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Another aspect of my Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (TRAP) that has been house ruled is half-races. Unlike my D&D world where half races are not available, here they are part of the core setting, and as such I have tried to enhance the experience and make it easier to extend over time.

Shadowkin Overview

  • Traits: Shadowkin, Humanoid, Rare
  • Darkvision: You can see in darkness and dim light just as well as you can see in bright light, though your vision in darkness is in black and white.

Shadowkin Feats

Level 1:

Level 5:

Level 9:

  • Shadow Sight (Uncommon) See Below
  • Shadow Walk (Uncommon) See Below
Shadow-Blending – Uncommon Ancestry 1
  • Traits: Shadowkin, Uncommon
  • The shadows themselves protect you from harm. The concealed condition requires a flat DC 11 check to affect you.
  • Note: This doesn’t increase your concealment level to hidden, just increases the DC required.
Shadow-Step – Uncommon Ancestry 5
  • Requirement: Shadow-Blending
  • Traits: Shadowkin, Uncommon
  • Your feet find some purchase on the very shadows themselves. You ignore difficult terrain when in darkness or dim light.
Shadow Sight – Uncommon Ancestry 9
  • Requirement: Darkvision
  • Traits: Shadowkin, Uncommon
  • The darkness hides no secrets from you. You gain Greater Darkvision (CRB p.465), allowing you to see through even magically generated darkness effects.
Shadow Walk – Uncommon Ancestry 9
  • Requirement: Shadow-Step
  • Traits: Shadowkin
  • By understanding the darkness within, you can slip into the worlds of shadow for a time. You can cast the Shadow Walk spell once per day, heightened as an Occult Sorcerer of your character level.

Design Decisions

This was created as part of a player wanting advantages over the rest of the party, not following the campaign brief and succeeding on a campaign of GM bullying to get his way with a character concept that did not fit with the game everyone agreed to. I have left it here as it might be useful as an NPC, but it is not going to be a player character again in my game. The bullying here is where the player thinks its cool to play something NOT in the game, but so enthusiastic about the concept and how they can make it work with the team that before you know what is happening your enthusiastic as well and making it sort of fit in. Later you wonder what really happened and find something that does not fit in the game running around with abilities that do not scale with some of the other characters avoiding early limitations (with other characters not recommended) and getting into a lot of trouble in the story because they believe they are more powerful than the lords of the first town they go to…

Content Updates

  • 2021-08-10 – Cleaned up the layout, added a menu
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