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DnD Downtime Rivals and Arduous Rally

Dungeons and Dragons – Mystara

Downtime – Rivals and Arduous Rally

This contains the following downtime activities:

Dungeon Masters Guide
dmg – Dungeon Masters Guide 5E

In my D&D game, I have an taken some of the unearthed arcana and xanathar’s guide information and made some downtime for dealing with Rivals and taking a shorter rest.

Note: Downtime between sessions is handled slightly differently than in session.

  • In Game – During a game session it takes up time and a roll is involved.
  • Between Sessions – When done as off screen time, no roll is done, and a flat 10 is added to the bonus. If you can’t succeed at the check with a flat 10 then you can’t do this downtime off screen. The type of check shows if you can do any extra time to modify the check and any limitations.
  • Number of Downtime Activities – A character can attempt as many downtime activities in a week as their character tier.


Can occur during downtime

A rival for a character should be created by the player for that character and can use the information found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything as an example.

This is a good chance for the player to create another NPC in the world who they can interact with and can work behind the scenes to make the campaign richer and more entertaining.

Once they become a thorn in the party’s side, the player can then watch on in amusement as their create takes on a life of its own. While it was created by the player, once it is let loose into the world it will evolve into what it needs to be to meet the storyline, so while it was once known, it will even surprise its creator when given the chance to bloom.

Players are encouraged to create goals, assets, plans and actions for their rivals as proposals to the Dungeon Master.

Rivals can be considered alternate characters depending on what the players come up with, or just a thorn in their side. Either way having a story of a hero who is their rival competing with everything that they are trying to do will just help them inspire their own character to achieve more.

This aspect is intended as a roleplaying foil, not as a mechanical foil for the characters. If they really wish to take out a rival hero, then they are not really a hero in my games and trip up on the number 1 rule of no evil players or characters.

I will include examples as the appear in my campaign management site on

Arduous Rally

reduced short rest option

(Thanks to Critical Role and the Tal’Dorei Campaign Guide for this one)

Downtime activity for achieving quick healing and moving on, at the cost of the characters long term health.

  • Time:
    • 30 minutes
  • Check:
    • Charisma (Persuasion) with roll vs DC 15.
      • Critical Failure – All rallying characters suffer 2 points of exhaustion.
      • Failure – suffer 1 point of Exhaustion no benefit.
      • Success – all healing gained by spending hit dice is halved, and all rallying characters suffer 1 point of Exhaustion.
      • Critical Success – No exhaustion cost.

Check: The leader of the party spends 5 minutes and makes a DC 15 Charisma (Persuasion) roll.

On a success, the party benefits from the completion of a full Short Rest, but all healing gained by spending hit dice is halved, and all rallying characters suffer 1 point of Exhaustion.

On a failure, all rallying characters suffer 1 point of Exhaustion.

This can be done if the party has character willing to stand up and give a speech taking on the leadership role. If the player makes a speech and it is inspirational, then you can give advantage to the roll, if it is more insulting to the characters then it can impose disadvantage instead.

There are no complications other than the failure.

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  • 2021-08-05 – Updated the menu.
Downtime for Mystara

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