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Game Master Kit Force and Destiny (Hidden Depths)

1 session 2nd June  2017

A chance to gain a Lightsaber crystal. Unfortunately, the crystal you do obtain has no stats in the book, or the core rules making it an oversight.

In this adventure we had critical hits which is powerful in this version of the game taking out a minion or a rival in a single shot no matter how many wounds it still had. The hunting for the crystal was fun for the force sensitive character, but it left out the others. Was not much in this to make it a longer storyline.

Episodes of the adventure:
– Introduction (2 pages)
– History of Phemis (7.5 pages)
– Exploring the Canyons (5 pages)
– Rubat at Last (3 pages)
– A Final Complication (3.5 pages)

Expanded Rules:
– Phems, Corellian Sector Content
– New Equipment
– Creating a Lightsaber
– Knight Level Play


Over two pages this supplement explains how that it can be connected to Lessons from the Past from the Force and Destiny Rulebook. This adventure is about giving the players a chance to get a Lightsaber crystal, and I recommend taking a leap from the Clone Wars series that they should only collect crystals that have resonated with them. Not just gather ever one they find. Besides that the suggestions they have provided are a good hook for new GM’s (Game Masters) to understand how to link the two adventures. For more experienced GM’s it provides good guidelines that you can tweak to suit your style of play and players.

History of Phemis

Starting with the planetary datafile for Phemis, it then goes into the history of the planet with a description of the Rubat Crystal a rare form of Kyber crystal. next it explains how you can set up defence to protect assets without having a visible presence for hidden locations in the Empire.

Exploring the Canyons

Now that you have the plan, this provides the environment and the encounter to get the characters to the location.

Rubat at Last

As suggested earlier watch the younglings episode in season 5 relating to obtaining their first lightsaber crystal, there should always be a challenge involved. So here is it using the rules on morality to show how the characters emotional weakness can be used against them in the game.

A Final Complication

Now that the jedi stuff has been done, here is a good combat scenario to help round out the game. Though be aware that NPCs can be glass cannons, and while it might be harder for a group of melee based characters, a group of ranged characters should be able to finish the enocunter easily.

Phems, Corellian Sector Content

Set on Phems, Corellian Sector, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):
– Viper Probe Droid (Page 10)
– Cavetrooper – Imperial Stormtrooper (minion)
– Phemis Canyon Charger (Page 13)
– Rubat Spinner (Page 14)
– “Ironarm” – Stormtrooper Commander (nemesis) (Page 21)

Planetary Data Files

– Phemis, Phemis system, Corellian Sector, Core Region (Page 4)

New Equipment

Equipment introduced in the adventure:
– Rubat Lightsaber crystal (background only) (Page 6) – Uses Ilum as base.

Crafting a Lightsaber

Crafting a Lightsaber (Page 23) gives a good breakdown on how you can use the force to build your own lightsaber and what checks are involved.

Knight Level Play

Knight Level Play (Page 25) talks about the concept introduced in Force and Destiny Core Rulebook (page 104 for Players and page 321 for Game Masters) and this expands their capabilities.


This provides a location in the Core Worlds where players can obtain lightsaber crystals. I am not sure this is a good thing, but it would make it accessible to most games as the cannon location is off the star charts and known only to the Dark Side after the fall of the Jedi Order.

This does provide a good investigation, a show of stealth, but once characters have been discovered here once I am not sure how re-usable the location or the scenario would be. Unless to showcase how other places like this could be protected by the Empire. In that case you have the basic security outlined, and what to expect on the planet.

The antagonists of the adventure are very fragile when you have critical hits available to the players so be aware that they might die right after their dramatic reveal.

Note: Each of the aspects mentioned in the expanded rules here will be getting their own post where I can add more detail as I use them in my own games.

  • 2020-05-11 – Expanded with a look at the adventure and other aspects of the book.
  • 2020-04-27 – Structure and content.
  • 2019-10-10 – Split off from Game Master Kit.
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