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Ranks and Titles – Knight

Also used for Admiral, General and Patriarch

Knights of Mystra

Knights of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) –

Admirals of Mystara (Counts as a Knight)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Admiral Lucius Hyraksos (M69, Ftr14)

General of Mystara (Counts as a Knight)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Lord Alexius Korrigan (M48, Ftr8), Master Oliver Jowett (Order of the Griffon, M85, Clr20),

Patriarchs of Mystara (Counts as a Knight)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleksyev Nikelnevich (Specualrum, Church of Traladra, M55, Clr13), Oliver Jowett (Specularum, Church of Karameikos, M85, Clr20), Sherlane Halaran (Threshold, Church of Karameikos, M72, Clr16),

Knight – When Awarded

Knighthood is a rank of great respect granted to men and women who have fought long and well in the service of the crown (and have done good deeds in general).

When a character receives knighthood in the course of the campaign, he receives certain rights and responsibilities. He does not have to obey local city weapon regulations. He can claim shelter from anyone (in other words, he can demand one night’s shelter for himself and a small party – not more than six people – of anyone, even the Ruler). The knight doesn’t have to pay for this shelter, but it’s best to do so – or to do a favor for the shelter. It’s against the Rulers law to refuse shelter to a knight, as explained later. However, people will always be coming to the knight for help – to kill beasts ravaging their homesteads, to put down a knight gone bad, etc… and he has a responsibility to perform these tasks for people in need.​

A knight is addressed as “Sire (Name)” (for men) and “Dame (Name)” (for women). A knight may also be addressed as “Sir Knight” or “Dame Knight”.​

As with the Court Lord, a Knight who buys property does not automatically become a Landed Knight.​

Knight – How to Gain

If the character achieves the following then he is under consideration for Knight.​

  • has reached ninth level
  • demonstrated unquestionable loyalty to the Rulers
  • is known to have participated in at least two adventure of Great Importance to the Rulers
  • is not considered fit for the management of a fief
  • is well-known and renowned for his fighting ability

Knight – Ceremony of Attainment

The Knight candidate is informed a day ahead of time of the impending ceremony. He spends the whole day in a ceremony of purification called a “vigil;” in a place of his choosing (usually a church), wearing white clothes symbolic of the purity of goal and motive he’s supposed to strive for, accompanied only by his weapons and armour. he meditates and fasts for a full day. During this time, he’s supposed to reflect on his life so far and decide for himself whether he thinks he can fulfill the obligations of knighthood. Assuming he does, on the following day he is summoned before the Duke and goes through a ceremony similar to that of the Landed Lord – though, of course, no fief is mentioned, for the Knight is not a landed position.​

Military Title – Admiral or General

A cleric who advances to the rank of Admiral or General is accorded the respect due to a Knight. An admiral is responsible for a fleet of ships, and a general is responsible for an army.

Religion Title – Patriarch

A cleric who advances to the rank of Patriarch is accorded the respect due to a Knight. A patriarch is responsible for the religious needs of a city.

Knight – Spouse Title

The spouse of a Knight is automatically granted the rank of Court Lady or Lord. Squires of a Knight are granted the rank of Court Lord or Lady. Children of a Knight, upon attaining the age of adulthood, granted the rank of Court Lord or Lady.​

Knight – Heir Rights

The children of the Knight automatically receives the title of Court Lady or Lord when reaching adulthood.​

Knights in Karameikos

The Rulers: Royal Family of Karameikos.

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