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Gen 1 – Year 3

Ghost Cartels

sr-4e-gcc SR26302 Shadowrun Ghost Cartels Campaign
sr-4e-gcc SR26302 Shadowrun Ghost Cartels Campaign

Running the Season

Shadowrun Campaign from 18th January 2011 to 20th December 2011 covering 23 Sessions from Session 41 to 63 of the ongoing campaign.

  • Campaign: Gen 1 Runner
  • Season 3 (Sessions 41 to 63): Ghost Cartels
  • Year 3 (2011/2071) 23 Sessions – Ghost Cartels – Session 41 to 63. 23 Sessions from 18th January 2011 to 20th December 2011
  • Players: Martin – The Rabbit (21), Julie – Tatiana (18), Gavin – Sweets (13), Jeremy – Doyle (12) / Raja (9), Alex – Anat (9) / Parker (1), Justin – Micro dot (5) / Atum (8), Warwick – The Blade (6) / Lynch (5), Paul W – Canada (5), Phil – Phil (2), Paul B – Fisher (1) / Connar (1) / Quantum Tempest (1)

It is the year 2071 – Season Overview

This season introduces new characters, Canada, the genetic experiment, Anat and Atum the cyber armed strongmen, Lynch the awakened detective and Fisher the infiltrator.

This seasons plot lines have the Pixie Dust from season one come to prominence as its leads to a strange plant growing in south america that is wiped out with a Thor shot called in by many favours. It also dealt with Vampires in Roumania, Dante’s Inferno being a nightclub were bad things always seem to happen, Technomancers still wanted, and the magically active becoming thinner on the ground in Seattle than before. The annual death bike race is still going strong and finishes the season with an appearance of Harliquin in the background pulling strings. MS Security appears to have increased its knowledge of the matrix and all things technological as they find the head spirit has also become merged with a sprite in the digital world.

Season 3 – Ghost Cartels

Here there be vampire’s, real, imagined, and cosplayed. I did have a group of people cover themselves in glitter and drink wine around a table with plastic teeth, long black cloaks, jeans and t-shirts with slogans that don’t seem to mean anything. There were even a couple of speeches with “Blah da Blah Blah” added in there. This was in the middle of a relic hunt for some items stolen by vampires. The comment of “These are not the vampires we are looking for, move along” did happen more than once on those nights. Now the meaning behind this is not everything is as it seems, and what best way to hide vampires in a world that knows they exist than in plain sight, or behind a bunch of food that wishes to join them. They came so close to powerful beings who slept through their visit as they only entered during daylight. Some of the tropes can be true, if it suits the story and the players perceptions. This was also a link into the next season and artefact hunting bring a ongoing plot line.

The plot has them travelling outside of Seattle more this season, and they end up in New York City and bring down a couple of buildings to hide their tracks (and murders).

This is also the introduction of Dante’s Inferno (or as least the reason no one wants to return) as it becomes a mecha of Shadowrunner’s, Johnsons and opportunities. It is set up as a safer place to conduct business until trolls disguised as elves with magic, technomancers and hidden levels cause a lot of concern. It was introduced as a high end Shadowrunner meeting point, with a lot of danger, thrills and opportunities thrown in. I think some of the dangers were a little too much for some characters who kept having in game flashback issues when the club was mentioned. I am unsure if this meant it was successful, but it was thematic and the table enjoyed it.

A interesting aspect of this year is introduction of resonance animal and the cat Isis named after one of the gods of the Egyptians (not the terrorist group that would later make a name for itself in the real world). This cat joins the main house the characters associate with and eventually becomes a background member of the team. He is paid for in salmon, having berated them for trying to feed him tuna.

The Spiritual creature known as Mister Stabby, continues on to build up MS Security and defends the players main compound, as well as use them for defence of its assets.

Technomancers in the city are starting to hire the characters to help them advance their own agenda’s and protect them from interference.

The awakened drugs are causing trouble in the city this season, and players are confronted by them on the streets, in the clubs, and in the runs they are paid to do.

Awakened people in the city are starting to become extremely rare as magicians, and those who support them (like talismongers) are either moving away , closing shop, disappearing or turning up dead. Though this plotline was always on the outside of most game sessions being in the news, or related as a side note to their activities.

There was a lot of plots relating to the amnesia and how leaving it up to the games master generates a lots of different and unexpected story ideas. Basically every new encounter had a chance of relating to the ever increasing back story in some way. At times I would offer players a chance to expand it in the theme of the current session.

South America was a big part of the end of the year as the characters are heading towards stopping the threats of the Ghost Cartels.

The story ends with the dropping of a Thor shot (basically a hunk of metal flung from space) onto the awaken plants providing the core of the magical drinks and dust in Seattle. This was not before one of the characters had made some cuttings and secured a safe place for them to grow again out of sight of the other characters.

Looking at the Rules – Negative Qualities

This year highlighted the value of the flaws, drawbacks, disadvantages or negative qualities that can be taken during character creation for extra bonus to improve the character. This is where the amnesia story plot comes from, and we also have things like day job taking time away from character during the week, dependants create people your characters must look after, each of these characters have qualities that define them. The negative qualities are choices made by the players where they wish to have the games masters interact and challenge their character.

It is possible to buy off the negative quality, but that requires the game masters approval, and in most cases, a story reason on how you solved your issues in game. I normally don’t allow this unless the penalty was featured over at least ten sessions before the player tried to resolve it.

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