting late! My, where did your friend go?”

Piling up his homework, Cedrik turns around, looking for Leranda and Raphael “Oh, you’re right. The cute human girl is gone and so is Raph!” Laughing softly, Humphrey the Stalker adds, “I bet he went out with her. Another conquest in Leranda’s bag!”

A small voice comes from under the table: “Hey! What do you mean, another conquest for Leranda? When you two are done debating the meaning of life, will you please get me out of here!”

Both elf and the stalker stare blankly at each other and then look under the table. A toad sits there, croaking angrily at them. “It’s about time you noticed me! Will you give me a hand now?”

“Yep, that’s Raph all right!” says Humphrey. “I’d recognize these dumb eyes anywhere. I forgot to tell him Leranda just graduated to the class of Sorceress with her polymorph others spell. Neat, eh?”

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