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pf2-rb-cr – PF2 Core Rulebook (pzo2101-se)

Class Features

Updated Class Features:

Unarmed Attack Proficiency and Benefits

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • For any class feature that improves the proficiency rank or grants the critical specialization effect access for simple weapons or a specific set of weapons, that ability also grants that benefit for unarmed attacks.
  • (5th) Brutality: Your fury makes your weapons lethal. Your proficiency ranks for simple weapons, martial weapons, and unarmed attacks increase to expert. While raging, you gain access to the critical specialization effects for melee weapons and unarmed attacks.
  • (7th) Weapon Specialisation: Your rage helps you hit harder. You deal an additional 2 damage with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you have expert proficiency. This damage increases to 3 if you’re a master, and 4 if you’re legendary. You gain your instinct’s specialization ability.
  • (13th) Greater Juggernaut: You have a stalwart physiology. Your proficiency rank for Fortitude saves increases to legendary. When you roll a critical failure on a Fortitude save, you get a failure instead. When you roll a fail on a Fortitude save against an effect that deals damage, you halve the damage you take.
  • (13th) Weapon Fury: Your rage makes you even more effective with the weapons you wield. Your proficiency ranks for simple weapons, martial weapons, and unarmed attacks increase to master.
  • (15th) Greater Weapon Specialisation: The weapons you’ve mastered become truly fearsome in your hands. Your damage from weapon specialization increases to 4 with weapons and unarmed attacks in which you’re an expert, 6 if you’re a master, and 8 if you’re legendary. You gain a greater benefit from your instinct’s specialization ability.
Barbarian Instincts
Animal Instinct

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

The fury of a wild predator fills you when you Rage, granting you ferocious unarmed attacks. Cultures that revere vicious animals (such as apes or bears) give rise to barbarians with this instinct. You might also be at war with an uncontrollable, animalistic side of your personality, or you might be a descendant of a werewolf or another werecreature. Select an animal from Table 3–3: Animal Instincts that best matches your chosen animal.

ApeFist1d10 BGrapple, unarmed
1d10 P
1d6 S
Agile, unarmed
BullHorn1d10 PShove, unarmed
1d10 P
1d6 S
Agile, unarmed
DeerAntler1d10 PGrapple, unarmed
1d10 B
1d4 B
Agile, unarmed
SharkJaws1d10 PGrapple, unarmed
SnakeFangs1d10 PGrapple, unarmed
WolfJaws1d10 PTrip, unarmed
Table 3-3: Animal Instincts
Giant Instinct

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

Titan Mauler (Instinct Ability) You can use a weapon built for a Large creature if you are Small or Medium (both normally and when raging). If you’re not Small or Medium, you can use a weapon built for a creature one size larger than you. You gain access to this larger weapon, of any weapon type otherwise available at character creation. It has the normal Price and Bulk for a weapon of its size (page 295). When wielding such a weapon in combat, increase your additional damage from Rage from 2 to 6, but you have the clumsy 1 condition (page 618) because of the weapon’s unwieldy size. You can’t remove this clumsy condition or ignore its penalties by any means while wielding the weapon.

Barbarian Feats

1st Level:

  • Acute Vision (cr88)
  • Moment of Clarity (cr88)
  • Raging Intimidation (cr88)
  • Raging Thrower (cr88)
  • Sudden Charge (cr88)

2nd Level:

  • Acute Scent (cr88)
  • Furious Finish (cr89)
  • No Escape (cr89)
  • Second Wind (cr89)
  • Shake It Off (cr89)

4th Level:

  • Fast Movement (cr89)
  • Raging Athlete (cr89)
  • Swipe (cr89)
  • Wounded Rage (see below)

6th th Level:

  • Animal Skin (cr90)
  • Attack of Opportunity (cr90)
  • Brutal Bully (cr90)
  • Cleave (cr90)
  • Dragon’s Rage Breath (cr90)
  • Giant’s Statue (cr91)
  • Spirit’s interference (cr91)

8th Level:

  • Animal Rage (cr91)
  • Furious Bully (cr91)
  • Renewed Vigor (cr91)
  • Share Rage (cr91)
  • Sudden Leap (see below)
  • Thrash (cr91)

10th Level:

  • Come and Get Me (cr91)
  • Furious Sprint (cr91)
  • Great Cleave (cr91)
  • Knockback (cr91)
  • Terrifying Howl (see below)

12th Level:

  • Dragon’s Rage Wings (cr92)
  • Furious Grab (cr92)
  • Predator’s Pounce (cr92)
  • Spirit’s Wrath (cr92)
  • Titan’s Stature (cr92)

14th Level:

  • Dragon’s Rage Wings (cr93)
  • Furious Grab (cr93)
  • Predator’s Pounce (cr93)
  • Spirit’s Wrath (cr93)
  • Titan’s Stature (cr93)

16th Level:

18th Level:

  • Brutal Critical (see below)
  • Perfect Clarity (cr93)
  • Vicious Evisceration (cr93)

20th Level:

  • Contagious Rage (cr93)
  • Quaking Stomp (cr93)
Wounded Rage – Barbarian Feat 4

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • Traits: Barbarian
  • Action: Free
  • Trigger: You take damage and are capable of entering a rage.
  • You roar in pain, awakening the rage within you. You Rage.
Sudden Leap – Barbarian Feat 8

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • Traits: Barbarian
  • Action: Two Standard Actions
  • You swing at a foe while mid-leap. Make a Leap, High Jump, or Long Jump and attempt one melee Strike at any point during your jump. Immediately after the Strike, you fall to the ground if you’re in the air, even if you haven’t reached the maximum distance of your jump. If the distance you fall is no more than the height of your jump, you take no damage and land upright.
  • When attempting a High Jump or Long Jump during a Sudden Leap, determine the DC using the Long Jump DCs, and increase your maximum distance to double your Speed.
Terrifying Howl – Barbarian Feat 10

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • Traits: Barbarian
  • Action: One Standard Actions
  • Prerequisites: Intimidating Glare
  • You unleash a terrifying howl. Attempt Intimidate checks to Demoralize each enemy within 30 feet. Regardless of the results of your checks, each enemy is then temporarily immune to Terrifying Howl for 1 minute.
Dragon Transformation – Barbarian Feat 16

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • Traits: Barbarian, Concentration, Instinct, Polymorph, Primal, Rage, Transmutation
  • Action: One Standard Actions
  • Prerequisites: Dragon Instinct, Dragon’s Rage Wings
  • You transform into a ferocious Large dragon, gaining the effects of 6th-level dragon form except that you use your own AC and attack modifier; you also apply your extra damage from Rage. The action to Dismiss the transformation gains the rage trait.
  • At 18th level, you gain a +20-foot status bonus to your fly Speed, your damage bonus with dragon Strikes increases to +12, your breath weapon DC uses your class DC, and you gain a +14 status bonus to your breath weapon damage.
Brutal Critical – Barbarian Feat 18

Errata 1.0 – 2019-10-30

  • Traits: Barbarian
  • Your critical hits are particularly devastating. On a critical hit with a melee Strike, add one extra damage die. This is in addition to any extra dice you gain if the weapon is deadly or fatal. The target also takes persistent bleed damage equal to two damage dice.

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