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sr-4e-em SR26011 4E EmergenceCampaign
sr-4e-em SR26011 4E Emergence Campaign

Running the Season

Shadowrun Campaign from 19th January 2010 to 7th December 2010 covering 21 Sessions from Session 20 to 40 of the ongoing campaign.

4th Edition

  • Campaign: Generation One Street
  • Season 2 (Sessions 20 to 37):
  • Source: Emergence
  • Year 2 (2010/2070) 18 Sessions – Emergence – Session 20 to 37. 18 Sessions from 19th January 2010 to 26th October 2010
  • Players: Justin – Micro dot (17), Warwick – The Blade (15), Martin – The Rabbit (15), Jeremy – Doyle (14) / Raja (12), Gavin – Sweets (12), Julie – Tatiana (2)

Anniversary Edition

  • Campaign: Generation One Runner
  • Season 2 (Sessions 38 to 40): Emergence
  • Year 2 (2010/2070) 3 Sessions – Emergence – Session 38 to 40. 3 Sessions from 9th November 2010 to 7th December 2010
  • Players: Justin – Micro dot (3), Warwick – The Blade (3), Martin – The Rabbit (3), Jeremy – Doyle (3) / Raja (3), Gavin – Sweets (3), Julie – Tatiana (3)

It is the year 2070 – Season Overview

This season introduces new characters, micro dot, a pixie who communes with the machines, The Blade, a human muscle for hire. The Rabbit, a human conspiracy theory nut with a love for combat and enhancement. Raja a weretiger who likes to break things. Sweets, a ork face who loves to crash at everyone else pad. And lastly Tatiana, a elf assassin with no background, at least not one she remembers. 

The season plot lines are Technomancers in peril as everyone wants to find out where their powers come from, get them off the streets, or just remove them from the world. The death bike race continues, with more vampire shenanigans and the magic community keep disappearing with few to no leads. Pixie dust gains sway in the city, in both drink and powder form, and the party witness a battle royal between two great dragons near New Zealand. A security firm known as MS Security makes an appearance where the party learns of the spirit Mr Stabby has taken an interest in protecting Doyle and his assets.

The season ends with an upgrade to the 20th Anniversary Edition of Shadowrun 4th Edition, any new characters are created at runner level.

Season 2 – Emergence

This year introduced a bunch of new characters and players who would them become the core of the Shadowrun players for the next nine years. One one character came over from the first year of play, and two who joined this year became my core of the group having most of the storylines tied into their characters in someway.

I had chosen to make the main plot lines relate to characters who attended the most sessions, this is a core to most of the campaigns that I run and makes it easier to know where to take the story. This is usually in the 75% of sessions (since they started playing with the group) or more statistics, as this is a good gauge of if they will be there long enough to make the effort put into writing and introducing season arching plot points to be worth the investment. I also encouraged these players to have alternate characters who could be brought into the game when we don’t have enough players, or for giving them alternate storyline ideas.

sr-4e-em SR26011 4E EmergenceCampaign
sr-4e-em SR26011 4E Emergence Campaign

So the plot lines created for this season, are the continuation of the magical drinks and powders which link in to Ghost Cartels. Then as they had complained about not having some of the darker sides of the setting, they started to receive assassination jobs know as wet work. I reintroduce the whole death track event and new players find the concept fun and decide the race was worth doing so it worked two years in a row. For a change of pace I introduced test piloting a turbine powered car through the streets of Seattle. Due to the Emergence storyline being set in this game year, there are quite a few sessions about the technomancers having recently come to the attention of the world, and how the are hated more than awakened (magic using) people as they can mess with machines and the way of life without being traceable.

They are hired for a run into the Aztechnology archology to deal with blood mages, reintroduced plot with jetBlack, vampires and music connections integrated with the emergence and experimentation on awaken with blood magic leading to one of the characters gaining the technomancer trait even though he was already awakened… this was a story plot that was available to any player in the group, just the only player interested in seeing the plot received the trait. I had expected one of the other characters to do so, and had even written plot, foreshadowing and early interactions for them, but player was not interested.

We also get introduced to a character with amnesia (because player didn’t want to write background) and every session from the point, a bit of her characters backstory was brought into the game. The trouble for the player was this, was it a true part of her backstory or someone (or thing) in the setting messing with her head. Everything introduced was put in place as if it was a true part of her story, even if it was inconsistent with other “true” elements she had encountered in the past. I loved this drawback, though the player wanted to buy it off, and I said they could once they produce a written background that ties in the elements in the game representing the fact she can now remember what happened before a certain date. This never happened…

This was a good point to switch over to the Anniversary edition of the game and I introduced magitech, a pair of magically enhanced guns and ammunition belonging to a mysterious figure in the game who went by the name “Unicorn” not to mixed up with “Unicron” which happened occasionally when I mistyped and there was a confusion of named after a legendary horse with a horn, or a planed that transformed into a humanoid who ate worlds and was the nemesis of the transformers. Either worked for the plot lines really.

I ended out this year of gameplay with more twists and turns in the abduction, disappearances and murder of awaken character in Seattle. This one had a dragon flavour to it.

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