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Class – Druid

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  • pf2-rb-apg Advanced Players Guide

Class Features

Updated Class Features:

Unarmed Attack Proficiency and Benefits

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • For any class feature that improves the proficiency rank or grants the critical specialization effect access for simple weapons or a specific set of weapons, that ability also grants that benefit for unarmed attacks.
  • (11th) Druid Weapon Expertise: You have become thoroughly familiar with the weapons of your trade. Your proficiency ranks for all simple weapons and unarmed attacks increase to expert.
  • (13th) Weapon Specialisation: You’ve learned how to inflict greater injuries with the weapons you know best. You deal 2 additional damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you are an expert. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and to 4 if you’re legendary.
Druid Spells
  • Known Spells (House Rule): A druid known and learns spells as a wizard having a craftbook for their spells.
  • Craftbook – Every primal spell has a written version, usually recorded in a craftbook (spellbook). You start with a craftbook worth 10 sp or less (as detailed on page 291), which you receive for free and must study to prepare your spells each day. The craftbook contains your choice of 10 primal cantrips and five 1st-level primal spells. You choose these from the common spells on the primal spell list from this book (page 307) or from other primal spells you gain access to. Your craftbook’s form and name are up to you. It might be a musty, leather-bound tome or an assortment of thin metal disks connected to a brass ring; its name might be esoteric, like The Crimson Libram, or something more academic, like A Field Study in Practical Transmutation.
    • Each time you gain a level, you add two more primal spells to your craftbook, of any level of spell you can cast. You can also use the Nature skill to add other spells that you find in your adventures, as described on page 241.
Table 3-11: Druid Spells per Day

* The primal hierophant class feature gives you a 10th-level spell slot that works a bit differently from other spell slots

Note – An additional Cantrip per day has been added to the Druid as part of my personal games.

Druid Feats

1st LevelAnimal Companion (rb-cr-133), Leshy Familiar (cr133), Reach Spell (cr134), Storm Born (cr134), Verdant Weapon (apg124), Widen Spell (cr134), Wild Shape (rb-cr-134),

2nd Level – Call of the Wild (cr134), Enhanced Familiar (cr134), Order Explorer (rb-cr-134), Poison Resistance (see below)

4th Level – Elemental Summons (apg124), Form Control (cr135), Leashy Familiar Secrets (apg124), Mature Animal Companion (rb-cr-135), Order Magic (cr135), Thousand Faces (cr135), Woodland Stride (cr135)

6th Level – Current Spell (apg124), Green Empathy (cr136), Insect Shape (cr136), Steady Spellcasting (cr136), Storm Retribution (cr136)

8th Level – Deimatic Display (apg124), Ferocious Shape (cr136), Fey Caller (cr136), Incredible Companion (cr137), Soaring Shape (cr137), Wind Caller (cr137)

10th Level – Elemental Shape (cr137), Healing Transformation (cr137), Overwhelming Energy (cr137), Plant Shape (cr138), Pristine Weapon (apg124), Side by Side (cr138)

12th Level – Dragon Shape (cr138), Green Tongue (cr138), Primal Focus (cr138), Primal Summons (cr138), Wandering Oasis (apg125)

14th Level – Reactive Transformation (apg125), Specialized Companion (cr139), Timeless Nature (cr139), Verdant Metamorphosis (cr139)

16th Level – Effortless Concentration (cr139), Impaling Briars (cr139), Monstrosity Shape (cr139)

18th Level – Invoke Disaster (cr139), Perfect Form Control (cr139), Primal Aegis (apg125), Primal Wellspring (cr139)

20th Level – Hierophant’s Power (cr139), Leyline Conduit (cr139), True Shapeshifter (cr139)

PF2 ClassesDruid – Animal Companion – Feat 1

  • Prerequisites – animal order
  • You gain the service of a young animal companion that travels with you on your adventures and obeys any simple commands you give it to the best of its abilities. See Animal Companions for more information

PF2 ClassesDruid – Wild Shape – Feat 1

  • Prerequisites – wild order
  • You are one with the wild, always changing and adapting to meet any challenge. You gain the wild shape order spell, which lets you transform into a variety of forms that you can expand with druid feats

PF2 ClassesDruid – Order Explorer – Feat 2

  • Source – Core Rulebook (rb-cr-136)
  • Traits: Druid
  • You have learned the secrets of another druidic order, passing whatever rites of initiation that order requires and gaining access to its secrets. Choose an order other than your own. You gain a 1st-level feat that lists that order as a prerequisite, and you are now a member of that order for the purpose of meeting feat prerequisites. If you commit acts anathema to your new order, you lose all feats and abilities requiring that order but retain your other druid feats and abilities. You don’t gain any of the other benefits of the order you chose.

PF2 ClassesDruid – Poison Resistance – Feat 2

  • Source – Core Rulebook (rb-cr-136), Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30
  • Traits: Druid
  • Your affinity for the natural world grants you protection against some of its dangers. You gain poison resistance equal to half your level, and you gain a +1 status bonus to saving throws against poisons.
  • Update: Removed the Action symbol

PF2 ClassesDruid – Mature Animal Companion – Feat 4

  • Source – Core Rulebook (rb-cr-136),
  • Prerequisite: Animal Companion
  • Traits: Druid
  • Your animal companion grows up, becoming a mature animal companion, which grants it additional capabilities. See the animal companion rules for more information. Your animal companion is better trained than most. During an encounter, even if you don’t use the Command an Animal action, your animal companion can still use 1 action on your turn that round to Stride or Strike.

Quick Copy Section

PF2 ClassDruid – Level 01

  • Ability Boost – Wisdom
  • Hit Points – 8+Con Mod
  • Proficiencies
    • Perception (T)
    • Saving Throws – Fortitude (T), Reflex (T), Will (E)
    • Skills – Nature (T), Druidic Order (by Order), 2 plus Int mod
    • Attacks – Simple Weapon (T), Unarmed Attack (T)
    • Defenses – Light Armour (T), Medium Armour (T), Unarmoured Defense (T)
    • Class DC Druid (T)
    • Spells
      • Primal Spell Attack (T)
      • Primal Spell DC (T)
      • Spells Per Day – Cantrips (5), 1st Level (2)
  • Primal Spellcasting – Gain a craftbook with 10 cantrip and 5 1st level spells from the Primal spell list.
  • Druidic Anathema
    • Using metal armor or shields (Druid)
    • Despoiling natural places (Druid)
    • Teaching the Druidic language to non-druids (Druid)
  • Language: Druidic
  • Druidic Order – Animal (cr131), Leaf (cr131), Strom (cr132), Wild (cr132)
  • Shield Block – Shield Block General Feat
  • Wild Empathy – You can use Diplomacy to Make an Impression on animals and to make very simple Requests of them. In most cases, wild animals will give you time to make your case.
  • Ancestry Feat
  • Background Feat

PF2 ClassDruid – Level 02

  • Druidic Feat
  • Skill Feat
  • Druidic Spells – 2x New Spells up to 1st level
  • Spells Per Day – Cantrips (5), 1st Level (3)

PF2 ClassDruid – Level 03

  • Alertness – Perception increases to expert
  • General Feat
  • Great Fortitude – Fortitude increases to expert
  • Skill Increase – Increase a skill, skill can go to expert
  • Druidic Spells – 2x New Spells up to 2nd level
  • Spells Per Day – Cantrips (5), 1st Level (3), 2nd Level (2)

PF2 ClassDruid – Level 04

  • Druid Feat
  • Skill Feat
  • Druidic Spells – 2x New Spells up to 2nd level
  • Spells Per Day – Cantrips (5), 1st Level (3), 2nd Level (3)
Druidic Orders

PF2 ClassDruid – Druidic Order – Animal (br-cr-132)

  • Order Skill – Athletics
  • Druid Feat – Animals Companion (rb-cr-134)
  • Focus Spells – Heal Animal (U rb-cr-400),
  • Order Anathema – Commiting wanton cruelty to animals or killing animals unnecessarily (Animal Druid)

PF2 ClassDruid – Druidic Order – Wild (br-cr-132)

  • Order Skill – Intimidation
  • Druid Feat – Wild Shape (rb-cr-134)
  • Focus Spells – Wild Morph (U rb-cr-400), Wild Shape (U rb-cr-401)
  • Order Anathema – Becoming fully domesticated by the temptations of civilization (Wild Druid)

Content Updates

  • 2022-04-10 – Added Animal Order details to page.
  • 2022-04-08 – Updating for characters reaching level 4.
  • 2021-12-12 – Adding in feat options for Advanced Player’s Guide.
  • 2021-08-14 – Updates to layout and menu.
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