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Planetary Data File – Phemis

[ Warning: World under Imperial Interdiction]

The forbidding appearance of the crags and cliffs on Phemis might lead observers to assume that Phemis is regularly riven with the geological instability needed to shape its landscape in such a fashion. In truth, Phemis is an exceptionally stable planet from a geological perspective, where even minor ground-quakes happen infrequently. This incredible stability allows mining deep underground to proceed with ease. However, no planet is entirely free of tectonic activity, and when Phemis does suffer from tremors and groundquakes, it does so on a massive scale that can completely reshape much of its surface. Such events are believed to occur on a millennial scale, if not farther apart, but miners on Phemis are nonetheless drilled for a total evacuation of their sites, if necessary.

FFG PDF – Phemis

  • Astronavigation Data: Phemis system, Corellian sector, Core Worlds region (M11)
  • Orbital Metrics: 301 days per year/23 standard hours per day
  • Government: None {corporate interests operate under remote government from their native worlds)
  • Population: Approximately 10,000 (exact numbers are uncertain, as the opening and closing of mining operations causes frequent fluctuation)
  • Languages: Basic
  • Terrain: Cliffs, canyons, mountains, rock formations
  • Major Cities: None
  • Areas of Interest: The Grand Cavern, Spi- remount, the Endless Tunnels, the Undersea
  • Major Exports: Raw minerals and ore
  • Major Imports: Labor, mining equipment, foodstuffs
  • Trade Routes: Corellian Run (via tributary)

Special Conditions: A fleet of Imperial probe droids makes regular sweeps of the planet’s atmosphere, making unauthorized or unnoticed landings on the planet extremely difficult

Background: The planet Phemis is in the system of the same name, which itself is found on the outskirts of the Corellian sector in the Core. Despite the great population. and traffic of the surrounding sector, Phemis has remained a backwater of little interest to the galaxy. Its difficult terrain and limited water supplies make it a poor choice for a colony, and the harsh rock formations, that cover its surface contain few minerals of any significant value. As it stands, a number of small mines operate on its surface to extract what limited resources the planet has to offer. These mining companies often have claims dating back to the Old Republic, but from near their inception to the present era, there has been one constant on Phemis—the mining of rubat, a rare type of kyber crystal, is forbidden.

Phemis’s geology includes several hardy species adapted to arid climates, including large and highly territorial quadrupeds and several variants of underground arachnids. There is also a wide variety of avian creatures, most of which follow long migratory routes from one source of fresh water to the next.

Phemis is currently interdicted by Imperial order, and evidence indicates there is some sort of Imperial presence on this world.

Trade Routes – Phemis

Corellia to Phemis [IW]

Planetary Data File – Corellia, Phemis

  • Hyperlane Not Shown Minor Trunk of Corellian Run (not shown – only path to planet)
  • Coordinates 13.6 11.8 to 13.5 11.7
  • Map M11 (CW) to M11 (CW IW NS)
  • Distance 0.2
  • Time 9 hrs 36 min
  • Check Hard – Upgrade (2) Setback (-)
    (or Formidable – Upgrades (4) Setback (-) without safe hyperlane coordinates)

WEG PDF – Phemis

  • Type
  • Temperature
  • Atmosphere: Hydrosphere
  • Gravity
  • Terrain
  • Length of a Day
  • Length of a Year
  • Sapient Species
  • Starport
  • Population
  • Planet Function
  • Government
  • Tech Level
  • Major Exports
  • Major Imports
  • System –
  • Star name –
  • Orbital Bodies

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