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Ranks and Titles – Baron or Baroness

Barons of Mystara

Barons of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Baron Desmond Kelvin II (M40, Pal12), Baron Ludwig von Hendriks (M59, Ftr14), Baron Phillip Vorloi (M70, Ftr5), Baron Sherlane Halaran (M72, Clr16),

Baron – When Awarded

Barony is a rank granted to noblemen who have demonstrated that they can rule fiefs in proper fashion, and that they are of sufficient loyalty to attain a rank immediately below that of the royal family.​

These days, a character must have been a Landed Lord or Landed Knight for a period of time to be considered by the Ruler for Baronial title.​

Nobles at Baronial level are addressed as “Baron (Family Name)”, or “Baroness (Family Name)” by other nobles, they may also be addressed by the name of their fief. for example, Baron Sherlane Halaran of Threshold may be addressed as “Baron Halaran”, “Patriarch Sherlane” (because he’s a cleric of the Church of Karameikos), or by other nobles, just “Threshold”.​

Baron – How to Gain

  • ​A character who is a Landed Lord or Landed Knight is also under consideration for Baronial title.​
  • To become a Baron, the character must be a Landed Lord of a Landed Knight for five years.​
  • ​He must have remained faithful to the Duke and ruled well (no abuse of the peasants he rules, no catastrophic failure of the local economy as a result of his misrule, etc.)​

​If these circumstances are in effect, then after the end of some grand and glorious adventure involving the Ruler (such as a war with another nation, or some great threat menacing all Karameikos), the Ruler will raise the character to the rank of Baron.​

Baron – Ceremony of Attainment

​The Baron candidate is summoned before the Duke at an important feast, celebration, or other event. The herald reads a document proclaiming that the character’s unswaying loyalty, firm rule, and personal greatness have earned him the title of Baron of (name of fief). The new Baron is presented with the scroll confirming his title, plus gifts from the Duke and Duchess and other assembled nobles. Often, the Duke will proclaim two days of celebration to honor the new Baron.​

Baron – Spouse Title

​The spouse of a Baron is a Baroness; the spouse of a Baroness is a Baron. The children of a Baron or Baroness are Court Lords and Ladies from birth.

Baron – Heir Rights

The heir of a barony must be confirmed in the rank of Baron by the Rulers when his parents die or step down from rulership; if the Ruler confirms the title, the heir becomes the new Baron; if the Ruler does not, the heir becomes a Landed Lord (and a very unhappy one).​

Barons in Karameikos

The Rulers: Royal Family of Karameikos.

​Note that certain NPC barons didn’t have to wait five years to become a baron. They were either granted the title when Duke Stefan first began to rule Karameikos (Sherlane, Vorloi, von Hendriks) or are children of deceased or retired barons (Kelvin).​

Don’t let the PC’s become envious of the first category; remind them that things were different in Karameikos’ early years, and that the character will probably get there eventually.​

As for the second category – it’s possible that you’ve already determined that a character is the heir-apparent to a baronial fief. There are three ways to resolve this situation.​

  • First, you can have the character inherit the fief when he achieves ninth level – but the Duke, because he doesn’t know the character well enough, doesn’t recognise the baronial title, and the character must remain a Landed Lord, or Landed Knight for now.​
  • ​Second, you can simply have the character’s parent stay hale and hearty until the character is well known by the Duke. If the character wants to inherit the fief, he has to wait around. If he doesn’t, he can go out and try to build a new fief… but he won’t start out with the title of Baron, he’s be a Landed Lord or Landed Knight.​
  • ​Third, you can simply bend the rules and allow the heir of a baron or baroness to achieve Baronial title if both parents are dead or have stepped down from rulership (as was the case with Baron Desmond Kelvin II). Don’t do this if it’s likely to cause dissent among the players; do it if it is convenient to you for plot purposes.​
  • Barony of Kelvin – Desmond Kelvin II known as Baron Kelvin or Kelvin
  • Barony of Threshold – Sherlane Halaran – Baron Halaran or Patriarch Sherlane or Threshold
  • Barony of Vorloi – Philip Vorloi – Baron Vorloi
  • Black Eagle Barony – Ludwig von Hendriks – Baron von Hendriks – Black Eagle

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