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Fragged Empire – Game Management

Steps to Character Creation

Making a Character

  • Starting Level 1
  • Select your Race.
  • Distribute 18 Attribute Points (0-5 Points each).
  • Select your Trained Skills.
    • 6 Primary Skills (Everyday or Professional).
    • 2 Personal Combat Skills.
    • 2 Vehicle System Skills.
  • Select your Traits, 1 per Level.
  • Starting Resources, Influence and Spare Time Points = Your Level+2. Allot Resources and Influence. Spend Spare Time Points (you may automatically gain any item or service that costs 14t or less, no roll required).

Starting Level

(See cr32)

  • See cr: 341 for a full list of available Traits.
  • Your character usually begins at Level 1 (with 1 Trait).
  • You start with Resources, Influence, and Spare Time Points equal to your Level +2. You gain 1 additional Trait, Maximum Resource, and Influence per Level.
    • Level 0 is a child or unskilled.
    • Level 1 to 4 is averagely gifted.
    • Level 5 to 9 is skilled.
    • Level 10 to 19 is amazingly gifted.
    • Level 20 or more is legendary.
Choosing Your Starting Traits

The Trait(s) you select at character creation should represent your character’s defining nature and history. Some Traits can only be selected at character Creation (eg: Old).

You may have up to 1 Trait per area: Level, Resource, Influence, each Attribute, Fate, Trained Primary Skill and up to 2 Traits per Trained Vehicle System or Personal Combat Skill.

You need to meet all Requirements for any Trait you select.

Playable Races

  • Corporation (cr20, cr198, pa102)
  • Kaltoran (cr22, cr212, pa103)
  • Legion (cr24, cr228, pa104)
  • Nephilim (cr26, cr242, pa105)
  • Palantor (pa19, pa36)
  • Remnant (pa21, pa52)
  • Twi-Far (pa23, pa68)
  • Zhou (pa25, pa86)


(See cr34)

  • You have 18 points to distribute amongst six Attributes: Strength, Reflexes, Movement, Focus, Intelligence, and Perception. Each Attribute may be set from 0 to 5.
    • 0 represents an impairment of some kind.
    • 1 or 2 is average.
    • 3 or 4 is impressive.
    • 5 is amazingly gifted.

Trained Skills

(see cr38)

  • Select 6 Primary Skills, 2 Vehicle System Skills, and 2 Personal Combat Skills to be Trained in. All other Skills are considered Untrained.
    • Trained Skills give a +1 bonus to your Skill Rolls.
    • Untrained Skills give a -2 penalty to your Skill Rolls.

Resource and Influence

(See cr54)

  • See cr113 for full Equipment rules.
  • See cr141 for full Spacecraft rules.
  • See cr358 for a full list of available Equipment.
  • You start with Resources and Influence equal to your Level +2. Resources represent your ability to maintain weapons and equipment, while Influence represents your favour with an NPC group (or groups) and reflects your ability to maintain a spacecraft.
    • Resources are primarily used to acquire Weapons and Outfits.
    • Influence is primarily used to acquire a spacecraft.
Allotted, Not Spent

You do not decrease your Resources or Influence when you acquire, lose, or change your equipment or spacecraft. Resources and Influence represent the quality and quantity of equipment and spacecraft the character may maintain at any one time.

Spare Time Points

(See cr64)

  • You start with Spare Time Points equal to your Level +2 (eg: a Level 1 character starts with 3 Spare Time Points). You may keep these Spare Time Points for later, or you may spend them on any Spare Time Item with a cost of 14t or less, no roll required (each item still cost 1 Spare Time Point, no matter the roll difficulty).
  • Any use of Spare Time Points after character Creation uses the standard Spare Time Point rules.
    • Spare Time Points are used to acquire minor items or services, or to make Equipment Modifications.
    • You may start with items or Modifications that requires a Spare Time Roll of 14t or less without needing to roll. Each item costs 1 Spare Time Point.


  • cr – Core Rules
  • pa – Protagonist Archive 1

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