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DF Chronicles Introduction

Dresden Files (FATE)
The Canberra Chronicles

Introduction and Setting Creation

  • Fate Dreaden Files RPG
  • fae-dfa Fate Dresden Files Accelerated

Running the Game

Friday D&D Group Sessions 107, 110-111, 113-116 (7 sessions)
30th June 2017 to 17th November 2017.

This campaign is meant to fill in game sessions where critical players are absent. So far this is slotted for the Star Wars Friday group.

Based on the FATE system.

We started building characters based on the FATE system for Dresden Files. This book is amazing, if you want to run FATE, or modern day wizards (with dark twists) this is rules for you. Character creation was a session in itself and we had people building aspects of the story that is explored below.

This is a re-write of that information so it can be explored in on-shot scenario’s as a continuing story of Dresden Files – The Canberra Chronicles. I expect to have a few articles coming out exploring each of the playable characters. Time will tell if I manage to get this off the ground in the future.

Dresden Files Accelerated

This is a update of the Dresden Files based on the FATE Accelerated system. Instead of taking a whole session to create the character you can create all characters in less than a session and move on to the storyline.

While it is a less complex version of a low complexity roleplaying game, it has enough in it to make a good game. I like this style of play and ended up using this ruleset for the games we played.

There are more option for characters and wizards here than in the main book, but there would be no issues in bringing them out from here into the core FATE system. There is a lot of good fluff and with the other published works, and other FATE books available you have enough material here to run a good game.

I am looking forward to expanding characters based on what is in here.

Set in Canberra, Australia

I have set the in Canberra, Australia in the current day. At the time it was 2017, but taking into account events of 2020 would make an interesting addition to what was planned in the storyline below.

Here are the concepts that help define the lead characters in the storyline.

  • How long can a grudge by held – Scratching the Lady of the Winter court with cold iron. Will she ever stop hunting her assailant and those who shelter her. One of the characters in the main target for a revenge best served cold, as fitting by the Lady. So don’t expect it to happen, it will just happen.
  • Predictions to come – Predicting the destruction of Canberra, which would be brought on by inaction, disbelief and conspiracy theories. One of the characters is the cause, but which one is still to be determined.
  • You can’t buy everything – Money does not always buy happiness. Someone with a lot of money, and little sense to go with it, is finding life to be in need of more challenge, excitement and danger.
  • Must solve the death of my predecessor – It was a while ago and people don’t really remember it. A inherited title that has been passed to you after an unfortunate death that you must now investigate.
Regional High Concepts

The City of Canberra has the following themes running through the city as part of the ongoing war in the shadows.

  • Soul crushing Bureaucracy – White vampires in play. They control most of the bureaucracy and the make sure that it is as tedious as possible as they thrive of the frustration they cause, being a different branch of the White Court.
  • Winter vs Summer – Trouble brewing. There is something big happening, but not quite sure where and who is the target.
  • Knights of the Wilds – four or more knights of the wild fey vying for power. They have decided to push back into the world, taking advantage of something that should not have happened, that will happen, and can be avoided.
Location of Canberra for the Game in 2017

Here are the various locations that feature in the storyline.

  • Red Hill Lookout Cafe and Bar – New Summer Court hangout.
  • The Loaded Dice – Current Neutral Ground, and official notice proclamation dissemination location. It disappeared for a reason, and reopened under new management.
  • Mooseheads – Former neutral ground until fire swept through it killing the white council representative for Australia. Rebuilt so well, very few people remember the fire…
  • Reload – Paranet meetup location.
  • Canberry Fair – Former Summer Court hangout finally demolished in 2010. Yet features in the story… Something hints at time travel.
  • National Archives / Government Departments – Ghosts, Demons, The Fallen and Dragons oh my…
  • St Patricks Pub – Winter Court hangout.
  • Telstra Tower / Black Mountain Reserve – The Wild Hunt / Wyld Court – Rabbit Knight, Pumpkin Knight.
  • Fyshwick / Mitchel locations – Red Court.
  • Mitchel / Woden locations – Black Court
  • Mount Stromlo – ??? future plot point
  • National Multicultural Festival (feb) – ??? future plot point
  • The Triangle – ??? future plot point
  • Enlighten (mar) – ??? future plot point
  • Floriade (sep) – ??? future plot point
  • World Curry Festival (jul) – ??? future plot point
Faces of Canberra

These will be fleshed out more as the storyline takes root.

  • Rabbit/Bilby Knight – ? for future sessions
  • Pumpkin Knight – ? for future sessions
  • Reindeer Knight – ? for future sessions
  • Mare/Kangaroo Knight – ? for future session
  • Talking Skull – Just who does it belong to now, and who did it belong to previously??? 
  • The followers of the lady of the winter court – Sent to torment, but not kill a certain pixie
  • Werewolf bikers returning to Canberra – They hate the werebats with passion… 
  • Reporter who thinks future predictions are an impossibility – Finds predictions to be trickery and falsehood disguised as truth.
  • Mentor in town – Why have you not solved this case of your posts previous holder yet?
The Characters
  • Changeling – The one who scratched the queen
  • Minor Power – The thief
  • Minor Power – The fortune teller
  • Changeling – The winter court bouncer

Concluding Thoughts

I am looking forward to seeing how the core characters of the setting might turn out after spending some time working on this.

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-11 – Update to layout and menu.
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