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Gazetteer #13 – The Known World – The Shadowlands

(Also known as The Shadow Elves)

Source: The Shadow Elves (0e-gaz-13)

This is the thirteenth of the Gazetteers detailing the hated elves of the setting. The Shadow Elves. They are the equivalent of the Drow for the D&D Forgotten Realms setting, but with notable exceptions to their design.

Firstly they are not evil, they may not be good, but they are not evil as standard.

They are pale skinned, white haired elves and some with birthmarks seen as the touch of their god for destined greatness.

They have the same antagonistic hatred of the surface elves, being the boogy men of folk lore. Play nice little elvesies or the Shadow Elves will come and take you away.

They have all the drow abilities, but not the affinity with spiders in particular. Being an arachnophobic this was a good distinction.

They also have a technology edge most other cultures have not reached, thanks to a god who understands science and its value.

They live in the Shadowlands, under the countries of the known world (no underdark here) and exist in a kill or be killed relationship with other shadowland races.

Dark is the underworld. Darker are the lands of the Shadow Elves. Far underneath the rugged Broken Lands, even deeper than the deepest caverns of the trolls, live these pale-faced warriors. Their law is that of the Immortal Rafiel, and their mystical strength that is their Soul Crystals. Together they will guide people of the shadows to the lands under the sun.​

Shadowlands Character Options

Shadowlands in the Known World

Shadow Elves of the Known World – No Known Presence

The Shadowlands are located under the nations of the known world.

Shadowbound – their homelands.
Dwarf: Stone – they delved too far.

Locations of Note

Shadow Elves live in the Shadowlands

Elven Clans of the Shadowlands





Section still under development

Blood (Scattenalfen) – a group of fiend worshiping elves.
Shadow – a group of elves in the darkness.
Spirit – another group of elves in the darkness.

Darkness – homeland of these secretive people.

Deep – their homelands.

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline

Phase One (Levels 1-5)

AC 1000 (Tier 1 – Level 1)

TimelineAC 1000Shadowlands

Shadowlands Escape – Waking up as prisoners in a foreign land under the earth. (Out of the Abyss)

Still to be Edited
(GAZ13) Contraband. Guard duty through the Shadowlands.

AC 1001 (Tier 1 – Level 2)

TimelineAC 1001Shadowlands

Shadowlands Refuge – A long harrowing journey in the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

AC 1002 (Tier 1 – Level 3)

TimelineAC 1002Shadowlands

Shadowlands Journey – After learning to survive in the Shadowlands, it is now time to journey home after discovering a clue on how to get there. (Out of the Abyss)

Still to be Edited
Shadowlands MineOut of the Abyss – Gracklstugh – Finding the Dark Dwarves and making deals might lead to a way home.
(GAZ13) Spider Hunt! – Spiders from the Blood elves are causing trouble and various groups try and deal with it.
The Blight – City of Paradise – Gea’s End

AC 1003 (Tier 1 – Level 4)

TimelineAC 1003Shadowlands

Still to be Edited
Shadowlands Upwards BoundOut of the Abyss – Neverlight Grove – The home of the Myconids
Shadowlands Salvation – Out of the Abyss – Blingdenstone, home of the deep gnomes.

AC 1004 (Tier 1 – Level 5)

TimelineAC 1004Shadowlands

Still to be Edited
Shadowlands Sunrise Out of the Abyss – Escape from the Shadowlands – A way out leads to Rockhome
(mdt) Hungry Waystation – A place in the darkness where people can rest.
(mdt) Trade is Out Sword – Toll for travel.
Rise of the Drow – Descent into the Underworld
Tales of the Old Margrave – The Griffon Hatchling Heist

Phase Two (Levels 6-10)

AC 1005 (Tier 2 – Level 6)

TimelineAC 1005Shadowlands

Still to be Edited
(mdt) Abandoned Shrine – A safe haven in the darkness.

AC 1006 (Tier 2 – Level 7)

TimelineAC 1006Shadowlands

Still to be Edited
(GAZ13) Follow the Patsy – An academic who wants to explore the shadowlands and has hired some guides.
Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
Tales of the Old Margrave – Blood and Thorns

AC 1007 (Tier 2 – Level 8)
TimelineAC 1007Shadowlands

Thanatos and the Azcans – The dark elves of the hollow world travel to the surface world guiding travellers to the inner world.

Thanatos and the Nithians – Long dormant creatures of worlds core are awake and moving, consuming all in their path.

Rumours Only
The Day Magic Died
– The quiet in the dark, no war, no conquest, no skirmishes, just the quiet before the storm.

Still to be Edited
(GAZ13) Something Rotten in the Warrens – This is causing pollution in the main water source, and for the people to live it needs to be cleaned up.
The Rise of the Drow – The Scourge of Embla

AC 1008 (Tier 2 – Level 9)
TimelineAC 1008Shadowlands

Still to be Edited

AC 1009 (Tier 2 – Level 10)

TimelineAC 1009Shadowlands

Shadowlands Audience – The dwarven King of Rockhome is seeking adventures with knowledge of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

Still to be Edited
DAZ13 – Death in Darokin – As part of their operations, they are starting to deal with key positions in Darokin City.

Phase Three (Levels 11-15)

AC 1010 (Tier 3 – Level 11)

TimelineAC 1010Shadowlands

War in the Shadowlands – Part One – War of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

Still to be Edited
Rise of the Drow – Usurper of Souls

AC 1011 (Tier 3 – Level 12)

TimelineAC 1011Shadowlands

War in the Shadowlands – Part Two – War of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

AC 1012 (Tier 3 – Level 13)

TimelineAC 1012Shadowlands

War in the Shadowlands – Part Three – War of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

Still to be Edited
Rise of the Drow – Commander of Malice

AC 1013 (Tier 3 – Level 14)

TimelineAC 1013Shadowlands

War in the Shadowlands – Part Four – War of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

Still to be Edited
GAZ13 – Crown of Corruption – In the Desert of Lost Souls an artefact of power is rediscovered.

AC 1014 (Tier 3 – Level 15)

TimelineAC 1014Shadowlands

War in the Shadowlands – Part Five – War of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

Phase Four (Levels 16-20)

AC 1015 (Tier 4 – Level 16)

TimelineAC 1015Shadowlands

War in the Shadowlands – Part Six – War of the Shadowlands. (Out of the Abyss)

AC 1016 (Tier 4 – Level 17)
AC 1017 (Tier 4 – Level 18)
AC 1018 (Tier 4 – Level 19)

TimelineAC 1018Shadowlands


Notes from the Mini Gazetteer Campaign

This campaign was never played by my group as they wanted to get stuck into the storyline.

Notable changes to the setting:
– They are Drow, but not evil, bound to demons, or using spider motifs. They also have albinoism instead of being dark skinned.
– They have access to technology unknown to most of the world.
– This setting is good to keep the rest of it secret from my players so less is more in context of this blog.

Content Updates

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  • 2019-12-11 – Added in Timeline for AC 1000.
  • 2019-11-28 – Updating races and religions found in the region.
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