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SW Adv Beginner Age of Rebellion

Star Wars – Adventure

Beginner Set – Age of Rebellion

Takeover at Whisper Base and Operation: Shadowpoint

Running the Game

  • FFG Age of Rebellion Beginner Game
  • Group: Friday (D&D Week)
  • Session 74 to 76 (3 sessions) – ended in failure
  • 9th October 2015 to 20th November 2015
  • Players:
    • John H – Frank (3),
    • Shannan D – Delatiide (3),
    • Fiona B – Bob (3),
    • Nathan L – Tibbs (2),
    • Mel D – Krasken (2),
    • Kristy C – Bishew (2),
    • Paul W – Coren (1)

Notes: The group decided to commit suicide instead of continue to play as all they wanted to do was abuse the force hoping to use force lighting and to force choke each other and the NPCs. From this session half of the players have not spoken to me again or remained in contact in anyway, showing they were friends of convenience for them only. Those players will never be allowed back in a game that I run due to lack of trust and maturity.

The Characters

9th October 2015 to 20th November 2015, 3 sessions

The pre-gens in the box are:

  • Ace (Human) – Zal
  • Engineer (Mon Calamari) – Tendaar
  • Soldier (Human) – Cael
  • Spy (Duros) – Vendri

The expanded characters from the website:

  • Commander (Bothan) – Arkhan
  • Diplomat (Human) – Jin-Rio

The characters are amazing and work well with the storyline.

Now this was the most interesting of the beginner adventure for me to run, as it included rebel, many side quests, and a final battle against the empire. Unfortunately my players were eager to do the force and destiny rules so killed off their characters early into the combat with the empire and found themselves replaced with other players who wanted to play the setting and respect it for force and destiny. I had given them many chances, but the last chance was lost when they told me they wanted to be force users to abuse the powers and kill and maim everything. They were also unhappy with my discussion about abuse of the force will lead to the empire sensing them (as part of the setting theme) if they used the force excessively. I had some rules in the works called “Awareness” which used some of obligation and duty to work with. These players then pulled out and have not heard from them since. I took a break from Star Wars and ran Fragged Empire and Traveller before coming back to Star Wars with a new group.

What Takeover at Whisper Base includes

The box comes with 4 pre-gen characters in folio’s, a set of dice, a map of an imperial base, an adventure teaching players how to run the setting and counters for characters to use on the map.

Adventure in the box is “Takeover at Whisper Base” which occurs on the planet Onderon. You get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Whisper Base Sentries
  • BX-2R “Toor” – Refitted Battle Droid
  • Launch Pad Guards
  • Stormtroopers (minions)
  • Scout Trooper Speeder Bike Pilot (minion)
  • Lieutenant Sarev (nemesis)

And the following vehicles:

  • Aratech 74-ZB
  • Slightly Rusted AT-ST Walker
  • Comm Station

What Operation: Shadowpoint includes

A free downloadable adventure Operation: Shadowpoint to complete the storyline. This also provides new rules of Duty for your rebel characters. You get to meet the following characters in the adventure (Rival unless specified):

  • Deil Kadru, Village Elder
  • Darrastead Villager (minion)
  • Beast Rider Warrior
  • Ruping
  • Gaav Fennro, Rebellion Intelligence Officer
  • Kavia Slen, Junk and Tech Dealer
  • Imperial Army Veteran Scout
  • Cannok (minion)
  • Boma
  • Immature Zakkeg (nemesis)
  • Mature Zakkeg (nemesis)
  • Moff Dardano’s Bodyguard
  • Moff Dardano (nemesis)

And the following vehicles:

  • T-16 Skyhopper
  • Retroffitted AT-AT
  • Modified TIE Bomber

Concluding Thoughts

After the issues of having players insisting on building their own characters (basically being a bully to the GM) this storyline had left a sour taste in my mouth as they went out of their way to be evil as both players and characters. Now this was not what I get into gaming for, and I have a rule number one now, no evil players or characters.

I have had people tell me I should have kicked them to the curb at the first point of disrespect. Well that is a choice, but at the time there were no players wanting to join a group. You do not always have as much power as a GM if the players state do it my way or all your preparation, money and time will be wasted.

My preference is to give them rope and let them hang themselves, and after leaving this game I have not heard from many of those players again, so while they professed friendship as a way of controlling the game, they were not really a friend and I have a list of players who can never rejoin my games that came about due to the antics I was forced to endure if I wanted to experience the star wars roleplaying game.

So partly a warning that I should have listened to those people and cut them loose, but I can honestly say I tried my best to work with them, to make a fun game and to experience most of the campaign. I would like to think on the positives, and maybe one day I might listen to the recordings of those sessions…

Content Updates

  • 2021-05-09 – Linked in more content and updated.
  • 2020-04-27 – Structure and content.
  • 2019-08-20 – Split off from the beginner game post.
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