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The Mid Rim – MR

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SW Galaxy map
Star Wars Map of the Galaxy

Galaxy Region – The Mid Rim

The Mid Rim opened for colonisation after the Expansion Region’s booming growth died down. It is known as a relatively peaceful and somewhat boring region of the galaxy. The eastern areas of the region (within the Slice) developed first, with the northern and southern regions growing significantly after the opening of the Hydian Way. The region’s eastern side is significantly wider than the northern and southern portions. The northern area is barely connected to the rest of the region. The eastern edge borders Hutt Space, which intruded into the Mid Rim significantly at times. Population density is significantly lighter than any of the interior regions.

Unlike its Coreward neighbour, the Mid Rim enjoyed a relatively organised and lengthy colonisation period. While the corporations plundered the Expansion Region, a different type of colonist arrived in the Mid Rim. Some were idealistic organisations, such as religious groups or ambitious, radical political groups. The Mid Rim enjoyed effective governance and general security, thanks in no small part to the simultaneous opening of the Outer Rim to colonisation. Those avoiding or fleeing Republic interference opted for the more distant Outer Rim, bypassing Mid Rim worlds completely.

Planets of the Mid Rim

  • Ankus – I7 – 9.3 6.5 (WS)
  • Anison – I6 – 9.9 7.0
  • Bomis Koori – K16 – 11.4 16.8
  • Cerea – I16 – 9.6 16.6
  • Chalcedon – I16 – 9.9 16.4
  • Cheelit – I16 – 9.7 16.8 (NS)
  • Codia – H15 – 8.5 15.2 (WS)
  • Cyphar – L17 – 12.1 17.4
  • Dohu VII – K7 – 11.6 7.5 (NS)
  • Fornax – K7 – 11.0 7.4
  • Genassa – M7 – 13.0 7.1
  • Gilatter VIII – I6 – 9.8 7.2 (NS)
  • Glee Anselm – J7 – 10.3 7.6
  • Halm – J16 – 10.4 16.3 (NS)
  • Haruun Kal – M17 – 13.7 17.1
  • Hirsi – J17 – 10.4 17.2 (NS)
  • Indupar – M17 – 13.4 17.3
  • Iridonia – J7 – 10.8 7.1
  • Ithor – M6 – 13.1 6.8
  • Keitum – J6 – 10.4 6.7
  • Koba – J16 – 10.1 16.8 (NS)
  • Kril’Dor – I7 – 9.6 7.6
  • Jedha – H10 – 8.5 10.3 – 11.3 17.8
  • Jiroch – K17 – 11.3 17.8
  • Kaal – K17 – 11.3 17.4
  • Kriselist – K17 – 11.4 17.0
  • Lorta – J17 – 10.9 17.7
  • Namadii – I6 – 9.9 6.9
  • Nentan – K7 – 11.3 7.7 (NS)
  • Ord Mantell – L7 – 12.0 7.4
  • Orinda – K6 – 11.7 6.5
  • Petabys Station – J16 – 10.2 16.3 (NS)
  • Rago – I7 – 9.5 7.5 (WS)
  • Riflor – J16 – 10.2 16.9
  • Sinton – I7 – 9.7 7.2 (NS)
  • Uba – J6 – 10.9 6.6
  • Urce – L6 – 12.7 6.9
  • Vondarc – M16 – 13.4 16.8
  • Vortex – K7 – 11.1 7.8
  • Vicondor – J7 – 10.7 7.9
Ado Sector

The Ado sector was a sector in the Mid Rim. It included the territory of the Induparan Crown Worlds such as Indupar and Ec Pand, and also StarForge Station, an illegal shadowport, in the StarForge Nebula.

Ado Sector Locations:

  • Indupar System, Indupar – M17 – 13.4 17.3
  • Medth System – Medth – M17 – 13.5 17.3
Ariarch Sector

The Ariarch sector was a sector of space located in the galaxy’s Mid Rim. It included the planet Dalron V and the Keitum system.

Ariarch Sector Locations:

  • Keitum System, Keitum – J6 – 10.4 6.7
Barse Sector

The Barsa sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim.

Barse Sector Locations:

  • Uba System, Uba – J6 – 10.9 6.6
Bright Jewel Sector

The Bright Jewel sector was a sector of the Mid Rim colonized as an Ordnance/Regional Depot during the Galactic Republic’s expansion. During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the sector became the hub of the Bright Jewel Oversector.

Bright Jewel Sector Locations:

  • Bright Jewel System, Ord Mantell – L7 – 12.0 7.4
Bruanii Sector

The Bruanii sector was a sector located within the Mid Rim, on the border with the Outer Rim adjacent to Javin sector. The Corellian Trade Spine passed through this sector. It was the site of the Mugaari space depot.

Bruanii Sector Locations:

  • Mugaar System, Mugaar – K18 – 11.2 18.1
Churnis Sector

The Churnis sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim. The planets Ansion, Fahariyn, Gaulix, Soltan, Trauchta, Sulomu, Gilatter VIII, Kalaan, Rustibar, and Alderbathe were located within this sector.

Churnis Sector Locations:

  • Ansion System, Anison – I6 – 9.9 7.0
  • Gilatter System, Gilatter VIII – I6 – 9.8 7.2 (NS)
  • Namadii System, Namadii – I6 – 9.9 6.9
Dohu Sector

The Dohu sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim. It contained the Dohu system.

Dohu Sector Locations:

  • Dohu System, Dohu VII – K7 – 11.6 7.5 (NS)
Dustig Sector

The Dustig sector was a sector located within the Mid Rim.

During the Clone Wars, the Felucian Drez Unlin was the podracing champion of the sector, until Ahsoka Tano defeated him in a single lap podrace on Malastare and became the new champion.

Dustig Sector Locations:

  • Al’Har System, Haruun Kal – M17 – 13.7 17.1
Elbaran Sector

The Elbaran sector was a sector in the southwestern Mid Rim. It bordered Gendius, Aldino, Almak, Masla, and Iska sectors in the Mid Rim.

Elbaran Sector Locations:

  • Hirsi System, Hirsi – J17 – 10.4 17.2 (NS)
Freestanding Subsectors

The freestanding subsectors was a term to designate the independent sectors that were not part of the galactic government.

The freestanding subsectors were remote sectors in Wild Space. They also contained several star systems in the western parts of the Expansion Region and the Mid Rim, at the edge of the Unknown Regions.

Freestanding Subsectors Locations:

  • Ankus System, Ankus – I7 – 9.3 6.5 (WS)
  • Codia System, Codia – H15 – 8.5 15.2 (WS)
Gendius Sector

The Gendius sector was a sector located in the southwestern Mid Rim that bordered Elbaran, Iska, Yushan and Bruanii sectors in the Mid Rim, and Javin sector in the Outer Rim Territories.

Gendius Sector Locations:

  • Lorta System, Lorta – J17 – 10.9 17.7
Glythe Sector

The Glythe sector was a sector located within the Mid Rim of the galaxy, situated near the Ojoster sector between the Droma sector and the Haldeen sector. It was part of the Galactic Republic and, after the rise of the New Order, the Galactic Empire. Planets within the sector included Altarrn, Fef, Fornax, Nentan, Vortex, and Valrar.

Glythe Sector Locations:

  • Fornax System, Fornax – K7 – 11.0 7.4
  • Iridonia System, Iridonia – J7 – 10.8 7.1
  • Nentan System, Nentan – K7 – 11.3 7.7 (NS)
  • Ten Tempests System, Vortex – K7 – 11.1 7.8
Halm Sector

The Halm sector was a sector located in the southwestern Mid Rim. It bordered Oriolan, Masla and Tashtor sectors in the Mid Rim, as well as the Jidlor Marches.

Halm Sector Locations:

  • Halm System, Halm – J16 – 10.4 16.3 (NS)
  • Petabys Station – J16 – 10.2 16.3 (NS)
Irishi Sector

The Irishi sector was a Mid Rim sector that contained the worlds of Selnesh and Orinda.

Irishi Sector Locations:

  • Orinda System, Orinda – K6 – 11.7 6.5
Jalor Sector

The Jalor sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim, and home to the planets Glee Anselm, Hallitron-7 and Vaced.

Jalor Sector Locations:

  • Glee Anselm System, Glee Anselm – J7 – 10.3 7.6
Kastolar Sector

The Kastolar sector was a sector in the Mid Rim.​ Jollin Resbin represented the sector in the Galactic Senate.​

  • Kwenn System, Kwenn – R-10
M’shinni Sector

The M’shinni sector, also known as the Mossonian sector was a sector located within the Mid Rim. It contained many agriworlds including the planets Agriworld-2079 and Genassa. The sector was represented in the Galactic Senate by R’shinnos Sh’neel.

M’shinni Sector Locations:

  • Genassa System, Genassa – M7 – 13.0 7.1
Narrant Sector

The Narrant sector was a sector located in the southwestern Mid Rim. It bordered Semagi, Tashtor, Masla, Almak and Corbett sectors in the Mid Rim.

Narrant Sector Locations:

  • Koba System, Koba – J16 – 10.1 16.8 (NS)
  • Riflor System, Riflor – J16 – 10.2 16.9
Ottega Sector

The Ottega sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim. Planets in the sector included Arthon, Ithor, Orocco, Toskhowwl VI, and Vessitoar. The sector included at least a part of the Lesser Plooriod Cluster. It had 75 planets and 622 moons.

Ottega Sector Locations:

  • Ottega System, Ithor – M6 – 13.1 6.8
Outer Jalor Sector

The Outer Jalor sector was a distant sector in the Mid Rim, and home to the planet Kril’Dor. It was adjacent to Wild Space and Jalor, Belshar and Rago sectors in the Mid Rim.

Outer Jalor Sector Locations:

  • Kril’Dor System, Kril’Dor – I7 – 9.6 7.6
Rago Sector

The Rago sector was a sector in the extreme galactic western Mid Rim, and served as an endpoint for the Rago Run.

Rago Sector Locations:

  • Rango System, Rago – I7 – 9.5 7.5 (WS)
  • Sinton System, Sinton – I7 – 9.7 7.2 (NS)
Roche Sector

The Roche sector was a Mid Rim sector that contained the Roche asteroid field.​

  • Roche System – Roche Asteroid Belt – Q-8
Semagi Sector

The Semagi sector was a sector located in the southwestern Mid Rim. It bordered Dononter, Marzoon, Tashtor, Narrant and Corbett sectors in the Mid Rim. In 32 BBY, Jedi Master Ki-Adi-Mundi was the Watchman of the Semagi sector.

Cerean Quadrant – The Cerean Quadrant was the region of space that contained the planet Cerea. Ki-Adi-Mundi was the Jedi Watchman of the region, as was his fellow Cerean Tarr Seirr.

Semagi Sector Locations:

  • Cerean System, Cerea – I16 – 9.6 16.6 – Cerean Quadrant
  • Cheelit System, Cheelit – I16 – 9.7 16.8 (NS)
Spiva Sector

The Spirva sector was a sector located within the Mid Rim. Planets in the sector included Cyphar, Derricon, Haurgab, Krykas V, Lopor Station, Naalol and the capital Lenthalis.

Spiva Sector Locations:

  • Cyphar System, Cyphar – L17 – 12.1 17.4
Tashtor Sector

The Tashtor sector was a sector located in the southwestern Mid Rim. It bordered Halm, Narrant, Semagi, Masla and Marzoon sectors in the Mid Rim, as well as the Jidlor Marches.

Tashtor Sector Locations:

  • Chalcedon System, Chalcedon – I16 – 9.9 16.4
Terrabe Sector

The Terrabe sector was a sector located within the Freestanding subsectors of the Mid Rim region of the galaxy. It contained the Jedha system and was home to the Terrabe Sector Service Academy.

Terrabe Sector Locations:

  • Jedha System, Jedha – H10 – 8.5 10.3
Urce Space

Urce Space, or the Urce sector, was a sector of the Mid Rim within the Lesser Plooriod Cluster. It was located between the Burna Trade Route and the Entana Run.

Urce Sector Locations:

  • Urce System, Urce – L6 – 12.7 6.9
Var Hagen Sector

The Var Hagen sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim that contained the planet of Vondarc. The Enarc Run ended in this sector.

Var Hagen Sector Locations:

  • Vondarc System, Vondarc – M16 – 13.4 16.8
Vorc Sector

The Vorc sector was a sector located within the Mid Rim.

Vorc Sector Locations:

  • Vicondor System, Vicondor – J7 – 10.7 7.9
Wornal Sector

The Wornal sector was a sector located in the Mid Rim, neighboring the Sombure sector.

Warnal Sector Locations:

  • Bomis Koori System, Bomis Koori – K16 – 11.4 16.8
  • Kriselist System, Kriselist – K17 – 11.4 17.0
Yusham Sector

The Yushan sector was a sector that was located within the Mid Rim of the galaxy. Planets in this sector included Kaal and Little Petrovi.

Yusham Sector Locations:

  • Jiroch System, Jiroch – K17 – 11.3 17.8
  • Kaal System, Kaal – K17 – 11.3 17.4

Bothan Space

In the Mid Rim
Bothan Space is an Allied Region in the Mid Rim of over 150 inhabited systems of mainly Bothan colonies. It is ruled by the Bothan Council and Bothan clans. Bothan Space remains an Allied Region under the Empire, but it is closely monitored and still subject to Imperial decree.

Hutt Space

In the Outer Rim and Mid Rim
Among the oldest civilisations in the galaxy are the Hutts. Controlling a large region of space along the Mid Rim and Outer Rim border in the Slice, the Hutts have been a fixture of galactic politics, criminality, and gamesmanship for thousands of years. The borders of Hutt Space fluctuated greatly over the centuries, expanding and contracting in accordance with the balance of power between the Hutts and the surrounding governments. After a brief expansion of territory before and during the Clone Wars, the Hutts lost control of many Coreward sectors and systems in the Mid Rim, as well as some trailing sectors in the Outer Rim. The majority of official Hutt Space currently rests in the Outer Rim within the Slice, though their influence extends to sectors, systems, and governments far beyond.

The Hutts were among the earliest interstellar explorers and colonists in the galaxy. Expanding outwards from their homeworld of Varl, their colonies thrived thanks to their own cunning, determination, and the enslavement of species they discovered in their path. Their first encounters with humans were in the ancient Tion Cluster, and their first suitable rival was Xim the Despot.

The Hutts soon had their own problems, in the form of a civil war. Their homeworld and many colonies were utterly destroyed. The survivors moved to Evocar, renamed it Nal Hutta, and established the Council of Elders to limit future conflicts. Afterwards, the Hutts sought power and influence through means other than strictly military measures. Through the centuries, the Hutts would influence corporations, governments, and criminal empires throughout the Republic.

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Trade Route

Major: H1 – Perlemian Trade Route, H2 – Corellian Run, H3 – Corellian Trade Spine, H4 – Rimma Trade Route, H5 – Hydian Way

Medium: Ado Spine, Annaj-Houche Run, Anturi Reach, Axxila-Tangrene Run, Belsavis Run, Bothan Run, Braxant Run, Byss Run, Cadinth Run, Celenon Spur, Cerean Reach, Commenor Run, Coruscant-N’Zoth hyperlane, D’Aelgoth Trade Route, Dubrillion-Bescane hyperlane, Duros Space Run, Enarc Run, Entralla Route, Fedalle-Kuat hyperlane, Five Veils Route, Gamor Run, Garqi-Borosk hyperlane, Giju Run, Great Gran Run, Great Kashyyyk Branch, Harrin Trade Corridor, Hollastin Run, Kaaga Run, Koda Spur, Kuat Run, Lesser Lantillian Route, Lipsec Run, Listehol Run, Llanic Spice Run, Lutrillian Cross, Manda Merchant Route, Manda-Leritor Route, Metellos Trade Route, Mon Gazza-Lannik Route, Murgo Choke, Namadii Corridor, Nanth’ri Route, Nothoiin Corridor, Ootmian Pabol, Overic Griplink, Orvise Reach, Pabol Hutta, Pabol Sleheyron, Quellor Run, Rago Run, Randon Run, Reena Trade Route, Salin Corridor, Sanrafsix Corridor, Senex Trace, Senex-Juvex Loop, Seswenna Expansion, Shag Pabol, Shaltin Tunnels, Shapani Bypass, Sharlissian Trade Corridor, Shipwights’ Trace, Shiritoku Way, Shwuy Exchange, Spar Trade Route, Trax Tube, Trellen Trade Route, Triellus Trade Route, Trition Trade Route, Vaathkree Trade Corridor, Veragi Trade Route, Yankirk Route

Segment Coyn Route,

Minor: Bakura Trace, Burke’s Trailing Carbonite Run Coruscant-Dantooine hyperlane, Hidakai Pool, Ison Corridor, Manda-Roon Route, Minntooine Spur, Myto’s Arrow, Relgim Run, Prously’s Rim Run, Seswenna Expansion, Shapani Bypass, Tidal Circuit

Secret: Daragon Trail, Koros Trunk Line, Mandalorian Road, Metellos-Ilum hyperlane

Sector: Elrood-Derilyn Trade Route, Kidron-Dega Run

Galaxy Map

Row V: (WIP V8)

Row U: (WIP U6, U7, U8, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16)

Row T: (WIP T5, T6, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16)

Row S: (WIP S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, S11, S12, S13, S15, S16, S18)

Row R: (WIP R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8, R9, R10, R11, R12, R13, R14, R15, R16, R17)

Row Q: (WIP Q3, Q4, Q5, Q6, Q7, Q8, Q9, Q10, Q11, Q12, Q13, Q14, Q15, Q16, Q17, Q18)

Row P: (WIP P3, P4, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10, P11, P12, P13, P14, P15, P16, P17, P18, P19)

Row O: (WIP O3, O4, O5, O6, O7, O8, O9, O10, O11, O12, O14, O15, O16, O17, O18, O19)

Row N: (WIP N4, N5, N6, N7, N8, N9, N10, N11, N12, N13, N14, N15, N16, N17, N18, N19, N20)

Row M: (WIP M3, M5, M6, M7, M8, M9, M10, M11, M12, M13, M14, M15, M16, M17, M18, M19, M20, M21)

Row L: (WIP L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, L6, L7, L8, L9, L10, L12, L13, L14, L15, L16, L17, L18, L19, L20)

Row K: (WIP K3, K4, K5, K6, K7, K8, K9, K10, K11, K12, K13, K16, K17, K18, K19, K20, K21)

Row J: (WIP J4, J5, J6, J7, J8, J12, J13, J14, J15, J16, J17, J18, J19, J20, J21)

Row I: (WIP I5, I6, I7, I8, I12, I13, I16, I17, I18, I19)

Row H: (WIP H7, H10, H15, H16, H19, H20)

Row G: (WIP G7, G11, G16, G21)

Row F: (WIP F8)

Row C: (WIP C16)

Regions: The Deep Core, The Core Worlds, The Colonies, The Inner Rim, The Expansion Region, The Mid Rim, The Outer Rim, The Unknown Region

Special Region: Tingel Arm, Wild Space

Sectors: Anoat, Corellian, Elrood, Seswenna

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