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DnD Timeline AC 1014

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline – AC 1014


Phase Three (Character Level 15)

This is the 15th game year with all character reaching 16th level over the winter new year period. Some characters have advanced to this point from year AC 1000.

Spoiler Alert! This will tell you some details of modules and adventure where it is appropriate to the timeline, but will hopefully not spoil the adventure itself. I apologise if I inadvertently spoil a storyline in your home game.

Party Level 15 – All characters are level 15 and will not reach level 16 until they get to the 12th month and find a teacher. They can spend time learning other things or adventuring. All new characters are level 15. All characters are heroes of their nation (either adopted or actual), and treated as such when they return. In neighbouring nations they are treated with respect and suspicion elsewhere.

With these adventures, my players will reach 16th level. Details of these will be given out as rumours in my games for players to discover. This is an exciting build up to the campaign and I am looking forward to where it goes with my players.

Nations of the World – AC 1014

Note: <-> and Italic text indicates storylines run in the campaign.

Alfheim (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Tome of Beasts II Lairs – Towers of the Three Regents
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZG – Fall 1007 – Alfheim is No More – The ability for the forest elves to hold their own nation against underground attack has become too much.
    • CM8 – Endless Stair – A tomb sealed by magic long ago is now accessible with the elves magic failing.
Alphatian Empire (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Alphatian Empire
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZB – War-Hawks Over Helskir – The nation of Helskir has declared itself independent in the war and wants neither side to cross its borders.
Atruaghin Clans (AC 1014)
Broken Lands (AC 1014)
Darokin (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Darokin
    • Council of Darokin – Part 10 – A meeting to discuss how best to assign resources for containing the warfare.
    • Mystery of the Forgotten Dungeon – The cartographer’s guide have opened up a region they have called the Vanrakdoom and later the Caverns of Ooze under Darokin City.
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZH – Winter 1007 – Elves Winter in Cruth Mountains – The migration of elves leaving the great forest is slow, and finally reaches the mountains.
Ethengar (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Ethengar
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZH – Winter 1007 – Plague Hits Freiburg – Due to the war in the region, a plague strike all the forces and moves south into Ethengar
    • GAZ12 – War on the Steppes – The clans go to war
Five Shires (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Fire Shires
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ8 – The Deep Mine – A portal to another place has brought horrors that need dealing with. Be careful where you dig.
Glantri (AC 1014)
Hollow World (AC 1014)
Ierendi (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Ierendi
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ4 – The Twenty-Four Eyes of the Hydra – A chance to take on a hydra of legend awaits any who wish to venture deep into Safari Island. No expense spared on the luxury of the venture.
Karameikos (AC 1014)
Minrothad (AC 1014)
Northern Reaches (AC 1014)
Norwold Region (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Norwold Region
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZH – Winter 1007 – Plague Hits Freiburg – Due to the war in the region, a plague strike all the forces and moves south into Ethengar
    • CM3 – Sabre River – A curse in Norwold needs assistance
Rockhome (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Rockhome
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ6 – The Beast from the Klintest Depths – The lake monster in angry and the dwarf arcanists have developed a contraption to allow them to hunt it back to its lair.
Shadowlands (AC 1014)
Skothar Continent (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014 – Skothar Continent
  • Still to be Edited
    • Rappan Athuk – Rumours of an evil temple in the Forest of Hope.
Thunder Rift (AC 1014)
Thyatian Empire (AC 1014)
  • TimelineAC 1014Thyatian Empire
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZI – Winter 1007 – Possessions Revolt – The outer lying colonies of Thyatis revolt and declare independence.
    • GAZB – War-Hawks Over Helskir – The nation of Helskir has declared itself independent in the war and wants neither side to cross its borders.
Ylaruam (AC 1014)

Campaign Events

Newmont (1) – Mid Winter
Vatermont (2) – End Winter
Thaumont (3) – Start Spring
Flaurmont (4) – Mid Spring
Yarthmont (5) – End Spring
Klarmont (6) – Start Summer
Felmont (7) – Mid Summer
Fyrmont (8) – End Summer
Ambyrmont (9) – Start Autumn
Sviftmont (10) – Mid Autumn
Eirmont (11) – End Autumn
Kladmont (12) – Start Winter

Content Updates

  • 2022-01-15 – Added in notes for the game year.
  • 2021-10-31 – Adding in references for Skothar Continent.
Mystara Timeline

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