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Lessons from the Past

Adventure Introduction

I ran this adventure over 1 session on the 10th March 2017.

A chance at finding a lost jedi treasure.

The highlights of this adventure were the abilities of force users to drop in story plot points when they are built with see missed plot thread, or detect plot point abilities. Not exactly what they are called, but they work pretty much like that when used in the game allowing the games master to give direction as part of the game narrative instead of having to prod players. I also loved the ship, and was a shame to not be able to recover it as part of the storyline.

Episodes of the adventure:

  • Introduction (4 pages)
  • A Wealth of Knowledge (9.5 pages)
  • The Wreck of the Sanctuary (5.5 page) and the return of the suggested XP awards for the adventure

The introduction talks about how this adventure can be linked to the Game Master’s Kit adventure, though it was not named at the time of writing of this book.

After the summary, it goes into details about how you can start this adventure and link in characters

Planets of the Core Rules

  • Cerea, Cerean System, Semagi Sector, Mid Rim
  • Coruscant, Coruscant System, Corusca Sector, Core Region
  • Dagobah, Dagobah System, Sluis Sector, Outer Rim Region
  • Dorin, Doris System, Deadalis Sector, Expansion Region
  • Ilum, 7G Sector, Unknown Region
  • Moraband (Korriban), Horuset System, Esstran Sector (Stygian Caidera), Outer Rim Region
  • Ossus, Adega System, Auril Sector, Outer Rim Region
  • Weik, Wild Space

Eriadu Contents

Set on Eriadu, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Ashur Sungazer
  • Campus Security Guard (minion)
  • Eren Garai (nemesis)
  • Armed Security Guard (minion)

Koler System Contents

Set in the Koler system, you get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Damaged Basilisk (nemesis)
  • Tactical Assassin Droid

New Equipment

Equipment introduced in the adventure:
– Holocron of Val Isa

New Vehicles

Vehicles introduced in the adventure:

  • “Sanctuary” Hammer-head cruiser – no stats for this as its background only
  • “Starhound” Simiyiar-class light freighter – uses stats from the main section of the book

Concluding Thoughts

This book contains a few really good set pieces. The first is the university, this would work for any storyline as a place to gather more information on a topic of interest, not just Jedi related.

Next is the ruined starship, while this one is Jedi specific, there is no reason that it could not be used as a set piece for other era’s or ship types. As the ship itself is not salvageable, gaining intel, or just using it as a remote bolt hole are all options that can be considered.

Actually having a holocron, and describing its personality is a valuable asset to have, as this can lead to further adventures down the track as various storylines can use the advice, or be used as a catalyst relating to the holocron. And as a final note, having one means that you don’t have to seek out a teacher.

Content Updates

  • 2021-07-30 – Update to layout and links.
  • 2020-04-27 – Structure and content.
  • 2019-10-10 – Split from Core Rules.
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