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Video PF2 TRAP Fri 17

Video – PF2

Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path – Friday

Season 1 AR 4708 – Part 1 (Level 1)

  • Overall Session: #1,088
  • Date: 519h June 2020
  • Campaign Session: Session 17
  • Game Night Session: 142
  • Gaming Group: Friday Pathfinder
  • Campaign: Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path
  • Characters: 1st Level (now level 2)
  • Adventure: City of Strangers #6

PF2 TRAP Fri: All video’s for the Friday Night Pathfinder Campaign.

Video’s will be created on the night, and uploaded when possible after the event. There is a fortnightly schedule for this game. There are five other games running in the same fortnight. This is one campaign night out of 6 that I am running as the Games Master.


  • 4708 AR First Half – Level 1
    • Aspirant Pathfinders
      • Part 1 – In Service to Lore (Sessions 01 to 02) – F1, F2
      • Part 2 – To Delve the Dungeon Deep (Sessions 03 to 06) F3, F4, F5, F6
      • Part 3 – A Vision of Betrayal (Sessions 07 to 12) F7, F8, F9, F10, F11, F12
    • The City of Strangers – Part 1 – The Shadow Gambit (Session 12 to 17) F12, F13, F14, F15, F16, F17
  • 4708 AR Second Half – Level 2
  • 4709 AR First Half – Level 3
Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path
Friday Group
TRAP Friday
  • Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (Pathfinder 2)
  • Session 126 to 160+ (35 session)
  • 25th October 2019 to now
  • Players: Stefan – Krol-Saumara (35), Eme – Duzhar (35), Morgan – Quest (31), Josh – Parry (30), Adam – Zak (25), Peter – Lady Dawn (10) / Willy Kinobe (22), Ciara – Figit (8) / Janzo (6) / Ffft (6) / Margo (11), Paul – Passim (5)
  • Season 2 (37+) Stefan – Krol (1), Eme – Duzhar (1), Josh – Parry (1), Morgan – Quest (1)
  • Season 1 (01-36) – Stefan – Krol-Saumara (34), Eme – Duzhar (33), Morgan – Quest (30), Josh – Parry (29), Adam – Zak (25), Peter – Lady Dawn (10) / Willy Kinobe (21), Ciara – Figit (8) / Janzo (6) / Ffft (6) / Margo (11), Paul – Passim (5)

Characters in the game

  • Duzhar: Human Half-Orc Ranger from Urglin.
    • Scars from Crocodile, and puppy bite
    • Broken bones consist of one arm
    • Quest to slay the Sandpoint Devil
  • Krol-Saumara: “The Green Dervish” – Home: Sipplerose. Krols unusual parents gave him strong senses of smell and hearing (yet elven body with a gnomes size) which he was teased for as a child. As an adult he pursued a Military career as a scout and battle cleric, he was often noted by his dark green garments and longbow zipping across the battlefield healing patients from afar and pinpointing targets for allies. His beliefs in Erastil kept his loyalty to the military strong until he was recommended to the pathfinder society as a possible recruit. Krol values others but also values the importance of being responsible for your actions and contributions to the community as a whole, often found helping others or studying new methods of Medicine he seldom turns away a friendly chat.
    • Related to the bleached gnome of Varasia
  • Parry Hotter: Home – Riddleport. Elf Half-Dwarven Wizard
    • Scars from magical fire
    • Activated home runegate and gained control of household.
  • Quest: Orc Half-Goblin Bard from Roderic’s Cove
    • Scars from Being hit be Figit, Crocodile
    • Ancestor is a crazyed hobgoblin wizard of the lighthouse in Riddleport.
  • Willy: A Monk with a dark background, and darker sense of humour.
    • Saviour of Quest and Margo
    • Scars from Cat across face
    • Broken bones consist of both arms and legs, and both hands.
    • Wife of Ruby Kenobie Hellknight out of Sandpoint

Lost Characters

  • Figit: Gnome Barbarian/Champion/Wizard from Lurkwood.
    • Scars from Hitting Quest, Frostbite and Ownbear, Goblin Dogslicer
    • Removed from the pathfinder society by the head priestess of Pharasma
  • Lady Dawn: Human Cleric of Asmotigan from Jangerhoff.
    • Currently left the pathfinder society to care for Figit.
  • Margo: Former undead gladiator, this hobgoblin with Gnome ancestry was
    • Was raised from the dead upon the death of her sister ffft in 4703 AR
    • Last seen wandering after the goblin hordes north of Sandpoint.
  • Passim: Human Bard from Magnimar
  • Z. Sharpe (Zed): Home – Kaer Maga. Professional and notoriously poker faced scout and soldier. Courteous, disciplined and even generous at least until until combat starts… then skills in stealth, cunning and violent efficiency come to the fore. Zed is also a devout follower of Calistria, a pragmatic socialist, and is determined to be the greatest general Varisia has ever seen.
    • Become runescarred without benefit
    • Known as “The Last Dusk Wardern” and the reason for their fall from grace, and exile from Kaer Maga

Plot Points Outstanding

  • Absalom
    • The trials of Figit and Lady Dawn
  • Kaer Maga
    • Death of Quests family
    • Goblinoid revolution
    • Murder – what actually happened to Horris.
  • Riddleport
    • Activate the Runegate of Parry
    • Research the blot in the sky
  • Roderic’s Cove
    • Activate the Runegate of Quest
  • Sipplerose
    • Activate the Runegte of Krol
  • Sandpoint
    • Slay the Sandpoint Devil
  • Unglin
    • Activate the Runegate of Duszah

4709 Part 1 (Level 3) – 2021 Nov (F48 19th, F47 5th), Oct (F46 22nd, F45 8th), Sep (F44 10th), Aug (F43 Jul (F42 30th, F41 16th, F40 2nd), Jun (F39 18th, F38 4th), May (F37 21st)

4708 Part 2 (Level 2) – 2021 May (F36 7th), Apr (F35 23rd, F34 9th), Mar (F33 26th, F32 12th), Feb (F31 26th, F30 12th), Jan (F29 29th), 2020 Dec (F28 4th), Nov (F27 20th, F26 6th), Oct (F25 26th, F24 9th), Sep (F23 25th, F22 12th), Aug (F21 28th), Jul (F20 31st, F19 17th, F18 3rd)

4708 Part 1 (Level 1) – 2020 Jun (F17 19th, F16 5th), Apr (F15 22nd, F14 8th), Mar (F13 24th, F12 10th), Mar (F11 28th, F10 13th), Feb (F09 28th, F08 14th), Jan (F07 31st, F06 17th), 2019 Dec (F05 20th, F04 6th), Nov (F03 22nd, F02 8th), Oct (F01 25th)

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