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Ranks and Titles – Court Lord

Also used for Lieutenant, Priest and Squire

Court Lords of Mystra

Court Lords of Mystara

Karameikos (AC 1010) Lady Adrianna Karameikos (F30, Ftr6), Lady Aleena Halaran (F32, Pal14), Lord Bartran Cordelius (M65), Lord Justin Karameikos (M28, Ftr4), Lord Oliver Jowett (M85, Clr20), Lord Valdo Tisza (M50), Lord Valen Karameikos (M24, Rog3), Lord Zorgrev Yarol (M60, Ftr11),

Thyatis (AC 1010) Lord Cornel Osteric (M55, Ftr9),

Lieutenants of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)


Priests of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

Karameikos (AC 1010) – Aleena Halaran (Threshold, Church of Karameikos, F32, Pal14),

Squires of Mystara (Counts as Court Lord)

When Awarded

It does not confer any lands upon the recipient. It’s usually granted as on award for service: A person accomplishes some special task for a nobleman; the nobleman sends a document to the Ruler commending this person; the Ruler grants the person a court lordship.

In game terms, having this title means that the character is considered nobility (even if lower-class nobility). When travelling, he’ll receive more respectful treatment from local nobles; instead of beating him back out into the streets, they may instead give him a meal and a bed for the night, for instance.​

​Court Lords and ladies are addressed as “Lord (Name or Family Name)” or “Lady (Name or Family Name)”. For instance, Zogrev Yarol may be addresses as “Lord Zogrev” or “Lord Yarol”. Squires may be addressed as “Lord/Lady (Name)” but are usually addressed as “Squire (Name)”. For exampple Sir Retameron’s squire Kraigg may be called “Lord Kraigg” or “Squire Kraigg”.​

A Court Lord who buys property does not automatically become a Landed Lord. Anyone can buy property; to be Landed, you have to received the fief from the Duke.​

How to Gain

Assuming that your characters did not start with this title at character creation on the roll an 86-95 or 98-00 on their Family Social Standing, they must attain the title of Court Lord through an act of service to the crown or to some other nobleman.

Note: If you can, try to grant the first PC his award of court lordship when he doesn’t expect it.​

In many of their adventures, the characters will be helping (directly or indirectly) some nobleman of their country. After the conclusion of such an adventure, have the nobleman in question summon the character and, out of the blue, present him with an award of Court Lordship. He was impressed by the hero’s courtesy and nobility, wrote the Ruler of the hero’s deeds, and the Ruler responded by granting court lordship to the hero.​

​Stress the fact that it’s a nice thing to have, but not so nice that all the characters need to be tripping over their feet in their haste to get one. Lack of this award will not prevent them from attaining high awards, and if they seem to be helping the nobles of their country just because they want a shiny award, the noblemen in question will lose respect for them.​

Ceremony of Attainment

The Court Lord is merely summoned before the nobleman who recommended his elevation; the nobleman tells him of the change in his status (or, if it’s at a feast or other event, the herald declares it before the assembled multitude); the character is presented with a brilliant calligraphed scroll signed by the Ruler, and he is now a Court Lord.​

Military Title – Lieutenant

Lieutenants in the army or navy are held to be gentlemen and are given the title of Court Lord. They are usually addressed as “Lieutenant” but may be addressed as “Lord (Name)”.​

Religion Title – Priest

Men and women who have attained Priesthood in the clergy are treated with the respect accorded a Court Lord; they are not given the actual title, however.

Other Title – Squire

​A squire – the assistant and student of a knight – is given the title of Court Lord. The knight needs only send a letter to the Duke to have his squire granted this title.​

Spouse Title

​The family and heirs of a Court Lord or Lady do not benefit from this award. The husband of a Court Lady, for instance, is not automatically granted a title.

Heir Rights

When a Court Lord dies, his title dies with him; it is not inherited by his heir.​

Court Lord in Karameikos

The Rulers: Royal Family of Karameikos

This is the lowest rank of nobility in Karameikos.

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