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Ranks and Titles – Duke or Duchess

Dukes of Mystara

Dukes of Mystara

KarameikosStefan Karameikos III (M62, Ftr17), Olivia Karameikos (F51 Rog11)

Duke – When Awarded

Person with ducal title are addressed as “Duke (Name)” or “Duchess (Name)” or “Your Grace.” In Karameikos, they may be addressed as kings – as “Sire” (the Duke only), or “my liege”.​

Duke – How to Gain

  • To become a Duke, the character must be a Count for five years.​
  • ​He must have remained faithful to the ruler and ruled well (no abuse of the peasants he rules, no catastrophic failure of the local economy as a result of his misrule, etc.)​

Duke – Ceremony of Attainment

Duke – Spouse Title

​The spouse of a Duke is a Duchess; the spouse of a Duchess is a Duke. The children of a Duke or Duchess are Court Lords and Ladies from birth, but given the same respects as Barons.

Duke – Heir Rights

The heir of a duchy must be confirmed in the rank of Duke by the Rulers when his parents die or step down from rulership; if the Ruler confirms the title, the heir becomes the new Duke; if the Ruler does not, the heir becomes a Landed Lord (and a very unhappy one).​

Dukes in Karameikos

The Rulers: Royal Family of Karameikos.

​The rulers of Karameikos bear the title of Duke and Duchess. Though most duchies are part of a larger kingdom, the Grand Duchy of Karameikos is an independent nation and therefore ducal title is the highest there is.​

In theory, the children of the Duke and Duchess are Court Lords and Ladies from birth. In reality, they are treated with the same respect accorded to barons. When one child is designated as the heir, he becomes a Landed Lord – he is the ruler of Specularum, working with the city’s townmaster and learning to rule on a small scale before assuming full ducal title and responsibilities.​

​There are only three ways for a PC to become Duke or Duchess of Karameikos.​

  • The character could have rolled a 00 on the Family Social Standing chart, indicating that he’s of the Royal Family. If, in the course of years of play, the other potential heirs to the throne are killed or indicate that they cannot rule, then the PC has a shot at it. Just as soon as he takes the throne, you should give him a great adventure where he finds himself in imminent danger of losing both his crown and the head it rests on.​
  • The character could marry the heir to the throne. Either Adriana or Valen could end up ruling Karameikos; even Justin or Lord Alexis could if the others are slain. The royal family is fairly intelligent, though; it’s not hard for them to see when a character is courting a member of the family just for the chance at the throne, and when it’s because of genuine affection.​
  • The character could revolt and capture the throne by force. Setting aside for the moment the questionable morality of seizing the throne from a ruler who governs very wisely, this would be a very difficult task. However, it might be that yours is a particularly patriotic Traladaran campaign, or that you’ve decided to re-interpret the Royal Family in another light (perhaps, in your campaign, Duke Stefan isn’t the wise ruler presented here). In either case, the whole process of revolution (agitating the peasantry, raising armies, fighting battles, holding key military sites, feeding and arming troops on an ongoing basis, dealing with pressure from foreign governments, fighting foes with great military ability, and so on) would provide many, many adventures, it could indeed be an adventure some campaign.​

The Duke who has just taken the throne assembles all the nobles of his realm, usually in his throne room. The herald reads a scroll written by the new ruler, which proclaims in the Duke’s words that he has, by the grace of the Immortals, been given this throne and promises to discharge his duties to the peoples and nobles of Karameikos with unwavering strength and determination. Then, the head of either the Church of Karameikos or Church of Traladara (Duke’s choice) places the ducal crown on the ruler’s head, and he is officially crowned as the new Duke. Again, two days of feast and celebration are generally proclaimed.​

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