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Gnomes in Thassilonian Resurgence

For my campaigns I have the following information available:

An aspect of my Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (TRAP) as the house rule on half-races. Unlike my D&D world where half races are not available, here they are part of the core setting, and as such I have tried to enhance the experience and make it easier to extend over time. Any race, including gnomes can be the base race with the Half-Breed Heritage.

PF2 Core Rulebook
pf2-cr – PF2 Core Rulebook (pzo2101-se)


  • Hit Points 8
  • Size Small
  • Speed 25 ft
  • Ability Boosts: Constitution, Charisma, Free
  • Ability Flaw: Strength
  • Age: 55, with a life expectancy of 400+ (changed from 18 from the Core rules)
  • Languages: Common, Gnomish, Sylvan
  • Bonus Languages: Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if positive). You can choose from the following languages: Goblin, Jotun, Orcish, Terran or Undercommon (and any other regional language you have access to).
  • Traits: Gnome, Humanoid.
  • Low-Light Vision: You can see in dim light as though it were bright light, and you ignore the concealed condition due to dim light.

Gnome Heritages Feats

Available Heritage Options:

  • Umbral Gnome (pf2-cr-44)
  • Vivacious Gnome (pf2-locg-31)
  • Wellspring Gnome (pf2-cr-44)

Gnome Ancestry Feats

Level 1:

  • Animal Accomplice (pf2-cr-44)
  • Burrow Elocutionist (pf2-cr-44)
  • Fey Fellowship (pf2-cr-44)
  • First World Magic (pf2-cr-44)
  • Gnome Obsession (pf2-cr-44)
  • Gnome Polygot (pf2-locg-31)
  • Gnome Weapon Familiarity (Errated see below)
  • Grim Insight (pf2-locg-32)
  • Illusion Sense (p2f-cr-44)
  • Inventive Offensive (pf2-locg-32)
  • Life-Giving Magic (pf2-locg-32)
  • Natural Performer (pf2-locg-32)
  • Theoretical Acumen (pf2-locg-32)
  • Unexpected Shift (pf2-locg-32)
  • Vibrant Display (pf2-locg-33)

Level 5:

  • Animal Elocutionist (pf2-cr-45)
  • Eclectic Obsession (pf2-locg-33)
  • Energized Font (pf2-cr-45)
  • Gnome Weapon Innovator (pf2-cr-45)
  • Intuitive Illusions (pf2-locg-33)
  • Natural Illusionist (pf2-locg-33)

Level 9:

  • First World Adept (pf2-cr-45)
  • Fortuitous Shift (pf2-locg-33)
  • Vivacious Conduct (pf2-cr-45)

Level 13:

  • Gnome Weapon Expertise (pf2-cr-45)
Gnome Weapon Familiarity – Ancestry Feat 1
  • Source: Core p44 (Errated Add Date Here)
  • Traits: Gnome
  • You favor unusual weapons tied to your people, such as blades with curved and peculiar shapes. You are trained with the glaive and kukri.
  • In addition, you gain access to kukris and all uncommon gnome weapons. For the purpose of determining your proficiency, martial gnome weapons are simple weapons and advanced gnome weapons are martial weapons.

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