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GM Campaign – Witch

Introduction to Custom Class

Why Convert the witch? I have a group that is almost halfway through the Jade Regent adventure path, and the players has been with the witch from the first session, and we all enjoy the character and want to keep the familiar as close to what it was as possible.

This is not official in anyway, but is the starting point for my players guide entry for the Witch. It is hoped by the time this is released that there is an official playtest version better than this attempt. This is simply a basic conversion to 2nd edition, knowing that a official one is due this month.

Update: Cleaned up the layout to match other conversions. And added that a witch’s Hex using the focus rules.

Note: This is only progressed to 9th level at this stage, with 10th level and above feats to be completed after PAX AU. This was abandoned when Paizo released a playtest version.

Class Basics – Witch

  • Key Ability: Intelligence
  • Hit Points: 6 + Con Bonus
  • Perception: Trained in Perception
  • Saving Throws: Trained in Fortitude and Reflex, Expert in Will
  • Skills: Trained in Occultism, Trained in two additional skills plus your intelligence modifier
  • Attacks: Trained in simple weapons and unarmed attacks
  • Defences: Trained in unarmoured defence
  • Class DC: Trained in witch class DC
  • Spells: Trained in occult spell attacks and occult spell DCs.

Witch Class Features

  • LEVEL 1
    • Cackle – As a witch, you can extend your spells through simple laughter (known as a Cackle), whether malevolent or joyous. See new Action Cackle.
    • Familiar – Have the Familiar feat (se Wizard (1) p209) at 1st level, the familiar also acts as a spellbook starting with the same number of spells as a wizard.
  • LEVEL 2
    • Witches Feats: At 2nd level and at every even level after gain a feat. If its a Hex, its base duration is 3 + Int mod and a creature can only be affected by a specific witches hex once per day. When a witch gains a Hex, they gain a focus (up to 3) which they use to cast the hex.
  • LEVEL 5
    • Magical Fortitude – at 5th level, become expert at fortitude saves.
  • LEVEL 7
    • Expert Spellcaster – at 7th level, become expert at occult spells.
  • LEVEL 9
    • Lightning Reflexes – At 9th level, become expert at reflex saves.
  • LEVEL 11
    • Alertness – at 11th level, become expert at perception.
    • Weapon Expertise – at 11th level, gain exert at simple weapons
  • LEVEL 13
    • Defensive Robes – at 13th level, become expert at unarmoured defence
    • Weapon Specialisation – at 13th level, deal an extra 2 damage if you are an expert, 3 if you’re a master, and 4 if your legendary
  • LEVEL 15
    • Master Spellcaster – at 15th level, become master at occult spells
  • LEVEL 17
    • Resolve – at 17th level, become a master at will saves
  • LEVEL 19
    • Legendary Spellcaster– at 19th level, become legendary at occult spells
    • Patron’s Gift– at 19th level, Gain a 10th level spell slot

[one-action] [AUDITORY] [SONIC]

Requirements You have at least one spell active that has a sustained duration and affects ones or more targets, and you are not fatigued.

You gain the effects of Sustaining a Spell with one or more targets of that spell, as long as the targets can hear you Cackle. As when Sustaining a Spell, Cackling for more than 10 minutes (100 rounds) ends the spell and makes you fatigued unless the spell lists a different maximum duration. If your Cackle is disrupted, the spell immediately ends.

Witch Feat List

The Feats are based on Minor Hex at 1st level, Major Hex at 10th level, and Grand Hex 18th level. Note: These are replaced by the playtest feats.

  • 2nd Level:
    • Beast of Ill Own Hex
    • Charm Hex
    • Descent Hex
    • Disguise Hex
    • Fortune Hex
    • Healing Hex
    • Misfortune Hex
    • Slumber Hex
    • Trackless Hex
    • Witches Cauldron
  • 4th Level:
    • Breathing Hex
    • Feral Speech Hex
    • Poison Steep
    • Tongues Hex
    • Witches Cackle
    • Witches Coven
    • Witches Nails
    • Witches Scent
  • 6th Level:
    • Evil Eye Hex
    • Levitate Hex
    • Unnerve Beasts Hex
    • Ward Hex
    • Witches Hair
  • 8th Level:
    • Blight Hex
    • Flight Hex
    • Scar Hex

Witch New and Updated Feats

Beast of Ill Omen Hex – Witches Feat 2

(2A) First creature that see’s your familiar is affected by the Bane (p320) spell if its within 60 ft. Gain the Bane spell to your known spells.

Charm Hex – Witches Feat 2

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the Charm (p232) spell, heightened to the character level, also gains Charm to your known spells.

Descent Hex – Witches Feat 2

(R) You can use a Hex to cast the Feather Fall (p337) spell, also gains Feather Fall to your known spells.

Disguise Hex – Witches Feat 2

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the Illusory Disguise (p345) spell, heightened to the character level, also gains Illusory Disguise to your known spells.

Fortune Hex – Witches Feat 2

(1A) Target gains 1 round of advantage on all rolls. 8th level this increases to 2 round, 16th level to 3 rounds.

Healing Hex – Witches Feat 2

(2A) Cast Heal (p343) on a single target, usable on them once per day, also gains Heal to your known spells

Misfortune Hex – Witches Feat 2

(1A) Will save to negate. Target gains 1 round of advantage on all rolls. 8th level this increases to 2 round, 16th level to 3 rounds.

Slumber Hex – Witches Feat 2

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the Sleep (p370) spell, also gains Sleep to your known spells.

Trackless Hex – Witches Feat 2

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the pass without trace (p356) spell, also gains pass without trace to your known spells.

Witches Cauldron – Witches Feat 2

You can use a cauldron to create alchemical elixirs. Your familiar gains two alchemical elixirs you can make in cauldron. You can choose to learn an elixir in place of your new spell when you gain a level. You can prepare up to your intelligence modifier in items per day. They last 24 hrs.

Breathing Hex – Witches Feat 4

(E) You can use a Hex to cast the water breathing (p384) spell. Gain water breathing to your known spells. When you use it as a hex on yourself you can sleep underwater. This also provides water breathing creatures with the ability to breath air.

Feral Speech Hex – Witches Feat 4

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the speak with animals (p325) spell. Gain speak with animals to your known spells.

Poison Steep – Witches Feat 4

Requirement: Witches Cauldron

Your familiar learns two poisons which you can put into food from your cauldron. This poison lasts for 24 hrs. You can learn a new poison in place of a spell when you gain a level. You can do this with your uses of witches cauldron, gaining an additional two uses of that ability per day. You can use this ability to make vials of poison like the alchemical elixirs that also only last 24 hrs.

Tongues Hex – Witches Feat 4

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the comprehend languages (p325), at 5th level heightened as normal, on self only. Gain comprehend languages to your known spells.

Witches Cackle – Witches Feat 4

(1A) extend the duration of existing hex’s within 30 ft by 1 round.

Witches Coven – Witches Feat 4

(D) see monster Coven entry. Can only have one active at a time.

Witches Nails – Witches Feat 4

Witch’s nails grow (or regrow) during a long rest. They can be used as slashing or piercing weapons using your unarmed attack dealing 1d6 damage.

Witches Scent – Witches Feat 4

Witch’s nose is able to follow the scent of children and immature animals.

Evil Eye Hex – Witches Feat 6

(1A) on a failed save you can choose to implement one of the following: Blinded, Clumsy (1), Confused, Dazzled, Deafened, Doomed (1), Enfeebled (1), Fascinated, Fatigued, Slowed (1), Stupefied (1). At 12th level this increases the base from (1) to (2) where appropriate.

Levitate Hex – Witches Feat 6

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the Levitate (p348) spell, also gains Levitate to your known spells.

Unnerve Beasts Hex – Witches Feat 6

(1A) Target becomes offensive to animals (Will saving throw). Animals in your presence will become distraught and aggressive. This will make the uncontrolled and they may buck, attack, run from this target. This lasts for a hour per point of Intelligence modifier. The animals are under a mind affecting charm affect, while the target of the hex is not.

Ward Hex – Witches Feat 6

(2A) provide Protection (p361) to one target, at 12th level increase the bonus by +1. Can only have one active at a time.

Witches Hair – Witches Feat 6

Witch’s can attack with their hair that grows out to 10 ft to attack a target. It takes one action to grow the hair and deals 1d6 damage. You need to concentrate each round as an action to keep the hair active. You can use the hair to manipulate objects as a limb.

Blight Hex – Witches Feat 8

(1A) Touch, Interact, cause the target an Affliction “Blight Animal”, “Blight Plant” or “Blight Land”. The conditions from the affliction cannot be cured while the curse is in effect.

Flight Hex – Witches Feat 8

(2A) You can use a Hex to cast the Fly (p339) spell, increasing to 1 hr at 13th level, also gains Fly to your known spells.

Scar Hex – Witches Feat 8

(1A) A will save to negate. You can curse a target to gain a personalised scar from you that is permanent until removed. You can scar a number of people up to your Intelligence modifier. A scared person increases the duration of hex’s by a round and decreases their saving throws against your spells and hex’s.


  • Blight AnimalSaving throw: Class DC, Onset: 1 day, Maximum Duration: Cursed, Stage 1: Fatigued, Drained 1, Stage 2: Drained 2, Stage 3: Drained 3, Doomed 1
  • Blight PlantSaving throw: Class DC, Onset: 1 day, Maximum Duration: Cursed, Stage 1: Fatigued, Drained 1, Stage 2: Drained 2, Stage 3: Drained 3, Doomed 1
  • Blight Land – Over a week, 10ft from the source of the blight with and die every day
  • Death CurseSaving throw: Class DC, Onset: 1 round, Maximum Duration: 3 rounds, Stage 1: Fatigued, Doomed 1, Stage 2: Doomed 2, Stage 3: Dying 1

Witch Hex’s Not Converted to Pathfinder 2

  • Major Hex
    • Agony (1A) within 30ft Fort Save, target is Sickened (1)
    • Hag’s Eye (E) as per Prying Eye, and your coven can see what you see if they are within 30ft
    • Major Healing (E) as per Restoration (p364)
    • Nightmares (E) as per Nightmare (p354)
    • Retribution (1A) Will negates, target take half the damage they deal.
    • Vision (E) as Read Omens (p363), except the target sees the vision and not you.
    • Waxen Image (3A) Will save on target within 30ft or target is controlled on the Witches turn and can cause the target to Attack, Move, drop anything or fall prone.
    • Weather Control (2A) as per Storm Lord (p400)
  • Grand Hex
    • Death Curse (1A) range 30ft apply the Death Curse affliction
    • Eternal Slumber (1A) Touch as per sleep, but without the ability to awaken without a wish or death of the witch
    • Forced Reincarnation (D) as Resurrect (p415), except works on a living creature and returns them to life in a new body of your choosing.
    • Life Giver (D) as Resurrect (p415)
    • Natural Disaster (3A) target and area, you cause an Earthquake (p334) and a Storm of Vengeance (p374) to occur centred on that location.

Concluding Thoughts

This is a rough estimate of what a I think the basic witch will look like after converting the details across from the advanced players guide.

Still to do for this is to convert over the Major and Grand Hex’s.

I have chosen to drop patron specific spells by granting spells known with Hex’s so you can custom your character based on you hex selection.

Update: The playtest covers this with only a couple of changes to what I had done. I am happy with my attempt.

Content Updates

  • 2021-07-30 – Cleaning up the look, and adding in links to make it easier to reference and read.
  • 2020-04-11 – Structure.
  • 2019-11-23 – Bringing the witch features in line with the playtest material. I was close to what the playtest was delivering so tweaking to match was not an issue. The feats here were my attempt before the playtest was ready but the rest was fairly accurate. Further development on this has halted until we trial the playtest version.
  • 2019-10-15 – Made hex’s use the focus rules.
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