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Gen 1 – Year 4

Artefacts Unbound

Running the Season

This was Session 64 to 87 of the ongoing campaign. This season of the game has 24 Sessions from 3rd January 2012 to 18th December 2012.

  • Campaign: Gen 1 Runner
  • Season 4 (Sessions 64 to 87): Artefacts
  • Year 4 (2012/2072) 24 Sessions – Dawn of the Artefacts – Session 64 to 87. 24 Sessions from 3rd January 2012 to 18th December 2012
  • Players: Martin M – The Rabbit (20), Jeremy – Doyle (20), Paul W – Canada (15), Warwick – Lynch (11) / The Blade (8), Julie – Tatiana (11), Justin – Micro Dot (2) / Ulfur (11), Paul B – Quantum Tempest (3) / Connar (1) / Wizworm (2) / Fisher (8), Alex – Parker (7) / Anat (7), Ben – Connor (2), Nathan L – Simone Mathas (2), Tamsin – Banshee (1)

This is the continuing storyline of Doyle and Isis, with some other storylines interwoven regarding “The Blade”, Rabbit and Canada.

It is the year 2072 – Season Overview

This season introduces Ulfer, a free spirit with a pixie in his chest, able to take him through the astral sea when de-manifesting as long as he is completely enclosed, though there was a hidden cost related to the horrors with every journey as the fabric of reality in Seattle started to rip and tear and draw their attention.

This seasons plot lines have AI’s and conspiracy theories spinning out of control as fake backgrounds planted by subversive powers confuse and bewilder the characters who take everything at face value.

This is also where Artefacts of immense power continue to surface with some of them relating to the season, and some being an ongoing plot point.

Season 4 – Artefacts Unbound

The focus on this campaign was four different artefacts based in real world history that had magically awakened. The overarching storyline is described in Artifacts Unbound but there are four separate adventures that characters are able to do that gathers each of them and brings them to a conclusion at the end.

Looking at the Rules
Awarding Group Karma vs Individual Karma

When running games like this where there is an experience threshold that can be character focused instead of group focused, is it better to keep it group focused or allow for characters to outshine each other?

What I have done in various games is to try different options, the ability to outshine other players creates a gap in advancement when one player in unable to attend a session, this is also reflected in character wealth if they miss out on the paying jobs, or the session where they were supposed to be payed for previous sessions.

When running this style of advancement, I keep a table, with advancement and earnings listed, so I know what they should be when they come back. This can take a lot of effort to maintain (or at least set up) as I usually do it in a spreadsheet. As the person running the game I would just need to remember to increment it for every session.

This has an advantage that new characters are always behind long term characters giving them in game advantages. This is also a disadvantage as unless though characters get less advancement than the new characters, they will always be ahead no matter how many sessions are played.

Now when you do group advancement, when players fail to make it for a session, then they are not left behind when the group moves forward. An advantage of this is when running the game all you need to do is keep track of a single number for the group, and all the characters match it.

An advantage of this is if a new character enters the group, you they will be at the same effective power level as the rest of the party. A disadvantage is that the new character can easily outshine the long established character which can be painful if you have played it for five years, and the new person just started.

From a management perspective I like the group advancement, but from game aesthetics I like the individual advancement. Most of my games use the group variation due to running six games a fortnight, writing one of these posts a week and still trying to do other things, leaves me little time to manage at a higher level.

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