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Video DnD WRATH Wed 39

Video – D&D 5E

Mystara – Wrath of the Immortals – Wednesday

Phase Two – Season 3

  • Overall Session: #1,095
  • Date: 8th July 2020
  • Campaign Session: Session 39
  • Game Night Session: 127
  • Gaming Group: Wednesday D&D
  • Campaign: Mystara
  • Characters: Now 8th Level
  • Adventure: Nightwail #2

D&D Wed: All video’s for the Wednesday Night Dungeons & Dragons Campaign.

Video’s will be created on the night, and uploaded when possible after the event. There is a fortnightly schedule for this game. There are five other games running in the same fortnight. This is one campaign night out of 6 that I am running as the Games Master.

Adventures – Phase One: Darokin

Adventures – Phase Two: Hollow World

Wrath of the Immortals Wednesday Group

Level Progression – Phase One

  • Level 1 – Mini Campaign Year 1
  • Level 2 – Mini Campaign Year 2
  • Level 3 – Mini Campaign Year 3
  • Level 4 – Mini Campaign Year 4
  • Level 5 – Session 1 – 5th September 2018

Level Progression – Phase Two

  • Level 6 – Session 2 – 19th September 2018
  • Level 7 – Session 17 – 24th July 2019
  • Level 8 – Session 38 – 24th June 2020
  • Level 9 – Session 66 – 13th October 2021
  • Dmitri – Traladaran (human) who grew up in the karameikos region.
    • First Session 6
  • Lil Miss – Pirate Makai (human) who for a while resembled a dwarf but got better. Hired by Riah.
    • 1st Life Makai Sorcerer
    • 2nd Life Shodowfey elf of Darkness sorcerer due to reincanation
    • First Session 23
  • Nasty Stump – Priate Halfling from the Ierendi region who likes to dress up as a human. Hired by Riah.
    • 1st Life as Nasty Stump Halfling Rogue
    • 2nd Life as Simply Red Halfling Rogue, renamed himself to change his ways
    • First Session 23
  • Plamin – Ethengarian (human) who has travelled to Karameikos working for Rheddrian.
    • First Sesion 12
  • Willy: Halfling extraordinaire, learning that there is a lot more to being a halfling than just claiming the heritage.
    • First Session 34

Former Party Members:

  1. Badger – Human Rogue
    • Causght stealing from the Baron of Threshold and Imprisioned for a year.
    • Only Session 16
  2. Boris – Traladaran Cleric
    • First Session – Last Session 10
  3. Bradshaw – Stonebound (dwarf) working for Rheddrian. Currently away from the party on Honeymoon
    • 1st Life Stonebound Dwarf
    • 2nd Life Stonebound Dwarf after stabbing himelf in theback of the head with a dagger
    • First Session 2 – Last Session 33
  4. Caelynen – Elven Sorcerer
    • First Session 13 – Last Session 22
  5. Chum – Atruaghin (human) who has returned to his tribes to learn their ways.
    • 1st Life Eye Candy character from Tuesday group
    • 2nd Life Chum, renamed as joined different from
    • First Session 13 – Last Session 34
  6. Cinder – Eladrin Sorcerer
    • First Session 2 – Last Session 8
  7. Doyindra Elven Monk
    • First Session 13 – Last Session 22
  8. Dr Dark – Halfling Warlock
    • First Session 29 – Last Session 31
  9. Emeldrin – Eladrin
    • Only Session 22
  10. Garfield – Human
    • Executed for crimes against the elves
    • Only Session 1
  11. Grue – Humanoid
    • Executed for crimes against the elves
    • Only Session 1
  12. Hadrian – Humanoid
    • Executed for crimes against the elves
    • Only Session 1
  13. Jericho – Human
    1. First Session 2 – Last Session 4
  14. Kaylie – Elven Druid
    • First Session 19 – Last Session 22
  15. Kiki – Elven wanderer exploring the world and working for Rheddrian. Stayed with the Gentle Folk of Hollow World.
    • First Session 36 – Last Session 49
  16. Landithas – Elven
    • First Session 19 – Last Session 22
  17. Mc’Gweir
    • Executed for crimes against the elves
    • Only Session 1
  18. Namzya – Human Warlock
    1. Only Session 6
  19. Nermal – Degenerate Catfolk
    • Executed for crimes against the elves
    • Only Session 1
  20. Pain – Elven Warlock
    • First Session 19 – Last Session 22
  21. Riah – Stonebound Dwarf (Druid) Working for Rheddrian.
    • 1st Life – Eladrin (Seasonfey Elf Sorcerer)
    • 2nd Life – Seasonfey Elf Druid, retrained from sorcerer to druid.
    • 3rd Life – Hillbound Dwarf of Air, due to reincarnation.
    • 4th Life – Stonebound Dwarf of Earth, due to Whelm
    • First Session 23 – Last Session 56
  22. River – Elven Druid
    • Fist Session 2 – Last Session 11
  23. Satin – Degenerate Catfolk
    • First Session 2 – Last Session 4
  24. Sunny – Human Cleric
    • Only Session 11
  25. Torellian – Elven Wizard
    • First Session 19 – Last Session 22
  26. Zarin Warstriker – Male Elkatour Fighter
    • Only Session 23
D&D WRATH Wednesday

Phase 2 – Investigations

Season 4 AC 1008 (Level 9) – 2021 Dec (W70 8th), Nov (W69 24th, W68 10th), Oct (W67 27th)

Season 3 AC 1007 (Level 8) – 2021 Oct (W66 13th), Sep (W65 29th, W64 15th, W63 1st), Aug (W62 4th), Jul (W61 21st, W60 7th), Jun (W59 23rd), May (W58 26th, W57 12th), Apr (W56 28th, W55 14th), Mar (W54 31st, W53 17th, W52 3rd), Feb (W51 17th, W50 3rd), Jan (W49 20th), 2020 Dec (W48 9th), Nov (W47 25th, W46 11th), Oct (W45 28th, W44 14th), Sep (W43 30th, W42 16th, W41 2nd), Jul (W40 22nd, W39 8th), Jun (W38 24th)

Season 2 AC 1006 (Level 7) – 2020 Jun (W37 10th), May (W36 27th, W35 13th), Apr (W34 29th, W33 15th, W32 1st), Mar (W31 18th, W30 4th), Feb (W29 19th, W28 5th), Jan (W27 22nd, W26 8th), 2019 Dec (W25 11th), Nov (W24 27th, W23 13th), Oct (W22 2nd), Sep (W21 18th, W20 4th), Aug (W19 21st)

Season 1 AC 1005 (Level 6) – 2019 Aug (W18 7th) Jul (W17 24th, W16 10th), Jun (W15 26th, W14 12th), May (W13 29th, W12 15th, W11 1st), Apr (W10 17th, W09 3rd), Mar (W08 20th, W07 6th) Feb (W06 20th, W05 6th), 2018 (W04 17th, W03 3rd), Sep (W02 19th

Phase 1 – Darokin

Season 5 AC 1004 (Level 5) – 2018 W01 5th)

Darokin Setup 2018 Aug (G11-5 22nd, G11-4 8th), Jul (G11-3 25th, G11-2 11th), Jun (G11-1 27th)

Broken Lands Setup 2018 Jun (G10-4 13th) May (G10-3 30th, G10-2 16th), Apr (G10-1 18th)

Minrothad Setup 2018 Apr (G9-4 4th), Mar (G9-3 21st G9-2 7th), Feb (G901 21st)

Five Shires Setup 2018 Feb (G8-6 7th), Jan (G8-5 24th), 2017 Dec (G8-4 13th), Nov (G8-3 15th, G8-2 1st), Oct (G8-1 18th)

Northern Reaches Setup 2017 Oct (G7-5 4th), Sep (G7-4 20th, G7-3 6th), Aug (G7-2 23rd, G7-1 9th)

Rockhome Setup 2017 Jul (G6-4 26th, G6-3 12th), Jun (G6-2-28th, G6-1 14th)

Alfheim Setup 2017 May (G5-4 31st, G5-3 17th, G5-2 3rd), Apr (G5-1 19th)

Ierendi Setup 2017 Apr (G4-8 5th), Mar (G4-7 22nd, G4-6 8th) Feb (G4-5 22nd, G4-4 8th) Jan (G4-3 11th), 2016 Dec (G4-2 14th), Nov (G4-1 30th)

Glantri Setup 2016 Nov (G3-4 16th), Oct (G3-3 19th, G3-2 5th), Sep (G3-1 21st)

Ylaruam Setup 2016 Sep (G2-8 7th), Aug (G2-7 24th, G2-6 10th), Jul (G2-5 27th, G2-4 13th), Jun (G2-3 29th, G2-2 15th, G2-1 1st)

Karameikos Setup 2016 May (G1-32 18th, G1-31 4th), Apr (G1-30 20th, G1-29 6th), Mar (G1-28 23rd, G1-27 9th), Feb (G1-26 24th, G1-25 10th), Jan (G1-24 27th), 2015 Dec (G1-23 2nd), Nov (G1-22 18th), Oct (G1-21 21st, G1-20 7th), Sep (G1-19 23rd, G1-18 9th), Aug (G1-17 26th, G1-16 12th), Jul (G1-15 29th, G1-14 15th, G1-13 1st), Jun (G1-12 17th, G1-11 3rd), May (G1-10 20th), G1-9 6th), Apr (G1-8 23rd, G1-7 8th), Mar (G1-6 25th, G1-5 11th) Feb (G1-4 25th, G1-3 11th), Jan (G1-2 28th, G1-1 14th)

WRATH Design

Setting Design: Part 1 – Five Elements, Part 2 – Five Spheres, Part 3 – Pantheons, Part 4 – Divine Features, Part 5 – Reference Material, Part 6 – Races, Part 7 – Secret Crafts, Part 8 – Weapons Mastery, Part 9 – Setting, Part 10 – Timeline, Part 11 – Magical Item, Part 12 – Classes, Part 13 – Downtime, Part 14 – Immortality, Part 15 – Elemental Aspects, Part 16 – Immortal Patrons

Kingdom Building: Part 1 – Mapping

D&D 5E in Mystara

D&D MenuAdventures, Artefacts, Backgrounds, Classes, Dominions, Downtime, Feats, Gazetteers, Gods, Magical Items, Organisations, Pantheons, Races, Ranks & Titles, Rune Magic, Secret Crafts, Settlements, Spells, Timeline, Weapons Mastery

WRATH: Campaign, Design

Game ManagementAnnotated Stat Block, Character Creation, Choosing a New Campaign, Gaming over Skype, GM’s Luck Roll, Tracking Experience

Class Builds – Artificer – Bombardier (Tinkerkin), Barbarian – Totem Warrior (Ethegnarian), Totem Warrior (Heldannic), Bard – College of Valour (Sunfey), Druid – Circle of Dreams (Woodfey), Circle of the Tree of Life (Seasonfey), Fighter – Battlemaster (Seashire), Eldritch Knight (Kerendan), Weapons Master (Makai), Weapons Master (Stonebound), Monk – Way of the Elements (Waterchild), Paladin – Oath of Radiance (Sunfey), Oath of Vengeance (Firechild), Sorcerer – Wild Magic (Shadowfey), Warlock – Celestial (Sunfey), Wizard – Bladesinger (Seasonfey), Dragon – White. Multiclass – Cleric/Wizard (Ethengarian), Rogue/Cleric (Atruaghin), Rogue/Sorcerer (Seashire), Wizard/Rogue (Traladaran)


Session Recordings – Campaign Journals

Library of Books

B5, d20 System, Pathfinder, SW

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