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Organisations – Followers of the Radiant

Also known as the Boros Legion.

This is a post relating to the creation of various organisations associated with the elements, genasi, pantheons and nations of the setting.

The Radiant or Boros Legion
The Radiant

Who are The Followers of the Radiant

The Followers of the Radiant are an organisation based on the Worship of the combination of Air and Fire the Immortals of the Sphere of Energy and Thought.

  • Followers of the Boros – Boros Legion
  • Followers of the Radiant
  • Followers of the Flaming Thunder Fist

Background – Faction Agent

The Followers of the Radiant are dedicated to the beliefs of the Sphere of Energy and Thought and the superiority of the combination of Air and Fire over other elements.

Led by the angel Aurelia, the Boros Legion pursues the cause of justice, not merely law enforcement. Boros serves as the Alphatian Empires standing army and police force.

Followers of the Radiant in Mystara

They are spread wherever there are groups of air and fire aspected races coexist.

Associated Classes
  • Barbarian Tribal Paths
    • Path of the Zealot (xge)
  • Clerical Domains
    • Forge Domain (xge)
    • Life Domain (ph)
    • Light Domain (ph)
    • War Domain (ph)
  • Fighter Archetypes
    • Battle Master (ph)
    • Cavalier (xge)
    • Champion (ph)
    • Eldritch Knight (ph)
  • Monk Monastic Traditions
    • Way of the Sun Soul (xge)
  • Paladin Sacred Oaths
    • Oath of Devotion (ph)
  • Ranger Archetypes
    • Hunter (ph)
  • Sorcerous Origins
    • Divine Soul (xge)
  • Warlock Pacts
    • The Celestial (xge)
    • The Great Old One (ph)
  • Wizard Arcane Traditions
    • War Mage (xge)
Associated Organisations

These organizations are requirements for entry into this organisation. You must belong to one of these before you can join this organisation.

Followers of the Flame

The Flame

Followers of the Wind

The Wind

A character who belongs to this organisation can choose to advance their knowledge of elements and their connections by joining one of the following organisations.

Followers of the Ash

The Ash or Naya
The Ash

Followers of the Confronting Radiant

The Confronting Radiant
The Confronting Radiant

Followers of the Steam

The Steam
The Steam

Followers of the Radiant in Ravnica

Boros Legion. Led by the angel Aurelia, the Boros Legion pursues the cause of justice, not merely law enforcement. Boros serves as Ravnica’s standing army.

Content Updates

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  • 2020-09-24 – Adding in links to Guilds from Ravnica for Alphatian Empire.
D&D Mystara Organisations

Followers of an Element: Dark, Flame, Growth, Wave, Wind

Followers Duel Element: Black Earth, Crushing Wave, Eternal Flame, Fog, Howling Hatred, Magma, Mud, Radiant, Sand, Storm

Followers Tri Element: Ash, Confronting Radiant, Dust Storm, Grasping Sand, Lava, Searing Magma, Silent Fog, Steam, Sticking Mud, Thunderous Storm

Followers Quad Element: Celestials, Choking Ash, Eclipsing Dust, Exfoliating Steam, Illuminating Lava

Followers All Elements: Spheres

Conversions: Cult of the Dragon, Emerald Enclave, Harpers, Lords Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, Zhentarim

D&D 5E in Mystara

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