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Pathfinder 2 – Races

Humans in Thassilonian Resurgence

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Human Overview

Humans are a core of the setting, showcasing the two native races of Shoanti and Varisian with an ideal that I will return to expand with Chelaxian and Taldor due to the number of those other racial types present.

An aspect of my Thassilonian Resurgence Adventure Path (TRAP) as the house rule on half-races. Unlike my D&D world where half races are not available, here they are part of the core setting, and as such I have tried to enhance the experience and make it easier to extend over time.

For my campaigns I have the following information available:

Source: Core p54

PF2 Races – Human – Base Race

  • Hit Points 8
  • Size Medium
  • Speed 25 ft
  • Ability Boosts: Free, Free
  • Ability Flaw: None
  • Age: 15, with a life expectancy of 90.
  • Languages: Common, plus additional languages per Int.
  • Bonus Languages: Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if positive). You can choose from the following languages: Goblin, Jotun, Orcish, Terran or Undercommon (and any other regional language you have access to).
  • Traits: Human, Humanoid.


  • Garundi – Osiriani Language
  • Keleshite – Kelish Language
  • Kellid – Hallit Language
  • Mwangi – Mwangi Language
  • Nidalese – Shadowtongue Language
  • Shoanti – Shoanti Language (Native to Varisia)
  • Taldan – Taldane Language, now also known as Common
  • Tian – Tien Language
  • Ulfen – Sklad Language
  • Varisian – Varisian Language (Native to Varisia)
  • Vudrani – Vudrani Language

Human Heritages Feats

Available Heritage Options: Azlanti (R gm), Skilled Heritage (rb-cr-56), Versatile Heritage (rb-cr-56), Wintertouched Human (lo-cg-11)
Optional Half-Breed(see Races)

PF2 Source – Advanced Player’s Guide (rb-apg), Core Rulebook (rb-cr), Lost Omens (Character Guide (lo-cg), World Guide (lo-wg))
U – Uncommon Option, R – Rare Option

Azlanti – Rare Heritage
  • Traits: Human
  • Instead of two free boosts at first level, all your attributes gain a boost. The down side to this is that you are easily influenced and cannot increase your Will saving throw unless it is a feat that requires this heritage to take.

PF2 RacesHuman – Versatile Heritage – Heritage Feat

  • Source: Core Rulebook (rb-cr-57)
  • Traits: Human
  • Humanity’s versatility and ambition have fueled its ascendance to be the most common ancestry in most nations throughout the world. Select a general feat of your choice for which you meet the prerequisites (as with your ancestry feat, you can select this general feat at any point during character creation).

Human Ancestry Feats

Level 1 – Adapted Cantrip (rb-cr-57), Arcane Tattoos (U Varisian, lo-cg-11), Cooperative Nature (rb-cr-57), Courteous Combat (U Keleshite, lo-cg-11), Devil’s Advocate (U Chelaxian, lo-cg-11), Dragon Spit (Tian-Dan, lo-cg-12), General Training (rb-cr-57), Gloomseer (Nidalese, lo-cg-12), Haughty Obstinacy (rb-cr-57), Keep up Appearances (U Taldor, lo-cg-12), Know Oneself (U Vurdrani, lo-cg-12), Natural Ambition (rb-cr-57), Quah Bond (U Shoanti, lo-cg-12), Soac Astrology (U Lirgeni, lo-cg-12), Tupilaq Carver (U Erutaki, lo-cg-13), Unconventional Weapon (rb-cr-57), Viking Shieldbearer (U Ulfen, lo-cg-13), Witch Warden (U Kellid, lo-cg-13),

Level 5 – Adaptive Adept (rb-cr-57), Azlanti Backbone (R gm), Cleaver Improvisor (rb-cr-57), Darkseer (Niadalese, lo-cg-13), Ornate Tattoo (Varisian, lo-cg-13), Sense Allies (rb-apg-48), Wavetouched Paragon (Bonuwat, lo-cg-13),

Level 9 – Cooperative Soul (rb-cr-57), Dragon Prince (Tian-Dan, lo-cg-14), Group Aid (rb-apg-48), Hardy Traveller (rb-apg-48), Heir of the Saoc (Lirgeni, lo-cg-14), Incredible Improvisation (rb-cr-57), Multitalented (rb-cr-58), Shory Aeromancer (Garandi, Mauxi or Tian-Yae, lo-cg-14), Virtue-Forged Tattoos (Varisian, lo-cg-14),

Level 13 – Advanced General Training (rb-apg-48), Azlanti Will (R gm), Bounce Back (rb-apg-48), Irriseni Ice-Witch (Jadwiga, lo-cg-14), Shadow Pact (Nidalese, lo-cg-14), Shory Aerialist (Garandi, Mauxi or Tian-Yae, lo-cg-15), Stubborn Persistence (rb-apg-48), Unconventional Expertise (rb-cr-58),

Level 17 – Heroic Presence (rb-apg-48),

PF2 Source – Advanced Player’s Guide (rb-apg), Core Rulebook (rb-cr), Lost Omens (Character Guide (lo-cg), World Guide (lo-wg))
U – Uncommon Option, R – Rare Option

PF2 RacesHuman – Cooperative Nature – Ancestry Feat 1

  • Source: Core Rulebook (rb-cr-58)
  • Traits: Human
  • The short human life span lends perspective and has taught you from a young age to set aside differences and work with others to achieve greatness. You gain a +4 circumstance bonus on checks to Aid.

PF2 RacesHuman – Quah Bond – Uncommon Ancestry Feat 1

  • Source: Lost Omens Character Guide (lo-cg-12)
  • Traits: Uncommon, Human
  • Requirements: Shoanti ethnicity
  • You grew up among the Shoanti tribes, with the spirits watching over you, and they offer you guidance. You gain the trained proficiency rank in the skill listed for your quah (or another skill of your choice, if you’re already trained in that skill). You gain the Assurance skill feat in that skill, as the spirits’ help guides your actions.
    • Lyrune-Quah – Religion
    • Shadde-Quah – Athletics
    • Shriikirri-Quah – Nature
    • Shundar-Quah – Diplomacy
    • Sklar-Quah – Intimidation
    • Skoan-Quah – Medicine
    • Tamiir-Quah – Acrobatics
Azlanti Backbone – Rare Ancestry 5
  • Requirement: Must have taken the Azlanti Heritage
  • Traits: Rare, Human
  • Your Will saving throw is increased to trained.
Azlanti Will – Rare Ancestry 13

Requirement: Must have taken the Azlanti Heritage and Azlanti Backbone Feat.
Traits: Human
Your Will saving throw is increased from trained to expert.


The Shoanti (pronounced show-AHN-tee) are an often-nomadic people who live in the Storval Plateau and Velashu Uplands regions of Varisia and well as the Hold of Belkzen and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Like their Varisian cousins, these humans descended from the enslaved workers of the ancient empire of Thassilon but have since developed a unique and advanced culture of their own.

Appearance: Shoanti skin tones vary widely from fair but deeply tanned to dark brown, but most have a ruddy complexion

Naming: The name given to Shoanti at birth is generally only used during their childhood, or later in life by close family members or lovers. Shoanti receive their adult name after their rite of passage during adolescence (see below). If a Shoanti is ever expelled from his or her tribe, the individual generally reverts to their birth name, a sign of great shame among Shoanti.

Tribes of the Shoanti:

  • Lyrune-Quah (The Moon Clan) The Lyrune-Quah are said to be among the best archers and hunters of the Shoanti people. Traveling under the bright Storval moon and hunting by the illumination of the stars in the vast Varisian sky, members of the Moon Clan recognize that a well-aimed arrow is as effective, if not more so, than a whole band of raging brawlers. Their territory is in the Cinderlands of Varisia. Typical tattoos for the Lyrune-Quah evoke the night, sight, and wisdom. Prestigious runes include Navrik (Eyeless Sight), Iyon (The Great Moon), and Vinic (Piercing Stone). Animal totems held in high regard are bat, cave bear, field mouse, mountain lion, owl, and wolf. The nature totems of moon, rainstorm, and star are also revered.
  • Shadde-Quah (The Axe Clan) The Shadde-Quah make their home in the cliffs and vales of the Calphiak Mountains in western Varisia and the southern Lands of the Linnorm Kings. Hardy, proud, sea-faring people who are expert divers and fishermen, the Shadde-Quah are mistrustful of outsiders and tend to attack intruders on sight if they are not of Shoanti heritage. The Shadde-Quah have virtually no interaction with the nearby town of Riddleport, which they perceive as a settlement of dishonourable, untrustworthy criminals. Tattoos with the themes of vitality, endurance, and the ocean are valued. Desirable runes are Vonark (Many Arms), Donark (The Long-Armed), and Eanaw (The Endless Journey). Revered totems include cave bear, cliff, dire bear, eagle, sea, squid, and water elemental
  • Shriikirri-Quah (The Hawk Clan) Of all the Shoanti tribes, the Shriikirri-Quah possesses the strongest animal affinity, and revere them as holy and mystic. Ever learning from the beast with whom they share the land, the Hawk Clan is perhaps the most peaceful of the quahs, and they serve as the emissaries to the outside world. Their connection to animals also makes them the greatest animal trainers among the Shoanti. Even though they travel widely, they can generally be found in north central Varisia. Favored tattoos suggest travel, the wilds, hawks, horses, and other animals. Desirable runes are Rotomo (Headwind), Ingir (Beast Heart), and Iyavak (The Pack). The clan’s totems are the air elemental, cloud, firepelt cougar, forest grove, hawk, hippogriff, horse, and wind.
  • Shundar-Quah (The Spire Clan) While the Shriikirri act as diplomats to outsiders, members of the Shundar-Quah act as mediators between the Shoanti clans. Their primary ambition is to see the Shoanti unified as a single people, despite the differences that separate the seven quahs. The peace that generally reigns between the quahs is largely due to their efforts. They clan reveres and dwells among the Thassilonian ruins on the Storval Plateau and western Belkzen. Typical tattoos evoke unity, watchfulness, and the ability to lead. Important runes include Drimiil (Guardian Heart), Kokip (Sentinel), and Klartitil (Broad Klar). Clan totems are the earth elemental, mountain spire, rock fall, spirestalker, and storm roc. Some clan members travel with other quah’s; occasionally, they will adopt totems from the host clan.
  • Sklar-Quah (The Sun Clan) By far the most xenophobic of the Shoanti clans, the fierce members of the Sklar-Quah are almost constantly at war. Whether by fending off the orcs from Belkzen or the Chelish invaders of the south, the Sun Clan has learned to use the heat and fire of the Cinderlands itself as a weapon. Their burn riders revere the horse above all other animals. They dwell among the southern Cinderlands of the Storval Plateau. Desired tattoos are those showing flames or battle, especially comprising of the runes Damkil (Orc Skull), Akmiz (Fire Hand), and Razkiv (Emberstorm). Popular totems are aurochs, cindersnake, emberstorm, fire elemental, firepelt cougar, and sun.
  • Skoan-Quah (The Skull Clan) Life among the Skoan-Quah revolves around death. Whether they are fighting against undead, acting as guardians for the deceased among all the clans, or tracking the oral history of the Shoanti people, the enigmatic and sinister members of the Skull Clan sometimes trouble even the most understanding of their fellow Shoanti. They dwell among the burial grounds of the eastern Cinderlands and the Mindspin Mountains. Bones and skulls are favored tattoos. Popular runes are Sosmo (Forever Dead), Eiril (Duty), and Graxt (Eternity). Revered totems are ancestor spirit, earth elemental, giant scarab beetle, vulture, will-o’-wisp, and wolf.
  • Tamiir-Quah (The Wind Clan) Members of the Tamiir-Quah are among the most territorial and secluded of the Shoanti people. The Wind Clan makes its home in the mountains of northwestern Varisia and the southern Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and may the gods help anyone who threatens these areas. They generally only interact with outsiders when they raid lowlanders for supplies. Their tattoos often reflect speed, freedom, and their mountain homes. Runes of significance and Dra (Mist), Cilvat (Wind Soul), and Sovola (The Roc King). The clan’s main totems are the air elemental, cloud, griffon, mountain peak, snowflake, storm, storm roc, and wind.


Varisians (pronounced vah-RHIS-ee-ann) are a primarily nomadic human ethnic group known to favor the open road over permanent settlements. Sometimes called the people of the road, their traveling caravans can be encountered throughout Golarion, but Varisians also settle in permanent communities, most notably the country of Ustalav. Varisians are often thought of as scoundrels and rogues, an unfair reputation that is based on outsiders interacting with the criminal Sczarni gangs. Despite outward appearances of frivolity, the Varisian people are fiercely loyal to family and friends, and embrace a rich culture steeped in history and tradition.

Appearance: The Varisian people typically possess deep, olive-coloured skin, and long hair that comes in an incredibly large range of colours from platinum to the darkest black. In fact, no one hair colour is considered unusual among them. They often have large, expressive eyes that come in a variety of unusual colours such as violet or gold. Varisians tend to have lithe bodies with long limbs, and men often have trouble growing beards.

Naming: Varisians generally have both a given and family name. They prefer intricate, multi-syllable names beginning and ending in vowels, or beginning with the letter “z”. Common male first names include Ionacu, Eugeni, and Zandu. Common female first names are Esmerelda, Zeldana, and Alika. Names are often repeated through generations of the same family. Fake names may be used with strangers to avoid unwanted reputations.

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