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Gazetteer #5 – The Known World – The Elves of Alfheim

Source: The Elves of Alfheim (0e-gaz-05)

0e-gaz-05 Alfheim
0e-gaz-05 gaz5 D&D BECMI Alfheim

Character Options

Alfheim in the Known World

Alfheim in the Known World

Located within the borders of the Republic of Darokin. West of Rockhome, North of the Five Shires and Karameikos and South of The Broken Lands and Ethengar.

Locations of Note

Temple of the Siswa: Located in the forest near Selenica.

Great Elven Clans of Alfheim

  • Chossum Elves – (Elves of Air – Nomadfey)
  • Erendyl Clan – (Elves of Earth – Woodfey)
  • Feadil Clan – (Elves of Fire – Sunfey)
  • Grunalf Clan – (Elves of Earth – Wildfey)
  • Longrunner Clan – (Elves of the Elements – Seasonfey)
  • Mealidil Clan – (tba)
  • Red Arrow Clan – (tba)

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline

Phase One (Levels 1-5)

AC 1000 (Tier 1 – Level 1)
  • TimelineAC 1000Alfheim
    • Introduction to Alfheim – A mini campaign introducing the wonder of the elven forest. After spending ten years in the shade of a clan’s Tree of Life, a group of elves have earned their adult name and are called to protect the forest.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC1) A Night out on the Forest. Encountering the different cultures of the elven forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Hallow
AC 1001 (Tier 1 – Level 2)
  • TimelineAC 1001Alfheim
    • Mystery of the Dead Elf – A elven student Troikithus gain access to the records of the library of Alfheim relating to the clan of Ellerovyn.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC1) The Lost Seneschal – A missing tax collector for a lord in a domain bordering the elven forest.
    • <-> Dwarven Woe – A bunch of dwarven children a causing havoc in the western edge of the forest.
    • (dwt) Chop Chop! – A logging site has started to cause issues.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Honey Queen
AC 1002 (Tier 1 – Level 3)
  • TimelineAC 1002Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) Follow that Orc! – A Guardian of the Trees of Life asks for an investigation into unusual movements of an Orc in Alfheim City.
    • (dwt) The Blight – Issues with a sacred tree.
    • (dwt) Lair of the Mad Druid – people are disappearing in the forest.
    • The Rise of the Drow – The Darkest Dawn
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Vengeful Heart
    • Tome of Beasts II Lairs – The Twisted Wreath
AC 1003 (Tier 1 – Level 4)
  • TimelineAC 1003Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) Defend the Weir – Monsters are breaking out of the weir and your called in to strengthen the defences.
    • (PC1) The Hanging Hideout – A wood drake has taken something from the treekeepers.
    • (dwt) The Burning Tree of Coilltean Grove – a sacred grove is burning.
    • Rise of the Drow – The Darkest Revealed
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Challenge of the Fang
AC 1004 (Tier 1 – Level 5)
  • TimelineAC 1004Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Missing Artefact – A treekeepers artefact has been stolen and needs to be recovered quickly and quietly.
    • (mdt) The Queen’s Estuary – Spirits of the forest causing mischief.
    • (mdt) The Kabandha’s Request – Treants in the forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende

Phase Two (Levels 6-10)

AC 1005 – (Tier 2 – Level 6)
  • TimelineAC 1005Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) Rough Play – Dwarves known as the Thorns are causing further mischief.
    • (mdt) The Dragon Queen’s Sanctuary – A shrine to the dragon gods has gone silent.
    • (mdt) Campsite in the Haunted Forest – something bad is happening in the woods.
    • (mdt) Entrance to the Forest Maze – a path deeper into the forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Gall of the Spider Crone
AC 1006 (Tier 2 – Level 7)
  • TimelineAC 1006Alfheim
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The Knight’s Rivett Inn expands out to Alfheim City (Alfheim), Akorros (Darokin), Corunglain (Darokin), Tothmeer (Five Shires) with services to its employees at each site.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC1) Sith Bruaich – A legendary haunted hill on the edge of the forest starts to wake.
    • To Catch a Unicorn Special Edition
AC 1007 (Tier 2 – Level 8)
  • TimelineAC 1007Alfheim
    • The Day Magic Died – The trees of life stopped talking, communicating or protecting the elves, causing much concern in the nation.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) The Ten Mother Trees of Life – A treekeeper needs you investigate the known trees, and to account for the missing tree’s. Something is going wrong with them.
    • (CM7) The Tree of Life – A clan treekeeper needs heroes to investigate the mother tree of life.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Grandmother’s Fire
AC 1008 (Tier 2 – Level 9)
  • TimelineAC 1008Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – Cross and Double-Cross – Shadowlands elves are stirring trouble in the elven forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Grandmother’s Fire
AC 1009 (Tier 2 – Level 10)
  • TimelineAC 1009Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event U – Spring 1006 – The Master is Hammered – The forces of the Five Shires, Alfheim and Karameikos come to the aid of Darokin City.
    • GAZ5 – Assassins – Shadowlands elves are terrorising the forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Heart of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Vengeful Dragon

Phase Three (Levels 11-15)

AC 1010 (Tier 3 – Level 11)
  • TimelineAC 1010Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event W – Fall 1006 – Twisted Trees of Alfheim – The trees of Alfheim are becoming twisted and dark in the aftermath of the masters curse.
    • GAZ5 – The Plot – a major conspiracy from the Shadowlands comes to fulfilment.
AC 1011 (Tier 3 – Level 12)
  • TimelineAC 1011Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Root of the Trouble – Looking into the issues that are causing the tree’s of the nation to twist and become darker and more sinister.
AC 1012 (Tier 3 – Level 13)
  • TimelineAC 1012Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • PC1 – A Quiet Day Spent Fishing – Magical talking fish and the creatures of the fey await.
AC 1013 (Tier 3 – Level 14)
  • TimelineAC 1013Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – A New Holding – A chance to hold the corruption at bay bring a new domain into the forests.
    • PC1 – Cattle of the March – A famous cattle farm on the edge of the forest is cursed.
AC 1014 (Tier 3 – Level 15)
  • TimelineAC 1014Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Tome of Beasts II Lairs – Towers of the Three Regents
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZG – Fall 1007 – Alfheim is No More – The ability for the forest elves to hold their own nation against underground attack has become too much.
    • CM8 – Endless Stair – A tomb sealed by magic long ago is now accessible with the elves magic failing.

Phase Four (Levels 16-20)

AC 1015 (Tier 4 – Level 16)
  • TimelineAC 1015Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Nithian Lich – A forgotten foe is awakened by the corruption
    • PC1- A Blight on the Forest – The forest is dying, the elves have left, what is left is in shadow
AC 1016 (Tier 4 – Level 17)
  • TimelineAC 1016Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Great Hunt – The king is hunted through his former lands.
AC 1017 (Tier 4 – Level 18)
  • TimelineAC 1017Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – Into the Bad Magic Point – A link to the Sphere of Entropy Is going out of control and threatens to drag the world with it.
AC 1018 (Tier 4 – Level 19)
  • TimelineAC 1018Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals: – Event ZZ – Fall 1009 – The Week Without Magic – The Glantrians activate their device and all magic in the world is gone for a week
AC 1019 (Tier 4 – Level 20)

Phase Five (Levels 21-25)

AC 1020 (Tier 5 – Level 21)
  • TimelineAC 1020Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • The land that was once Alfheim is now a nation of dark and twisted tree ruled by the pale, xenophobic Shadow Elves.
    • Elven quest for immortality

Section of Notes still under Construction

Gold – found near the lakes.
Green – found in or near the forest.

Forest (Wood Elves) – The woodly realm was run by wood elves, as at the centre of every clan (even the high elves) was a Tree of Life that supported all elves as a gift from their Immortal guardian Ilsundal god of the elves.
Slyvan (Eladrin) – The fey kind, or most mischievous of the elven clans, have the least in common with the forest and only arrive as visitors, not having a clan of their own in this forest.
Sun (High Elves) – The high magic support for the forest is provided by the clans of high elves, they also seek more communication with the outside world and those clans that are found outside the forest.

Forest – in the darker regions of the forest.

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