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The Laws of Glantri

Living in Glantri with help from Mister Humphrey, the Invisible Stalker

“Since you’ll be here for some time, you need to know about our laws, and the sentences for breaking them.”

Treason and High Treason

  • Violation of Allegiance toward the Council of Princes is called High Treason. The penalty is death by exposure on the Tower of Sighs for one night. Violation of Allegiance toward a ruling prince or a noble, or any felony committed against him by a mundaner, is called Treason. The penalty is up to the ruler.
  • Religion is a crime of High Treason. Only the official philosophy of magic is acceptable. The penalty for worship is torture by black pudding exposure followed by life imprisonment at the Tower of Sighs. Clericism and similar heresy is punishable by death by fire.
  • Tax Evasion is Treason. The sentence include the removal of all titles, lands, and private wealth, with one to ten years imprisonment at the Tower of Sighs.


  • Overdue Debts, Theft, Murder, Rape, Bribery of Public Servants, and Destruction of Private Property are felonies. By Glantrian law, felonies are punishable only during the week following the crime. By the eighth day, at sunrise, if the offender has not yet been apprehended, he may no longer be punished for the crime – legally.
    • Penalty for general felonies is the removal of one finger (tendril, tentacle, pseudopod or equivalent) per 100 ducats of assessed damage. If no finger remains, capital punishment is applied. Rape is punishable by magical sexchange for a year, permanent for repeat offenders. Murder is punishable by death by green slime.
  • Unlicensed Activities are felonies. Unauthorized spell-casting is punishable by one to twelve months of dispelled magic. Second time offenders have their tongues torn out. Third-time offenders are permanently feebleminded and banished to the Beggars’ Court.
    • Other penalties for unlicensed activities vary from one to twelve months’ imprisonment at the Tower of Sighs, without bail, or 100 ducats fine for minor offenders.


  • Nocturnal Noise in Urban Areas, Disturbing Public Order, Obstructing the Course of Law or Public Service, Lying to a Magistrate, to an Agent of the Constable or to a Noble, Mocking, Insulting or Libelling an Arcaner are misdemeanors punishable by flagellation, hanging by the thumbs, or fines ranging from 10 to 100 dc.
  • Wounding or Intending to Wound an arcaner using a mundane weapon or an open hand, without the approval of a Viceroy, constable or noble wizard, is punishable by ten to thirty days’ imprisonment in the Tower of Sighs.

Other Laws

  • Penalty Immunities: Penalties for misdemeanors do not apply to nobles in their dominions. Penalties for misdemeanors and felonies do not apply to princes in their principalities. Princes may grant mercy for misdemeanors and felonies in their principalities and within Free Territories.
  • Civil Rights: A mundaner is considered guilty of a crime until proved innocent if the plaintiff is a nobleman. In all other cases, a suspect is considered innocent until proved guilty.

Concluding Story on Laws

“As you see, my boy, there are many things to know before traveling around Glantri. The laws vary from one principality to another, but in general they are similar to that of this city. Enforcement is better in Glantri City, because the capital’s constabulary is by far the most efficient in all Glantri. The Hall of Magistrates keeps busy with judgments.

“Also, people in Glantri tend to sue others as often as they change boots. The price of legal action is high. A magistrate costs 10 to 100 dc per appearance at the court. The loser must reimburse all costs incurred by the judgment. This includes plaintiff and defender’s magistrates, the judge, the constables and all the scribes involved with the case. This often amounts to 300 to 400 dc per appearance at the court, plus briberies – which are not uncommon, but are risky for the inexperienced.

“For important matters, magic is often used to determine if one lies or not. All arcaners have the right to request such examination (ESP), but you should remember that in order to address a court of magistrates, you must have a license for speaking in public – else they might charge you for another felony! If you neither can afford a magistrate’s defense nor speak in public, you are doomed, because you can’t verbally deny accusations! Of course, you can communicate with written scrolls, but in this case, each must be notarized – this too can become expensive!

“So much for Glantri’s legal system. I’d summarize all this by saying, ‘Just stay out of trouble!’ But don’t be frightened. Life in Glantri offers many advantages, too – such as the wide array of magic-use so common in everyday life.”

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