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Timeline – Historical Events

Timeline Overview

AC 1000 stands for 1,000 years since the Crowning of the first Emperor of the Empire of Thyatis. Which happened after the force the Empire of Alphatia out of the Known World.

For 1,000 years they have kept the Alphatian Empire from conquering the known world, and that action has kept them from doing the same thing.

This is the starting point of all the Gazetteers released and the base point for the nations, gods, and personalities of the world. This post represents the known (or suspected) historical events of the setting.

Spoiler Alert! This will tell you some details of modules and adventure where it is appropriate to the timeline, but will hopefully not spoil the adventure itself. I apologise if I inadvertently spoil a storyline in your home game.

Historical Timeline to the year AC 1000

Note: <-> and Italic text indicates storylines run in the campaign.

The Modern Era
  • AC 1000
    • Glantri: Contemporary period of Glantri. (GAZ3)
    • Ierendi: Celebrate 400 years of being a kingdom.
    • Northern Reaches: Vestland is a modern nation and a strong, independent trading partner. Ostland is a powerful, independent ally of Thyatis, aggressive and belligerent, barbaric in culture and religious practices. Soderfjord is a weak alliance of feuding minor jarls, victimised by giantish clans and Ostland pirates. (GAZ7)
    • Thyatis Culture: The Empire of Thyatis celebrates 1,000 years of existence.
    • Ylaruam: Celebrates 200 years since the birth, and 100 years since the death of Al-Kalim. Modern period under governance of sultans from Preceptors faction of Al-Kalim’s descendants. Culture and economy flourish. (GAZ2)
AC 950 TO 999
  • AC 999
    • Karameikos: Adriana Karameikos and Justin Karameikos returns to Specularum​
    • Karameikos: Christoph Torenescu died​
  • AC 997
    • Karameikos: Valdo Tisza appointed Minister of Finance​
    • Karameikos: Lady Marianita appointed ambassador to Karameikos for the Principalities of Glantri​
  • AC 996
    • Karameikos: Adriana Karameikos and Justin Karameikos has the Shearing Ceremony​
    • Karameikos: Yolanda of Luln moved to Specularum.​
  • AC 995
    • Karameikos: Cult of Halav formed by Sergyev​
    • Karameikos: Zogrev Yarol awarded Court Lord and appointed Minister of State​
    • Karameikos: Gunter Schonberg appointed ambassador of Karameikos for Ierendi​
    • Karameikos: Philip Vorloi’s wife dies of illness​
  • AC 994
    • Karameikos: Aladan Voll appointed ambassador to Karameikos for the Minrothad Guilds
  • AC 992
    • Karameikos: Lord Cornel Osteric appointed to the Grand Duchy of Karameikos as Ambassador for the Empire of Thyatis.​
  • AC 990
    • Rockhome: Bolto Nordenshield trapped in mine collapse and looses an arm.​
  • AC 987
    • Karameikos: Justin Karameikos almost dies of fever (Age 5)​
  • AC 986
    • Karameikos: Lord Valen Karameikos born
  • AC 985
    • Karameikos: Estella Whitehall appointed ambassador to Karameikos for Darokin​
  • AC 984
    • Ierendi: Breakwater completes construction around city of Ierendi. (GAZ4)
  • AC 982
    • Karameikos: Lord Justin Karameikos born
  • AC 980
    • Ierendi: The Ierendi Tribunal (formerly the Council of Lords) formed as the official advisory council to all palace matters. Council consists of both elected individuals and those chosen by the king and queen. (GAZ4)
    • Karameikos: Lady Adriana Karameikos born
  • AC 979
    • Karameikos: Duke Stefan marries Lady Olivia Prothemian
    • Karameikos: Lucius Hyraksos married Katarina Hyraksos​
  • AC 978
    • Karameikos: Yolanda of Luln born.​
    • Thyatis: Aleena Halaran born​
  • AC 977
    • Ierendi: Breakwater started construction around city of Ierendi. (GAZ4)
  • AC 975
    • Ierendi: The Academy of Naval Science is founded on site of original school to be used as the official training institute for the navy of Ierendi.
    • Karameikos: Zogrev Yarol marries a daughter of the Torenescu clan​
    • Karameikos: Lucius Hyraksos appointed Minister of War​
    • Karameikos: Alya born.​
  • AC 974
    • Karameikos: Aleksander Torenescu born​
    • Karameikos: Halia Antonic born​
  • AC 973
    • Thyatis: Prothemian family allows Olivia Prothemian to break engagement with Stefan Karameikos if she wished.​
  • AC 972
    • Karameikos: Mistress Sascia born​
  • AC 970
    • Karameikos: Stefan Karameikos obtains the Traladaran lands by selling his ancestral lands to the Emperor of Thyatis for independent rulership of the Traladara region and names it the Grand Duchy of Karameikos. Duke Stefan sails to and takes possession of his duchy, then begins parcelling out land and titles to his Thyatian followers. He begins building roads across the Duchy and a strong military to protect it. (GAZ1)
    • Karameikos: Zogrev Yarol becomes secretary for Bartran Cordelius​
    • Karameikos: The Church of Karameikos is formed.​
    • Karameikos: Lord Olliver Jowett changed from Church of Thyatis to become Patriarch and Leader of Church of Karameikos​
    • Thyatis: Stefan Karameikos III and Olivia Prothemian engaged.​
  • AC 969
    • Karameikos: Retameron Antonic born​
  • AC 965
    • Karameikos: Edoard of Threshold born​
  • AC 960
    • Thyatis: Alphatia invades Thyatis city and forced out by Thincol the Brave, a famous gladiator, who becomes emperor.
    • Thyatis: Alfric Oderbry born​
    • Traladara: Valdo Tisza born​
  • AC 959
    • Thyatian/Alphatian: (3rd Great War – 2 years) Alphatia begins another direct war upon Thyatis. (HW)
    • Thyatis: Olivia Prothemian born.​
  • AC 957
    • Ierendi: Haradith the Tall Cedars is the first non-Ierendian to win a regency. Her repeated success in 12 of the next 14 years makes her a national heroine, and a symbol of Ierendi’s open door policy towards immigration. (GAZ4)
  • AC 955
    • Karameikos: Aleksyev Nikelnevich born​
    • Thyatis: Cornel Osteric born​
  • AC 954
    • Minrothad Guilds: Aladan Voll becomes a merchant officer.​
  • AC 950
    • Darokin: Emilio the Great born.
    • Northern Reaches: The Northern Defence League is formed at the Council of Soderfjord, creating the Soderfjord Jarldoms. Treaties with Vestland and Ylaruam aid Soderfjord in securing Overland Trade Route through Castellan and challenge Ostland to desist coastal raiding. Ostland in turn allies with Thyatian Empire. (GAZ7)
    • Traladara: Zogrev Yarol born.
AC 900 to 949
  • AC 948
    • Thyatis: Stefan Karameikis III born.
  • AC 945
    • Thyatis: Bartran Codelius born
  • AC 940
    • Thyatis: Lucius Hyraksos and Philip Vorloi born.
  • AC 937
    • Traladara: Anton Radu born
  • AC 935
    • Ierendi: The contests are opened to any adventurers willing to swear allegiance to the Council of Lords, the Council of Citizens, and Ierendi. (GAZ4)
  • AC 925
    • Thyatis: Oliver Jowett born.
  • AC 920
    • Glantri: Economic agreement signed between Glantri and Darokin, allowing free passage for all merchant caravans. Business is booming in Glantri City. (GAZ3)
  • AC 900:
    • Karameikos: Marilenev is a flourishing trade village of 500. The Empire of Thyatis moves on Marilenev, conquers it, and claims all of the Traladara region as a Thyatian protectorate. Marilenev is renamed Specularum. (GAZ1)
    • Thyatis: Thyatis claims the Traladaran lands. They conquer Traladara, several areas of the Isle of Dawn, and build and settle the city of Oceansend in Norwold. (HW)
    • Ylaruam: Death of Al-Kalim. (Falsely reported to conceal his disappearance. Al-Kalim continues his quest for Immortality). (GAZ2)
AC 850 to 899
  • AC 898
    • Glantri: New immigration wave, the population mixes freely; frictions decrease. (GAZ3)
  • AC 890
    • Alfheim: Shalander born.
  • AC 875
    • Glantri: The Great School of Magic is completed. (GAZ3)
  • AC 867
    • Ierendi: The Council of Lords proposes selection of king and queen in an annual series of contests called the Royal Tournament of Adventurers. The Honour Island wizards offer aid in sponsoring and designing the contents. (GAZ4)
  • AC 860
    • Ylaruam: Al-Kalim retires from public life.
  • AC 859
    • Glantri: Illegal nobles are expelled and the wizards crush a minor rebellion. (GAZ3)
  • AC 858
    • Glantri: Nobility is reserved for wizards only; council members gain the hereditary title of Prince. (GAZ3)
    • Ylaruam: Establishment of the Eternal University and Council of the Preceptors in Ylaruam.
  • AC 855
    • Ylaruam: Composition of the Nahmeh. An important work of Ylari religious thoughts. (HW)
AC 800 to 849
  • AC 845
    • Glantri: Construction of the Great School of Magic. (GAZ3)
  • AC 835
    • Ylaruam: Al-Kalim’s pilgrimage to the Immortals. He begins his quest on the path of the Dynast.
  • AC 831
    • Ylaruam: Founding of Confederated tribes of the Emirates of Ylaruam.
  • AC 830
    • Ylaruam: Thyatians expelled from Ylaruam. For three years, a campaign against Thyatian overlords ends with the successful siege of Tameronikas, driving Thyatian influence from region​
  • AC 829
    • Glantri: Lord Glantri founds the Republic of Glantri and reforms the council. (GAZ3)
  • AC 828
    • Glantri: Alphatian expelled from Glantri. The dwarves are expelled and Lord Glantri ambushes Halzunthram; the Alphatians are defeated, marking the end of the Forty Years War. (GAZ3, 6) The population names the land Glantri in his honour. (HW)
    • Ylaruam: Campaign against Thyatian Empire in the region begins. (GAZ2)
  • AC 827
    • Ylaruam: Alphatians expelled from Ylaruam by forces of Suleiman al-Kalim. Campaign against Alphatian overlords ends with successful siege of Jaboor, removing Alphatian presence in region.​
  • AC 826
    • Ylaruam: Al-Kalim unites the tribes. Al-Kalim captures Cinsa-Men-Noo, Parsa, and Ctesiphon, unites the Makistani and Alasiyan tribes under the banner of the Eternal Truth. (GAZ2)
  • AC 825
    • Ylaruam: Al-Kalim establishes tribal seat at the village of Ylaruam
  • AC 803
    • Rockhome: The prophetic Wyrwarf clan remark is make, eventually resulting in the creation of an actual Wyrwarf Clan. (GAZ6)
  • AC 802
    • Glantri: Gold Rush; plague; Years of Infamy. A bizarre aftermath result in irreconcilable hatred of the dwarves for the Glantrian. (GAZ3, 6)
  • AC 800
    • Broken Lands: The orcs begin a new series of wars against the surrounding nations. (HW)
    • Thyatis: End of 300 year war with Alphatia.
    • Ylaruam: Birth of Suleiman Al-Kalim. A great philosopher and warlord of the desert nomads of Ylaruam. (HW)
AC 700 to 799
  • AC 790
    • Ierendi: The Council of Citizens is formed, primarily of merchants and influential islanders of foreign heritage. The annual election ceremony becomes an established tradition for revelry and popular celebration. (GAZ4)
  • AC 788
    • Glantri: The Flaemish (Fire Genasi) are defeated at the Battle of Braastar; Halzunthram captures the council; Glantri becomes an Alphatian dominion; elves become independent; the Flaemish revolt. (GAZ3)
  • AC 786
    • Glantri: Arrival of Halzunthram. (GAZ3) He is an Alphatian wizard and helps the humans and elves there against the Flaems. (HW)
  • AC 785
    • Glantri: Battle of Braejr; settlers are driven south of the Vesubia. (GAZ3)
  • AC 784
    • Glantri: A Thyatian settler kills a Flaemish (Fire Genasi) lord; war is declared. (GAZ3)
  • AC 775
    • Ierendi: After a major uprising of merchants, the Council of Lords agrees to limitations on its power, and to the popular democratic election of the king and queen. (GAZ4)
  • AC 730
    • Glantri: Settlers come to Glantri; friction begin between Flaems (Fire Genasi) and settlers. (GAZ3) This includes elves who fled in BC 1,700. Also humans from Traladara and Thyatian colonies from Ylaruam. (HW)
  • AC 728
    • Ylaruam: The Alphatians colonies in Ylaruam destroy the Thyatian colonies there, Thyatian colonists flee. (HW)
  • AC 713
    • Ierendi: The first advanced war ships and galleys of the navy engaged. They utterly destroy a Thyatian patrol. The Royal Navy achieves instant pre-eminence among the worlds naval powers. (GAZ4)
  • AC 700
    • Alfheim: Doriath, a former adventurer, assumes the throne of Alfheim. The Erewan faction of Erendyl clan leaves Alfheim for Glantri. (GAZ5)
    • Alphatia/Thyatis: Frictions between Alphatia and Thyatis intensifies in Ylaruam. (GAZ3)
AC 600 to 699
  • AC 691
    • Ierendi: The Rise of the Royal Navy. Honour Island magicians enter into secret negotiations with the Supreme Symposium of Gnomish Syndicates to develop magical technological engines of war to enhance the power of the Royal Ierendi Navy. (GAZ4)
  • AC 681
    • Ierendi: Ierendi navy is up to full strength and can fully defend islands. (GAZ4)
  • AC 675
    • Alfheim: King Celedryl purges shadowelf infiltrators from Alfheim but is only partially successful. (GAZ5)
  • AC 662
    • Glantri: The Flaemish (Fire Genasi) attempt to invade Ethengar, but the expeditionary force is utterly massacred in the steppes. (GAZ3)
  • AC 650
    • Ierendi: First naval school is established in main island to train sailors for battle. (GAZ4)
  • AC 645
    • Glantri: Ethengar attempts a major invasion but is defeated at Skullhorn Pass. (GAZ3)
  • AC 644
    • Ierendi: Successive military expeditions by Thyatians are defeated by islanders with aid of Honour Island war fleets. (GAZ4)
  • AC 642
    • Ierendi: Council of Lords, a cabinet of advisors, is established by Black Toes. (GAZ4)
  • AC 637
    • Ierendi: Black Toes assumes rulership upon death of his father. Marries Kerhy Matrongle from Glantri and assumes her surname. The Matrongle family begins long control of the island. (GAZ4)
  • AC 614
    • Northern Reaches: Ottar the Just defeats King Ginnbogi of Ostland in Battle of Bridenfjord, establishes Kingdom of Vestland. Ostland continues to raid southern mainland costs. Vestland pursues trade with Alphatian and Thyatian colonies. (GAZ7)
  • AC 602
    • Ierendi: Monarchy formed as Mad Creeg claims all islands, establishing the Kingdom of Ierendi, and declares himself ruler. (GAZ4)
  • AC 600
    • Alfheim: Feadiels arrive in Alfheim. (GAZ5)
    • Ierendi: expels Thyatis and becomes a kingdom. Mad Creeg leads rebellion among prisoners. With native Makai (Water Genasi) cooperation, Mad Creeg’s improvised army drives Thyatians from the islands. (GAZ4)
    • Sylvan Lands: Are conquered by Moorkroft. (CM7, GAZ5) The surviving elves of the Sylvan lands make the dangerous passage to Alfheim. (HW)
AC 400 to 599
  • AC 586
    • Ierendi: The Thyatians, in need of funds and resources, conquer the Ierendi islands and seize the shipbuilding facilities there. The halflings retaliate with piratical raids on Thyatian shipping. (HW)
  • AC 585
    • Glantri: Ethengar raiders oppose the Flaemish in numerous skirmishes; the Khan’s horsemen are driven out. (GAZ3)
  • AC 571
    • Ierendi: Islands become Thyatian prisons. Thyatis establishes prisons on five islands where cast-offs settled. (GAZ4) They are currently inhabited by shipbuilding halflings. (HW)
  • AC 570
    • Ierendi: First settlement on the islands is started on Island of Ierendi by halfling cast-offs from the Five Shires. Island is already inhabited by small tribes of native Makai (Water Genasi) people. (GAZ4)
  • AC 560
    • Alfheim/Darokin: An alliance is made and crushes the shadowelf invasion. (GAZ5)
  • AC 550
    • Alfheim: The beastman invasion of the wizard Illodius scars the magical forests. Alfheim town founded in the blighted area. (GAZ5)
  • AC 500
    • Thyatis: War between Alphatia and Thyatis for 300 years. (2nd Great War 300 years) This is the start of a 300 year war between the empires of Alphatia and Thyatis. (GAZ1-2)
    • Karameikos: Traders bearing the curses of vampirism and lycanthropy settle in Traldara’s deep woods and flourish there. (HW)
    • Northern Reaches: Sons of Cnute colonize mainland. Troll and giant raids discouraged by punitive expeditions. (GAZ7)
    • Ylaruam: Constant feuding among Alasiyan tribes. Colonies in decline.​
  • AC 478
    • Northern Reaches: Ostland united under King Cnute the Bold. (GAZ7)
  • AC 450
    • Glantri: The city of Braejr is built. (GAZ3)
  • AC 410
    • Minrothad: traders unwittingly help spread the new vampirism and lycanthropy throughout the seafaring world.
  • AC 400
    • Alphatia: Is first recognised as a powerful empire in the east (CM1, GAZ3) Rogue Alphatian wizards attempting to develop a hardier, more powerful Alphatian race create fast-spreading magical strains of the curse of vampirism and lycanthropy.
    • Glantri: The flaems discover that other, enemy genasi (Alphatians) are In possession of the mighty Alphatian Empire to the east. (HW)
    • Karameikos: The village of Mailenev begins doing more trade business than fishing and begins slow, gradual growth from the increasing trade. Thyatian clerics learn the “Song of King Halav” and commit it to writing for the first time. Also, traders bearing the curse of vampirism and lycanthropy settle in Traldara’s deep woods and flourish there become part of their culture and ongoing history. (GAZ1)
    • Northern Reaches: Ostland raiders range south to Thyatis and north to Norwold. Mainland tribes victimised by sea raiders and giantish clans. (GAZ7)
AC 0 to 399
  • AC 395
    • Glantri: Arrival of an offshoot of the Fire Genasi in Glantri. The Flaems (Fire Genasi) colonise the lands; the Radiance is discovered in Glantri. (GAZ3)
  • AC 250
    • Ylaruam: Thriving Thyatian colonies. Early Alphatian colonies along northern and central coastal plain. Alasiyans driven out or enslaved. (GAZ2) Some move to the Darokin region (HW)
  • AC 200
    • Rockhome: The dwarven policy of colonization outside of Rockhome is well underway. Human communities and nations generally welcome their dwarven additions. (GAZ6) These are mainly hillbound dwarves.
  • AC 150
    • Ylaruam: Early Thyatian colonies along modern Ylaruam south eastern coastal plain and foothills of Altan Tepe range. Alasiyan population driven into desert, enslaved, or assimilated. (GAZ2)
  • AC 100
    • Alfheim: Celedyrl of the Erendyl clan is crowned King of Alfheim. (GAZ5)
    • Ylaruam: Descendants of Makistani tribal nomads enter from north and settle Ust-Urt Valley. (GAZ2)
  • AC 0
    • Karameikos: The Traladara begin a period of regrowth as trade is slowly established with southern peoples. Peaceable humanoids (the Callarii elves and the Highforge gnomes) settle in Traladara territories; warlike humanoids (goblins, hobgoblins, orcs) do as well, in lesser numbers. (GAZ1)
    • Thyatis: Truce between Alpahtia and Thyatis. The first Emperor of Thyatis is crowned. The architect of his new imperial palace is a Rockhome dwarf. (GAZ1-7) The economies of both Thyatis and Alphatia have been wrecked by the war. The two powers conduct a peace treaty in the city of Edairo, the capital of Thothia (on the Isle of Dawn). Later in Thyatis, General Zendrolion Tatiokanitas assassinates King Lucinius and several other kings gathered there, and crowns himself Emperor of Thyatis, Ochalea and Pearl Islands. (HW)
    • Ylaruam: Early Alasiyan agricultural settlements along coastal plain and interior desert oases. (GAZ2)
The Dark Ages – The Age of Rebuilding
BC 500 to 1
  • BC 2
    • Thyatis: Thyatis throws off Alphatia and war begins. (1st Great War – 2 years) Lucinius Trenzanternbium, a Thyatian-born, Alphatian trained wizard, kills the Alphatian wizards in Thyatis and declares himself king of Thyatis, and war begins between Alphatian and Thyatis. (HW)
  • BC 50
    • Milenian: The decadent civilisation collapses utterly under the attacks of surrounding tribes. (HW)
  • BC 98
    • Rockhome: The dwarves rebel against Bollo I and set up the dwarven Senate. (GAZ6)
  • BC 100
    • Karameikos: In the Lost Valley of the Hutaaka, the descendants of the Traldar finally free themselves from Hutaakan rulership and begin warring on their former masters. This racial war is destined to go on for another 1,100 years. (B10, GAZ1)
    • Milenian: The civilisation has grown soft and decadent. It enslaves surrounding tribes and nations, most soldiers in the army are conscripts from conquered tribes. (HW)
  • BC 150
    • Shadowlands: The elves of the region contact the residents of the Broken Lands and incite them against the surface elves in Alfheim. (HW)
  • BC 190
    • Thyatis: Alphatian Empire conquest Thyatis. Alphatian Empire completed their conquest of the clans in the Thyatis region.
  • BC 192
    • Thyatis: Alphatian Empire begin their conquest of Thyatis due to their annoyance of the piratical activities
  • BC 250
    • Alfheim: Mealiden becomes an Immortal of the Sphere of Energy. (GAZ5)
  • BC 350
    • Alfheim: Mealiden abdicates the throne to follow Ilsundal’s path to Immortality. Alevar of the Grunalf clan becomes King of Alfheim. (GAZ5)
  • BC 490
    • Northern Reaches: Kobold clans drive into uplands from the west. Kobolds overrun and exterminate gnomes and occupy their subterranean kingdoms. (GAZ7)
  • BC 492
    • Rockhome: The Rockhome borders are finally secured against the non-humans in the Battle of Sardal Pass. This is Year 0 in the dwarven calendar. (GAZ5) The orcs horde is wiped out on the borders of Rockhome. (HW)
  • BC 493
    • Great Horde: For one year a great horde lead by Queen Udbala of the Broken Lands raises a new Great Horde to march on Rockhome. (HW)
  • BC 500
    • Alfheim: By now, the steppes where Mealiden’s elves settled have become the mighty Canolbarth forest. (HW)
    • Ierendi: Nithian settlements and Malpheggi lizardfolk cultures disappear mysteriously from the islands. (GAZ4)
    • Karameikos: The Traldar are in the middle of their Dark Age. Communication between communities is infrequent. Local dialects begin to widely differ. The national epic of King Halav is the only thing which gives the people a sense of unity. Linguistic changes are already advanced enough that the people consider themselves Traladara, decedents of the Traldar, the people of King Halav. (GAZ1)
    • Nithia: The Nithian empire, having incurred Immortal dislike, abruptly ends; almost all trace o the empire is wiped from the face of the world. Shifting climate patterns, diversion of River Nithia headwaters and disappearance of river, social unrest, treacherous elemental beings, and the curse of the Immortals cause empire to vanish utterly. Ancestors of modern Alasiyan peoples withdraw to desert basins and establish a nomadic culture. (GAZ1-2, 5-7)
    • Northern Reaches: Tribal human cultures at the mercy of giantish clans. (GAZ7)
    • Thyatis: Formation of Thyatis. The Thyatians, Kerendans and Hattians have conquered and assimilated the human tribes who opposed them. They are now in full control of the region which will one day be called Thyatis. (HW)
BC 1,000 to 501
  • BC 600
    • Thyatian: Three warrior tribes from the southern continent (Thyatian, Kerendans and Hattians), hard pressed by the Milenians to the south, migate to the northern continent. (HW)
  • BC 700
    • Alfheim: Mealiden is acclaimed King of Alfheim. (GAZ5)
    • Nithian: Thanatos, Immortal of Entropy, helped by the Immortal Ranivorus, corrupts the pharaoh of the Nithians. The pharaoh turns the Nithian empire towards the worship of Entropy.
    • Thothia: The Nithian colony in Thothia turns away from the Entropic faith of their homeland and increasingly turns to a new form of mysticism. (HW)
  • BC 800
    • Alfheim: 3rd Elven (wood) Civilization. Alfheim colonized by followers of Mealiden. Ceremonies of weather change begin. (GAZ5) they carry nine seedlings of the tree of life using the magical rainbow. They land in the Thyatian region and are repelled. They head westward settle in a windy steppes area. The elvish wizards change the area overnight into terrain where a mighty forest could flourish. (HW)
    • Alphatia (Sylvan): One of the elf-clans, the Shiye, listens to the guidance of the immortal Eiryndul and makes a dangerous crossing to the continent pf Alphatia, where they set up their own kingdom in the deep forests of that continent.
    • Glantri: The ice recedes to the far north. (GAZ3)
    • Karameikos: (Forest) The Callarii clan drop off from the other elves and settle in the Traladara territory (HW)
    • Milenian: Deep in the southern continent, the Milenian descendants of the Traldar, are flourishing, conquering the surrounding tribes and establishing a strong empire. (HW)
  • BC 1,000
    • Alphatia: The Air Genasi quietly arrive from their world and settle on a remote area, east of the known world across the Sea of Dawn. They progressively build a mighty empire based on magic. (GAZ1-2, 5)
    • Broken Lands: are overpopulated. The orcs, ogres, trolls, gnolls, and goblins migrate outward, especially, southward, displacing other humanoid tribes before them. (HW)
    • Five Shires: For 390 years the orc invaders of the Halflings wiping out the Gentle Folk, only to be conquered again by dwarves, bandits and orcs again before reclaiming their kingdom and establishing it borders. (HW)
    • Ierendi: Nithian seafarers discover islands and conquer aboriginal natives. (GAZ4)
    • Karameikos: – Arrival of Gnolls, fall of Traldara, Arrival of Genasi in large numbers across the world. Western gnollish tribes invade Traldar territory. The Hutaakan retreat to their valley while the Traldar and gnolls practically annihilate one another. By the time the gnolls retreat, the Traldar population is 20% of its pre-invasion amount. The Traldar Golden Age has ended and its Dark Age has begun. (GAZ1). Many seafaring Traldar, led by a lesser king named Milen, flee south across the Sea of Dread, and reach the southern continent to the east of what would later be called the Hinterlands. They travel far upriver and establish a new kingdom there. (HW)
    • Northern Reaches: Human cultures conquered and enslaved by the Nithian Enpire. (GAZ7)
    • Rockhome: In the time of the eleventh dwarven king, Blystar III, nonhuman tribal movements pit marauding tribes of orcs and goblins against the dwarves. This is the same tribal movement wave that sends the gnolls into the ancient Traldar lands. (GAZ6)
    • Nithian: The Nithian Empire is at its peak. Monumental architecture, large urban complexes in delta, conquest of neighbouring states and remove colonies, culture. (GAZ1-2, 5)
    • Tangor: Find an colonise the Pearl Islands. (HW)
    • Thyatian: members of the Antalians that were dragged to the Minrothad region rebel and become the Thyatian, Kerendan and Hattian tribes. (HW)
The Rise of Nithian, the Glantrian Catastrophe
Middle Bronze to Middle Iron Ages
BC 1,500 to 1,001
  • BC 1,050
    • Nithia: Great wizards of the Nithian, inspired by the Immortal Pflarr’s servant-race (The Hutaaka), create the gnoll race by magically blending trolls and gnomes. But they’ve been deluded that the results might be an equivalent servant-race for the Nithians. Instead, the gnolls turn out to be savage, strong, warlike, and prolife. (HW)
  • BC 1,100
    • Minroth: Nithians led by Minroth colonise the islands later to be called the Minrothad islands and found Harbourtown. (HW)
    • Thothia: Nation of Thothia established
  • BC 1,104
    • Shadowlands: Elves discover the Refuge of Stone and take the name of Shadow Elves unto themselves. Building work begins on the City of Stars. (HW)
  • BC 1,190
    • Broken Lands: Descendants of the Great Horde resurface in the Broken lands and discover the city of Oenkmar and a knife they mistake for one of their legendary artifacts. (HW)
  • BC 1,290
    • Shadowlands: The city of Aengmore is surround by lava and abandoned by the elves. It sinks further into the shadowlands. (HW)
  • BC 1,300
    • Five Shires: Halfling culture arrives in the known world from the southern continent, long abandoned by their friends the elves, and increasingly endangered by the ever-growing human population, make a mass naval migration to the northern continent. They settle the area later called the Five Shires. They become friends with a declining, pacifist clan of elves called the Gentle Folk. (HW)
  • BC 1,400
    • Karameikos: Within five generations, the Traldar settles have suffered enormous population loses (though bad winters, animal attacks, and disease) have lost most of the materials and knowledge necessary to forge metal and have reverted to a pre-agricultural lifestyle. Thy now fall under the domination of the Hutaakan. (GAZ1)
    • Rockhome: Denwarf discovers the great cavern he calls Dengar and decides his time is done. He disappears into the lower caverns. The second dwarven king, Everast I, is crowned. The dwarves begin to build their greatest city within the Dengar cavern. (GAZ6)
  • BC 1,420
    • Shadowlands: Construction of the city of Aengmor by the elves is completed. (HW)
  • BC 1,500 ## Modern Bronze Age
    • Dogfolk: Hutaakan start of recorded history. The Immortal Pflarr creates a jackal-headed servitor-race he calls the Hutaaka. He uses many of them as agents, heralds, and servants throughout the world, he plants a large colony of them in mountains south of the Nithians. (HW)
    • Karameikos: Nithian Traldar clan expedition arrive and settle in what becomes Karameikos. (GAZ1)
    • Nithia: Nithian culture begins its climb to greatness and make contact with the Genasi and invite them into the world. They perform no exploration in the west and never encounter the dwarves. (GAZ1-2, 6).
    • Northern Reaches: Modern Bronze Age human cultures in eastern lowlands. Sophisticated gnomish and dwarven cultures co-exist with primitive giantish clans in western uplands. (GAZ7)
    • Traldar: An offshoot of the Nithians, the Traldar move to Karameikos and Darokin region. (HW)
BC 2,000 to 1,501
  • BC 1,600
    • Jennite: Tensions erupt between the two larger Jennite hordes, one horde values women the other enslaves them. A holy war ensures and wipes out both cultures.
  • BC 1,620
    • Ierendi: Land masses split further, forming 10 islands south of the Five Shires.
  • BC 1,700
    • Broken Lands: Explosion forms the Broken Lands and Creates the Black Sands of Ethengar
    • Ethengar: Explosion forms the Broken Lands and Creates the Black Sands of Ethengar
    • Glantri: Local cataclysm. The elves driven out and disappear and the Broken Lands become unstable. (GAZ3, 5)
    • Ierendi: Series of great volcanic eruptions and quakes split several large land masses from what is now the Five Shires and the Atruaghin Clans, stranding aboriginal peoples, the Makai (Water Genasi), and lizardfolk from the Malpheggi Swamp. (GAZ4)
    • Northern Reaches: Giants, trolls and gnolls are driven south into the Northern Reaches in successive waves of migration. (GAZ7)
  • BC 1,709
    • Great Horde: after squabbling with another humanoid horde in Ethengar, reaches the Broken Lands and settle there. (HW)
  • BC 1,710
    • Great Horde: The Great Horde of King Loark invades the Ethengar Steppes and enslaves the Ethengars. (HW)
  • BC 1,722
    • Great Horde: The Great Horde of King Loark ravages Norwold, sending he Antalian culture there into the dark age. (HW)
  • BC 1,750
    • Elves: Meditor elves are stranded on the newly-formed Minrothad Isles. Soon after, seagoing Verdier elves join them there. (HW)
    • Great Horde: King Loark raises a Great Horde of humanoids who migrate southeastward, ravaging as they go; great waves of hill goblins, trolls and giants especially begin moving southward into areas now occupied by human settlers. (HW)
    • Makai: Makai civilisation. Elsewhere, a series of great volcanic eruptions and earthquakes split several large land masses away from what the Five Shires and Atruaghin Clans area, aboriginal (Neathar descendants) people called the Makai and lizardmen call Malpheggi are stranded on the new islands. (HW)
    • Nithian: Nithian civilisation. The human tribes along the River Nithia progress from Bronze age to Iron age metals technology. A jackal headed creature named Pflarr achieves Immortality. (HW)
  • BC 1,800
    • Dwarf: All the surface dwarves are removed, half sent to the Hollow World, and Half Reshaped into the new subraces of Stone (Rockhome), Shadow (Rockhome), Hilltop (Northern Reaches and Rockhome), Artificer (Northern Reaches and Rockhome) and Sea (Northern Reaches). (HW)
    • Rockhome: Kagyar the Artisan, an Immortal of the Sphere of Matter and a patron of mortal arts and crafts, decides to create a race which will prove resistant to annihilation like that which destroyed Blackmoor. From the ancient dwarven race, he constructs the mountain dwarves, even more craft oriented, and very resistant to necrotic and radiation poisoning. (GAZ6)
    • Sylvan Realm: Ilsundal becomes an Immortal, creates the first Tree of Life (HW)
  • BC 1,900
    • Rise of the Jennites. On the great continent to the east of Alphatia and Bellisaria, a nomadic, calvalry-based race of warriors grows strong. These are the Jennite, copper-skinned descendants of an Oltec expeditionary party, their language and customs have evolved far away from their Oltec origin. (HW)
  • BC 2,000 ## Bronze Age and Iron Age cultures. (GAZ2, 4)
    • Antalian: colonists migrate southward and into the lands later to be called the Northern Reaches. (HW)
    • Beastmen: They have now evolved into modern species of orcs, goblinoids, ogres, giants, and trolls. (HW)
    • Ethengars: Tribal humans, swarthy descendants of the Neathar (and Oltecs) also settle in the coastal and island lowlands of the Northern Reaches, in the Ethengar Steppes. (HW) Rise of Goblins, Orcs, Giants, Orges and Trolls and the Ethengar.
    • Nithian: Early agricultural settlements along River Nithia. (GAZ2) It swiftly becomes the seat of a fast growing culture. (HW)
    • Northern Reaches: First humans settlements in coastal and island lowlands. (GAZ7)
Return to the Stone Age; Early Bronze Ages – Catastrophe and Recovery
BC 3,000 to 2,001
  • BC 2,100
    • Elven: the Meditor and Verdier elf clans leave Ilsundal’s northward migration and settle in southern Traldar lands (Karameikos) (HW)
    • Sylvan Realm (2nd Elven Civilization): Ilsundal’s migration reaches Sylvan Realm and helps create the Sylvan Realm. (CM7, GAZ5) This is far to the west of the lands of the Known World (HW, CW7)
  • BC 2,200
    • Elves: Some elves break off from Ilsundal’s migration and eventually find their way to the frozen valleys of Glantri, where they settle. A few survivors from the second migration from Vulcania also reach Glantri and settle among their cousins. (HW)
    • Glantri: Southern elves move into the frozen valleys of Glantri. (GAZ3, 5)
  • BC 2,400
    • Antalian: A human culture, the Antalian tribes (descendants of the Neathar) are flourishing in the area later to be called Norwold. They are a blond, warlike culture with bronze weapons and armour. Antalian civilisation.
    • Beastmen: The land that was Hyborea is now warming up, the beastmen migrate to the area that was once Blackmoor, which is now the northern pole, and thrive there. They start to breed into various races. (HW)
    • Elves: A great volcanic explosion occurs in Vulcania, destroying the remnants of the southern elvish culture. (HW)
  • BC 2,500
    • Dwarf: dwarves (old) enter the region and settle in hills and mountains as continental ice sheets recede. (GAZ7)
    • Elves: In Vulcania, the elvish civilisation is losing its battle with elements; it has forgotten most of its magic and its Blackmoor technology is failing. A second separatist group of southern elves begins the long march northward.
    • Gnomes: enter the region of the Northern Reaches and settle in hills and mountains as continental ice sheets recede. (GAZ7)
    • Northern Reaches: the continental ice sheets recede. (GAZ7)
  • BC 2,800
    • Azcan: A hardy branch of the Azcans survive in the deep caves of the huge plateau in what would later become the Atruaghin Clans. (HW)
    • Elves (2nd Elven Civilization): (Sylvan) New eleven nation on the southern continent land of Vulcania divides on magic vs technology. Returnist under Ilsundal leave for northern continent on long a march. (GAZ5) They hope to find the lost elven colonies located near Blackmoor.
    • Oltecs: become extinct.
  • BC 2,900
    • Gnomes: Gnomes start of recorded history, colonies are founded in Rockhome and other mountain regions of the known world. (HW)
  • BC 3,000 – Great Rain of Fire – goodbye Blackmoor
    • Blackmoor: The Blackmoor world culture obliterated​
    • Elven (1st Elven Civilisation_ (Sun Realm): Elven content freezes over, becomes southern icecap. Survivors of the elven colony in Blackmoor flee into the newly formed Broken Lands. (GAZ5) They also migrate to Grunland and eventually is named Vulcania. Survivors of a colony near Blackmoor flee south and burrow deep underground in the region near Glantri and become the Shadowland elves. (HW)
    • Great Rain of Fire: Some Blackmoor devices explode, shifting the planet’s axis. Blackmoor becomes the north pole and its civilization disappears. Once of the devices is located in the Broken Lands. (GAZ1-6)
    • Known World: The world slowly becomes habitable as the ice recedes from the region over the course of 500 years. Melting Ice caps raise ocean level by several hundred feet. Lowland marches and coastal plains along the southern edge of the continent are flooded (GAZ1, 4)
    • Nithian: The human tribes along the River Nithia progress from Bronze Age to Iron Age metals technology. (GAZ1)
The Era of Blackmoor
BC 4,000 to 3,001
  • BC 3,200
    • Blackmoor: The Blackmoor crusade drive the beastmen further north, into the land called Hyborea, they adapt to the colder climate and survive. (HW)
  • BC 3,300
    • The Lighthouse: Creation of the last library begins in the hollow world. (HW)
  • BC 3,500
    • Azcan: this new civilization splits off from the Oltecs and declare war on their parent civilisation. Azcan civilisation
    • Blackmoor: The Blackmoor civilisation is flourishing. It conducts trade and intermittent war with the southern elves, at the other end of the world. Four clans of elves colonise in the region near Blackmoor. Both the southern elves and the colonial elves embrace Blackmoor’s technology. Blackmoor’s priests demand the extermination of the unnatural beastmen in the Borean Valley and promote holy wars to hunt down and destroy those creatures. (HW)
    • Neathar: the widespread Neathar race is beginning to undergo development; the language is individual areas changes rapidly into very different dialects, and the independent Neathar tribes no longer recognise a kinship or a common origin among themselves (HW)
  • BC 4,000
    • Blackmoor civilizations in the far northeast, thrive. They trade and war with the elves. (GAZ1, 5) The Human Blackmoor civilisation begins a meteoric rise due to its great success in developing powerful sciences and technologies. It conquers and assimilates all surrounding human tribes and quickly grows very powerful. (HW)
    • Known World: Currently under the ice in the north pole (GAZ1)
    • Oltec: Oltecs civilizations in the far northeast, thrive. They trade and war with the elves (Gaz5). Another human civilisation, the Oltecs, begins a more stately rise toward civilisation in lands far to the south of Blackmoor. Protected by deep forests and sheltering hills, they do not have any communication with Blackmoor. (HW)
The First Civilisation
BC 5,000 to 4,001
  • BC 4,500
    • Beastmen: Arrival of the Beastmen from reincarnated souls of evil beings – appear in the Borean Valley, a frozen land north of Blackmoor. These Beastmen are wild, chaotic creatures which do not breed true; whelps may have more or none of the traits of their parents, may be of different size and appearance. This is all brought about by Hel, an Immortal of the Sphere of Entropy. (HW)
  • BC 5,000
    • Elven (1st Elven Civilisation): (High) on southern continent (now under ice) (GAZ5) The childhood of the elves is over, the forest spirits stop sheltering them, forcing them to leave paradise and seek their own future. The first great elf civilization rises on the southern continent. (HW)
    • Hollow World: The Spell of Preservation is created in the Hollow World (HW)
Old Stone Age – The Dawn of the Sentient Races
BC 6,000 to 5,001
  • BC 5,300
    • Brute-Men: They start a war amongst themselves that last for 300 years. (HW)
  • BC 5,500
    • Brute-Men: Thanatos begins the corruption of the Brute-men in the Hollow World. (HW)
  • BC 6,000
    • Brute-Men – End of the Era of the Brute-Men (early humans). Humans are tribal hunter gathers living mostly in plains and light forests. (HW)
    • Dwarven start of Recorded History. They are barbaric mountain and foothill dwellers, most goatherds. (HW)
    • Elven start of Recorded History. They are sheltered, protected and nurtured by the forest spirits they worship, they do not need to work or suffer. (HW)
    • Neathar: start of the Neathar. Humans are tribal hunter gathers living mostly in plains and light forests. (HW).

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