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DnD Dominion Kingdom of Highforge

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Karameikos Dominion – Kingdom of Highforge

0e-gaz-01 Karameikos
0e-gaz-01 – D&D BECMI The Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Kingdom of Highforge

  • Dominion Type: King or Queen
  • Ruler: Dorfus Hilltopper, Gnome-King of Highforge
  • Population: 6,500 gnomes and 1,000 dwarves

Part of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos

Gnomish Kingdom built around the hilltops between the two rivers.

There are numerous, extensive mines in this area – not surprising considering the numbers of dwarves around. By the standards of Rockhome, the homeland of the dwarves, they’re piddling little things – but by humans standards they’re extensive, marvelously dug and maintained.

Mystara Karameikos 8m

Kingdom of Highforge – Settlements

  • Town of Highforge – Karameikos (7,4)

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D&D Settlements

Glantri: Glantri City,

Karameikos: Highforge, Kelvin, Marilenev, Specularum

D&D Dominions

Barony: Kelvin

Estates: Marilenev

Kingdoms: Highforge

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