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Gazetteer #8 – The Known World – The Five Shires

Source: The Five Shires (gaz8)

Home of the Halfling, the five shires are a collection of interconnected settlements each symbolising ones of the five elemental branches of the halfling origins.

Halfling from here have lost a lot of their culture due to invasion from Orcs and Dwarves and have a racial hatred of both races.

​Humans (and other races) call them “halflings”, and tend not to take the little folk too seriously. They look like children, so they get treated like children – distrusted, underestimates, or just plain ignored.​ ​

But there’s much more to the hin (as the halflings call themselves) than petty thievery and childish pranks. They are a tough, mature people, proud of their legacy of centuries of survival in the face of indifference and outright persecution from other races.​

Five Shires Character Options

Note: Halfling is no longer a known language in this region.

Five Shires in the Known World

The Five Shires in the Known World

Located to the south and east of Darokin, to the west of Karameikos and to the north of Ierendi and Minrothad.

Races of the Region:

Locations of Note

Eastshire (Darkness)

Heartshire (Fire)

Highshire (Earth)

Seashire (water)

Southshire (Air)

The Five Shires

Section of Notes Still Under Construction

Bronze – Found near the coast.
Gold – Found in High Shire.
Silver – Found in High Shire.

Forest – Small groups of gnomes live in the forest in the shire, but are not part of the community.

Ghostwise – scattered through the shires, except no native halfling language.
Lightfoot – living mainly in the cities and towns, except no native halfling language.
Seacalled – living mainly along the rivers and coasts, except no native halfling language.
Stout – living mainly in the town and farmlands, except no native halfling language.
Winterfolk – living in the mountains on the northern borders of the shire, except no native halfling language.

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline

Phase One (Levels 1-5)

AC 1000 (Level 1)
  • TimelineAC 1000Five Shires
  • Still to be Edited
    • <-> (GAZ8) Wereskalot Watch. Rumours of Orcs in the nearby mountains causes patrols to be sent out by the Sheriff of the region.
AC 1001 (Level 2)
AC 1002 (Level 3)
  • TimelineAC 1002Five Shires
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ8) The Old Sword – An old hin tells a tale of a lost sword of power and where it might be found.
AC 1003 (Level 4)
  • TimelineAC 1003Five Shires
    • Mystery of the Travelling Dragonborn – Part 1 – Travelling from Darokin City in three caravans. On headed North, though Ethengar and into the Heldannic Territories. One Headed South, into the Five Shires, through Karameikos, then Thyatis and up the coast of Ylaruam and the Northern Reaches before reaching the Norwold Region. The Last caravan headed east into Ylaruam, then up into Rockhome and out into the Northern Reaches before making it unto the Norwold Region.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ8) The Bones Out Back – The Black Eagle conducts another raid leaving behind something strange.
AC 1004 (Level 5)
  • TimelineAC 1004Five Shires
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ8) The Green Cloak – A daring thief who is only known for wearing of a green cloak is making trouble in the Shires. The Sheriff are asking for assistance.

Phase Two (Levels 6-10)

AC 1005 (Level 6)
  • TimelineAC 1005Five Shires
    • Mystery in Ringrise – Miners are going missing in the town of Ringrise. The Shires Sheriff has assigned one of their deputies to investigating the missing people.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ8) The Harpooned Halfling Happenings – Glantrian are sneaking into the country side and abducting halflings, a task force is created to stop them and recover the lost hin.
AC 1006 (Level 7)
AC 1007 (Level 8)
  • TimelineAC 1007Five Shires
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The Knight’s Rivett Inn expands out to Akesoli (Darokin), Glantri City (Glantri), Selenica (Darokin), Shireton (Five Shires) with services to its employees at each site.
    • Mystery in Ringrise – After the heroes failed to complete their promise to the fire orcs of Ringrise, tensions mount in the region.
    • The Day Magic Died – All the hin masters gether in Shireton to discuss the worst news in their history.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ8) Brigands in the Backlands – The Black Eagle has sent in more brigands that need to be dealt with.
AC 1008 (Level 9)
AC 1009 (Level 10)
  • TimelineAC 1009Five Shires
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event U – Spring 1006 – The Master is Hammered – The forces of the Five Shires, Alfheim and Karameikos come to the aid of Darokin City.
    • GAZ8 – The Burning Ring – A magical ring of death, brining to light some of the darker practices of the hin.

Content Updates

  • 2021-10-25 – Added in AC 1008 and AC 1009 with a timeline layout cleanup.
  • 2020-10-02 – More intro from Realm Works transfer.
  • 2020-08-06 – Timeline Cleanup.
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  • 2019-12-24 – Added in Timeline for AC 1002.
  • 2019-12-17 – Added in Timeline for AC 1001.
  • 2019-12-11 – Added Timeline for AC 1000.
  • 2019-11-28 – Racial and religious updates.
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