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pf2-cr – PF2 Core Rulebook (pzo2101-se)

Class Features

Updated Class Features:

Deific Weapon

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

You zealously bear your deity’s favored weapon. If it’s uncommon, you gain access to it. If it’s a an unarmed attack with a d4 damage die or a simple weapon, increase the damage die by one step (d4 to d6, d6 to d8, d8 to d10, d10 to d12).

Divine Ally

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

Your devotion attracts a spirit of your deity’s alignment. Once you choose an ally, your choice can’t be changed.

The following are divine allies:

  • Blade Ally: A spirit of battle dwells within your armaments. Select one weapon or handwraps of mighty blows when you make your daily preparations. In your hands, the item gains the effect of a property rune. For a champion following the tenets of good, choose disrupting, ghost touch, returning, or shifting. You also gain the weapon’s critical specialization effect.
  • Shield Ally: A spirit of protection dwells within your shield. In your hands, the shield’s Hardness increases by 2 and its HP and BT increase by half.
  • Steed Ally: You gain a young animal companion as a mount (page 214). Ordinarily, your animal companion is one that has the mount special ability, such as a horse. You can select a different animal companion (GM’s discretion), but this ability doesn’t grant it the mount special ability.
Unarmed Attack Proficiency and Benefits

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

For any class feature that improves the proficiency rank or grants the critical specialization effect access for simple weapons or a specific set of weapons, that ability also grants that benefit for unarmed attacks.

  • (5th) Weapon Expertise: You’ve dedicated yourself to learning the intricacies of your weapons. Your proficiency ranks for simple weapons, unarmed attack and martial weapons increase to expert.
  • (7th) Weapon Specialisation: You’ve learned how to inflict greater injuries with the weapons you know best. You deal 2 additional damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you are an expert. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and to 4 if you’re legendary.
  • (13th) Weapon Mastery: You fully understand your weapons. Your proficiency ranks for simple, unarmed attack, and martial weapons increase to master.
  • (15th) Greater Weapon Specialisation: Your damage from weapon specialization increases to 4 with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you’re an expert, 6 if you’re a master, and 8 if you’re legendary.

Champion Feats

1st Level – Deity’s Domain (cr-109), Everstand Stance (U cg-90), Ranged Reprisal (cr-109), Splinter Faith (gm-7), Unimpeded Step (cr-109), Weight of Guilt (pf2-cr-110)

2nd Level – Divine Grace (cr-110), Dragonslayer Oath (cr-110), Fiendsbane Oath (cr-110), Shining Oath (cr-110), Vengeful Oath (cr-111)

4th Level – Aura of Courage (cr-111), Divine Health (cr-111), Everstand Strike (U cg-90), Light of Revelation (U cg-90), Mercy (pf2-cr-111), Sun Blade (U cg-90)

6th Level – Attack of Opportunity (cr-111), Litany Against Wrath (cr-112), Loyal Warhorse (cr-112), Shield Warden (cr-112), Smite Evil (cr-112)

8th Level – Advanced Deity’s Domain (cr-112), Greater Mercy (cr-112), Heal Mount (cr-113), Impassable Wall Stance (U cg-90), Quick Block (cr-113), Second Ally (cr-113), Sense Evil (cr-113)

10th Level – Devoted Focus (cr-113), Imposing Destrier (cr-113), Litany Against Sloth (cr-113), Radiant Blade Spirit (cr-113), Shield of Reckoning (cr-113)

12th Level – Addiction Mercy (cr-113), Aura of Faith (cr-113), Blade of Justice (cr-113), Champion’s Sacrifice (cr-114), Divine Wall (cr-114), Lasting Doubt (cr-114), Liberating Stride (cr-114)

14th Level – Anchoring Aura (cr-114), Aura of Life (cr-114), Aura of Righteousness (cr-114), Aura of Vengeance (cr-114), Divine Reflexes (cr-115), Litany of Righteousness (cr-115), Wyrmbane Aura (cr-115)

16th Level – Auspicious Mount (cr-115), Instrument of Zeal (cr-115), Shield of Grace (cr-115)

18th Level – Celestial Form (cr-115), Ultimate Mercy (cr-115)

20th Level – Celestial Mount (cr-115), Radiant Blade Master (cr-115), Shield Paragon (cr-115)

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