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PF2 Item Artefact Weapon Suishen

Pathfinder 2 – Artefact

Jade Regent – Suishen, Guardian of the Amatatsu

Jade Regent Night of Frozen Shadows
jr-b2 Night of Frozen Shadows

Here is another item I have converted over to Pathfinder 2 from the Jade Regent Adventure Path. It are currently available in all three games.

As part of my conversion process of bringing the Jade Regent over to second edition is to convert the special items from each book. While there are no examples of this in the game as yet, (at least from the books I am referencing) I hope to catch the feel and flavour of the existing items.

New Property Traits:

  • Artefact: Artefacts cannot travel through astral space, and will not go through gates or any form of teleport teleportation (including fey step), remaining behind when the holder of the item uses such movement. Any exceptions are up to the god who provides the divine spark for the item.
Suishen, Guardian of the Amatatsu – Minor Artefact

(Artefact, Evocation)

This appears to be Katana that is the ancestral blade of the Amatatsu family. It is believed to contain the soul of the first Amatatsu emperor of Minkai. It has been passed down through generations of the family, serving as adviser and spiritual guide. It was the swords idea to be sold to Fynn Snaevald in order to save the family line.

  • Base Ability – This +2 greater striking katana is of Legendary craftmanship, made from high grade cold iron, and has the Flaming and Speed runes providing endure elements to anyone holding the hilt of the sword.
  • Activate – two actions – Cast Air Walk on the wielder of the blade. Usable up to three times per day.
  • Activate – two actions – Casts Light heightened to 4th level.
  • Activate – two action – Cast Resist Energy (cold) heightened to 4th level. Usable up to three times per day.
  • Activate – two action – Cast See Invisibility. Usable up to three times per day.
  • Communication – The sword has a rough, no-nonsense manner when communicating usually through telepathy of its wielder when held, though can be heard at a distance if it chooses to. It speaks common and tien.
  • Senses – It has darkvision and can detect the presence of thoughts up to 60 ft as an action for its wielder. This is blocked by magic such as a ring of mind shielding.
  • Dominate – If the wielder acts against Amatatsu interests or is not part of the family line, they must make a Base DC will save or fall under the control of the sword until they take a long rest.
  • Special Power – Detect scion of Amatatsu family within 60 ft. This works if they are a natural-born descendant or someone invested with the right to rule as an Amatatsu. Only a Amatatsu can wield this weapon, and only with the permission of the sword.
  • Special Purpose – Fight and help defeat the Oni of the five winds.
    • 1st – Resist Energy gets heightened to 7th level at will. Dominate DC increases by 2. (done – book 1)
    • 2nd – Bane vs Oni of the Five Winds (weapon becomes +3 Major Striking Katana) (Dominate DC increases by 2) (done – book 2)
    • 3rd – (tba)
    • 4th – (tba)
    • 5th – (tba)
  • Base DC: The item level is considered 20 and sets the base for the DC, the 4 powers and the 1 special purpose each add +2, the weapon itself adds +8 (+2 per rune) giving a DC of 38 before the special purposes are triggered, which also increase the DC by 2 each.

Content Updates

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  • 2020-11-07 – Layout Updates.
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  • 2020-02-14 – Changed the base DC to be repeatable for other items.

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Wow! That is a big bunch of powerful abilities wrapped into one item.

What level are the PC’s wielding this +2/+3 weapon?


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