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SR Gen 2 Year 5 Horizon

Shadowrun RPG

Gen 2 – Year 5

Twilight Horizon

  • Campaign: Generation Two Street
  • Season 5 (Sessions 103 to 106): Horizon
  • Year 5 (2013/2073) – 4 sessions (103 – 106) – Horizon from 5th November 2013 to 17th December 2013
  • Players: Nathan L – Last Man (Bruno) (4), Warwick – Maestro (4), Martin M – Hammerhead (3), Paul B – Red (3), Paul W – Zahiel (2), Jeremy – Joe (1)

The Twilight Horizon is mostly set around Los Angeles. This is a big corporation and it is taking a lot of the aspects of the corporate world and throwing characters in deep, including with the P2.0 online social media.

This is the starting point of the second generation of Shadowrunners in my ongoing campaign.

It is the year 2073 – Season Overview

In this season, we pick up from the retired characters and introduce a new bunch of runners to Seattle. The start of the season is an introduction of new characters and how they get settled into Seattle with the “Shadowrun Live” Horizon game show.

Season 5 – Twilight Horizon

The storyline starts with characters meeting up on the wilds in one of the countries near Los Angeles.

They have to work together to enter Seattle as part of a program they received from Horizon who have funded their incursion into the sprawl as part of their new matrix series “Shadowrunners – The Next Generation”.

This included the introduction of a fixer called Jimmy the Orc who has a “Hello Kitty” cybernetic arm for a human child. He was a decker who was building his own motorcycle in his living room located in the same block the group settles in the redmond barrans.

Characters included “Last Man” an Ork from LA, “Hammerhead” a Ork from Hong Kong, “Maestro” an Elf from Portland, “Red” a Human from LA, “Zahiel” a extra and lastly “Joe” a human from Little Rock in CAS.

This was a good start for new characters into the campaign, and set things up for the following campaign year.

Rules Review – Contacts

Making contacts an integral part of the Shadowrun universe is a must, while it is possible to play without it, you loose a lot of the feel of the game.

“I known someone who can do that”

This is a great to progress a storyline without having to have every character, or every group contain a character who can cover every skill. You cannot be good at everything in the game, and specialisation is the key to survival when you have backup, and money to pay other people for the specialist skills.

A simple example of this you don’t make your clothes or all your meals, you pay someone to do most of that for you. In the game you might outsource your hacking, or medical procedures. There are many specialist skills. Just knowing who to talk to, or where you go to find something is a specialist skill.

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