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This is a post relating to the migration of The Emerald Enclave as an organisation called the Emerald Enclave into my Mystara setting so when I reference them in sourcebooks I know who I have adapted them to and why.

The Emerald Enclave
FR The Emerald Enclave

Who are The Emerald Enclave

The Emerald Enclave are an organisation set in the Forgotten Realm Campaign Setting.

The Emerald Enclave is dedicated to maintaining balance in the natural order and combating the forces that threaten that balance. Members of the enclave live in the wilderness or in small communities, and the order has almost no representatives in towns and cities. They are not opposed to civilization, however. Rather, they seek to prevent civilization and wilderness from harming one another. Those who serve the Emerald Enclave are masters of survival and living off the land, of navigating through the wilderness, and of reading the signs that indicate approaching weather, the passage of creatures, and the general weal of the natural world.

This widespread group of wilderness survivalists preserves the natural order while rooting out unnatural threats. Many of the Enclave’s members are barbarians, druids, and rangers. Some wander the untamed lands while others make their homes on the outskirts of towns and villages, where they help to protect travelers from the dangers of the wild.

Druids and the Emerald Enclave

Less a druid circle and more a loose confederation of circles and their allies, the Emerald Enclave is devoted to protecting the redoubt of civilization in the North from destruction. Elsewhere in the world, the Emerald Enclave must pursue a more balanced path, but the vast wilderness of the North holds far more danger to people than they pose to it.

Founded in the Vilhon Reach over a thousand years ago, the Emerald Enclave has spread across much of Faerun. Its members include druids, rangers, barbarians, and others who live in the wilderness and know and respect its ways. They wear an article of emerald green clothing as a symbol of their membership, often bearing the emblem of a stag’s head.

Background – Faction Agent

Maintaining balance in the natural order and combating the forces that threaten that balance is the twofold goal of the Emerald Enclave. Those who serve the faction are masters of survival and living off the land. They are often proficient in Nature, and can seek assistance from woodsmen, hunters, rangers, barbarian tribes, druid circles, and priests who revere the gods of nature.

Members of the Emerald Enclave operate alone or in small groups. Their primary focus is places where the natural world and civilization intersect, because that’s where the natural order is most easily upset. Humanoids and monsters alike can become a threat to nature when they are thrown out of balance with their environment or their role in the world.

Mystara Adventure Hooks

Emerald Enclave in Mystara

In my version of Mystara I have the Council of Growth doing the same job as what The Emerald Enclave would normally be doing. So I have his agents calling themselves Growth Agents as an optional replacement for references to The Emerald Enclave a way of linking to this setting without having to rewrite the existing adventures I have been bringing in.

Each of the Clerics of Nature Gods, Druid and Ranger Organisations of the setting will be affiliated with the Emerald Enclave keeping the base name, but having branches in many of the Pantheons of the setting. They travel as the Emerald Enclave when not wanting to advertise their political affiliations.

Emerald Enclave in Darokin

Delaan Winterhound (Neutral good male elf ranger) Delaan has come to the Council of Darokin as the lone representative of the Emerald Enclave. Even his regular companion, a winter wolf named Loska, remains on patrol outside the city. Delaan spends much of his time wandering the forested wilderness, and although he visits friends in Alfheim city once a year, he otherwise shies away from large settlements. He is clearly uncomfortable in Darokin.

Emerald Enclave in Shadowlands

Living deep in the wilderness demands great fortitude and thc mastery of certain fighting and survival skills. Down in the Underdark. far from the wild lands, the Emerald Enclave must remain ever vigilant to avoid being blindsided by unnatural forces.

Some members of the enclave engage with the people of the world as protectors. emerging from the wilderness to help others survive its perils. Some are charged with defending sacred glades and preserving the natural balance. At times, however. all members of the order are called together to combat foes great enough to disrupt or destroy the natural order, The demon lords are one such threat.

Druids and scouts of the Emerald Enclave have recently witnessed the corruption spreading through ofthe flora and fauna of the Underdark. In particular, they have tracked this corruption back to Zuggtmoy and Juihlcx. with the demon lords both infecting different parts of the subterranean realm.

The Emerald Enclave fights tirelessly against the corruption of nature. Its members are well aware that the newly seen demonic corruption will not be contained within the Underdark for long. Eventually it will break through to the surface and threaten all Faert‘m – and by the time it does. it might be too late to stop it.

Emerald Enclave in Vestland

These are notes from Princes of the Apocalypse and Apply to the Red Larch region in the Dessian Valley connecting Vestland to the Ethengarian Steppes.

The enclave’s greatest stronghold in the region is the fortified farm and abbey to Chauntea called Goldenfields. Abbot Ellardin Darovik is a senior agent of the Emerald Enclave. In the High Forest to the east lies Shadowtop Cathedral, another of the enclave’s meeting places.

Emerald Enclave in Other Settings

Dark Sun – Athas

Druid Circles (from Princes of the Apocalypse)

Athasian druids see themselves as guardians of the land and enemies to all who employ defiling magic. No great druid organizations span the entire Tyr Region, but a number of smaller, localized druid circles are concerned with the disturbances and disasters triggered by the cult’s activities. One such circle roams the area between the Dragon’s Bowl and the Valley of Tyr. Characters who want to fight for the forces of natural balance could be allies (or members) of the druids.

Dragonlance – Krynn

Allies of the Forestmaster (from Princes of the Apocalypse)

As a replacement for the Emerald Enclave, consider a cabal of Qualinesti elves, plainsfolk shamans, and regional rangers dedicated to preserving the land. These groups work together at the behest of the unicorn of the Darken Wood, a powerful creature known as the Forestmaster.

Greyhawk – Oerth

The Old Faith (from Princes of the Apocalypse)

The druids of the Flanaess belong to a great order known as the Old Faith. Each region of the continent falls under the purview of a Great Druid, who in turn oversees a hierarchy of lower-ranking druids scattered throughout the lands under his or her dominion. Among their other concerns, the Druids of the Old Faith are staunch enemies of the followers of Elemental Evil and root out its worshipers wherever they arise. Player characters who are not members of the druid class could belong to one of the societies or groups affiliated with the servants of the Old Faith; for example, the Gnarley Forest is home to the Gnarley Rangers, a fellowship that cooperates closely with the druids.


The Wardens of the Word or the Gatekeepers or House Vadalis (from Princes of the Apocalypse)

The Wardens of the Wood are this faction’s logical equivalent in Eberron if you’re setting Princes of the Apocalypse anywhere near the Eldeen Reaches. Otherwise, the Gatekeepers are a good choice.

Further Information for Dungeon Masters

  • Princes of the Apocalypse
  • Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide
  • Tyranny of Dragons (tod16)

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