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Gazetteer #5 – The Known World – The Elves of Alfheim

Source: The Elves of Alfheim (0e-gaz-05)

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  • The People – The elves of Alfheim are stuck up folk who don’t have the time of day for anyone without no pointy ears. They livve in trees and just spend their whole time wandering around the forest pickin’ flowers ‘n stuff.

Alfheim in the Known World

Alfheim in the Known World

Located within the borders of the Republic of Darokin. West of Rockhome, North of the Five Shires and Karameikos and South of The Broken Lands and Ethengar.

Locations of Note

Mystara Alfheim 8m

Capital Alfheim Town (Alfheim(0,0))

TownsAinsun (Alfheim(5,3)), Desnae (Alfheim(-2,6)), Elleromyr (Alfheim(6,-5)), Feador (Alfheim(-9,21)), Mealidor (Alfheim(-1,11)), Pinitel (Alfheim(-6,16)), Shieldtree (Alfheim(-1,-6)),

Bad MagicDragontree (Alfheim(-7,1)), Stalkbrow (Alfheim(-9, 15)), Thornbush (Alfheim(3,5)),

Good MagicAlgorn’s Last Stand (Alfheim(13,24)), Dewdrop (Alfheim(5, 1)), Dreamland (Alfheim(0,-8)), Glowtree (Alfheim(-9,13)), Goblinpark (Alfheim(-4,11)), Ironbark (Alfheim(3,-5)), Misthaven (Alfheim(6,7)), Shadowdown (Alfheim(-4,17)), Turnclaw (Alfheim(-6,7)),

OtherSump and Weir (Alfheim(3,-1)), Temple of the Siswa (Alfheim(?))

Ainsun – Elven Town – Population: 500 – Alfheim(5,3) – The clan Grunalf holding is the center for forestry and woodlore among the elves. Somewhat isolated in the North Woods part of the Canolbarth (not far from Black Lake), Ainsun is the center for the study of the natural aspects of the magic forest, as well as the ways in which they can be changed through the use of forestry and magic. In addition to the small industry of forming and trimming saplings to become rakes and pitch forks for export, the Grunalfs have a modest logging operation which selectively harvests dying ancients among the oaks, exporting the lumber to Alfheim Town. Here too is a center for boating and navigation of Alfheim’s river system. Ainsun is distinguished by its woodsy character, reflected in the smallness of its buildings and the way that they blend in with the natural lines and colors of the Home Trees.

Algorn’s Last Stand – Good Magic – Alfheim(13,24) – This site is named for the great Treekeeper Algorn, who aspired to the path of the Immortals and failed and protected by clan Feadiel. According to reliable lore, Algorn is actually embodied as a Tree of Life growing in the midst of this magic pocket. Certainly, the tree itself bears a great resemblance to a wooden statue of an elf. Algorn was conducting magical research to an unknown end at a newly discovered, unnamed magic point. Possibly he was attempting to establish direct communication with some Immortal for purposes unknown; years after he was last heard from, a new Tree of Life was noticed here which resembled an elf not unlike Algorn the Wizard. In spite of this “coincidence,” Algorn’s Last Stand is still a good place to cast contact higher plane and other divination spells. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Divinologist, Spyologist and Celestologist Secret Crafts.

Desnae – Elven Town – Population: 2,500 – Alfheim(-2,6) – This is home to clan Chossum, Alfheim’s mercantile elves. Centrally located and on the direct river route to Alfheim Town, Desnae is known for its warehouses, (built on the ground – even the elves know when it’s too much work to haul something up into a tree only to have to lower it down again), shops and counting houses. The character of the city is best expressed as neat and tidy. The industrious masters of elven commerce tread a fine line between conservative shabbiness and the sort of gaudy display which wastes money. A few non-elven traders are occasionally invited up-river from Alfheim Town to visit the real heart of elven commerce.

Dewdrop – Good Magic – Alfheim(5, 1) – This point is renowned for the particularly clear aspect of the air and its connection to clan Grunalf. Sunlight filtering through the trees seems unattenuated by the dust and pollen in the air, while at the same time, each mote of dust floating in the air is clearly and intensely visible against the sky. Dewdrop is a place for both detection spells, and higher order spells. Crystal balls used here seem to have an unlimited range, and visions through them are as clear as the air in the magic pocket itself. The clarity of vision also extends to a clarity of mind. Spellcasters who tarry here can learn and retain spells as if they were prepared spellcasters of much higher level. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Divinologist and Spyologist Secret Crafts.

Dragontree – Bad Magic – Alfheim(-7,1) – Dragontree is located in southern Alfheim, near the Darokin border and functions much like Thornbush. The monsters from Dragontree are mostly land creatures, with occasional flyers. Dragontree is so named because most dragons summoned by the bad magic sites come from here. The clan Red Arrow is responsible for this site. Warbands of elven soldiers are stationed near here, and on the other side of the border, regiments of Darokinian troops wait to repel those monsters which head south into Darokin. As a friendly gesture, the elves reimburse Darokin for the cost of maintaining these troops. Dragontree is a great, thinly forested, hilly grove which offers little to impede the traveller by day (except for any monsters which may still be lurking about). At night, however, the wood is a dangerous place, “alive” with non-corporeal undead creatures (several phantom apparitions, and a revenant with attending spectres) which rise and seek to harm any who are so foolish as to tempt Dragontree’s dangers. Few scholars drop by at night to study the secrets of Dragontree. Evil magic areas similar to Thornbush and Dragontree are also found in the Broken Lands and other monster-ridden places. As well as its connection to Chaosologist and Voidologist, it is also connected to Dragonologist Secret Crafts.

Dreamland – Good Magic – Alfheim(0,-8) – Dreamland occupies an area at the western tip of the Canolbarth, roughly in the form of a square, 1/2 mile on a side and under protection of clan Red Arrow. It does not appear different from any other stretch of the giant forest and its properties had to be discovered by chance. For nearly a 1,000 years now, Dreamland has been recognized as a unique elven treasure, and is well appreciated for its marvelous qualities. In this area, elves go to shed the cares and stresses of a hundred or more years of living, then return to their normal lives free of stress. Elves regularly make pilgrimages to the spot. Dreamland is always an early stop for adventurer elves when they return to the Canolbarth. This areas effects do not remove memories or experience, but merely render them less stressful. Warning: non-elves who have rested in Dreamland have emerged with drastic personality changes. There is no way to predetermine how much of a change will occur or how it will affect someone. No elves live in Dreamlands, although the nearby clan center of Shieldtree is a popular staging area for pilgrimages. In wartime, elf generals take care not to let battles occur here, lest this most useful magic pocket change its powers. Spells of mind control are easy to cast and learn here. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Mentologist Secret Crafts

Elleromyr – Elven Town – Population: 3,000 – Alfheim(6,-5) – Located in the extreme western edge of the forest, this is the home of clan Erendyl, who have some ties to elves in Glantri. In addition to the celebrated foreign connection, Elleromyr is the crafts center of Alfheim, home to many important wood-carvers and other renowned artists and artisans. Of all the clans, the Erendyl have developed the most ties with elves in foreign places. The master crafters here have some of the most celebrated workshops in the land and attract the most talented of apprentices, as well as the rich dilettantes of the nobility who take half a century or so off from court life to dabble in the arts. The town walls have been strengthened in recent decades in response to raiders who attack along the open face of Alfheim in an effort to strike at this rich prize of Elfdom. The new Elleromyr Militia is equipped with the richest crafted armor, the best imported dwarven blades and the most elegant (and deadly) of native elven weaponry, all bought with the money from this wealthy community.

Feador – Elven Town – Population: 1,000 – Alfheim(-9,21) – The home of clan Feadiel is located at the narrow eastern end of the forest near the mysterious lakes of Selinar. Feador is especially noted as a center for the study of Trees of Life, with an extensive library of genealogies, magic lore and the like. It is ironic that it was the Tree of Feadiel which was first subject to the sorcerer Moorkroft’s evil attack (see adventure CM7 – Tree of Life). Feador is distinguished by its especially large and well-tended Tree of Life (unique in that it is a daughter of the Sylvan Realm Tree of Life, and not one of Mealiden’s copies) and by its beautiful Palace of Tree Magic.

Glowtree – Good Magic – Alfheim(-9,13) – This area is characterized by trees that glow noticeably and is under the control of clan Longrunner. At night, the glow is equivalent to strong torchlight, quite picturesque in the rain. The colors of the glow vary from tree to tree, including all of the colors of the rainbow in equal proportions. In the shadowy daytime forest, the glow is also noticeable. Glowtree is noted for its sensitivity to light spells and the construction of healing potions and other curative magic items. As with most major sites, the large numbers of elves practicing magic here or nearby will have their prowess enhanced considerably. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Healologist and Starologist Secret Crafts.

Goblinpark – Good Magic – Alfheim(-4,11) – This is another invasion site of sorts under the control of clan Mealidil. Nearly 300 years ago, a great host of nearly 10,000 goblins (actually creatures from another world with a family resemblance to goblins) just appeared here. Elven sages suspect that the creatures may have been fleeing an overwhelming enemy in an alternate universe. Through the expenditure of great power they blindly opened a magical gate into Alfheim. The goblins simply milled around, lacking leaders, supplies, and adequate survival knowledge. They attacked any elves they found, and tried to survive on captured supplies. Eventually, the goblins were wiped out, but the spot where they appeared remains a benign magic point. Even so, there is a dark side to Goblinpark. The foe that drove the goblins to Alfheim learned their destination and now constantly seeks to break through. The magic of the forest works to keep it out, but if it should change or weaken … Nevertheless, this is a good spot for teleportation or any sort of creation magic. Teleport spells cast from Goblinpark always send the person or goods being sent to the intended destination, with no recorded instances of error. However, those who have used it recently have sensed something dark, cold and evil in that instant of “betweenness” before arriving at their destination. Unknown to the elves, the goblins’ foe draws closer and becomes stronger each time a transportation spell is used here. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Portologist and Craftologist Secret Crafts

Ironbard – Good Magic – Alfheim(3,-5) – Ironbark is a site made magical by the stress of battle and slaughter and under control of clan Erendyl. While a great battle is not necessary to create a magic point, the magic of the forest cannot always shrug off the intense magical energy released during major conflicts; sometimes it absorbs, modifies, and incorporates the magical energy into itself. In this case, an army of Darokin bandits allied with spellcasting mercenaries from Glantri were met by elven troops who used magic to speed their horses into battle. Fireballs, flaming oil, and the general mayhem all took their toll on the giant trees. As usual, the forest protection spells worked to keep the trees alive. Then something truly unusual happened. Each time the invaders attacked with magic, the spell failed and the forest grew stronger, visibly regenerating damage. When the trees were completely reconstructed, more spells from the enemy simply strengthened the trees, making them bigger and thickening their bark. Now, Ironbark is a battlesite of choice for elven generals. Ironbark retains the property of reversing hostile magic. So far, no army has attacked the forest here to experiment with the casting of healing magic to see if it would damage the trees. Ironbark is a good place to cast dispel magic or any type of reversal magic. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Protectologist and Preserveologist Secret Crafts.

Mealidor – Elven Town – Population: 1,500 – Alfheim(-1,11) – This is the home of clan Mealidil. This is the cultural center of Alfheim, the home of music, literature, style, sophistication, and the records of elf history for millenia back in time. There are records in Mealidor which would shed light on the histories of most of the nations of the Mystara game world – knowledge which might well be damaging to the ruling classes of many countries; it’s just as well that most scholars don’t know of these records. They are also quite inaccessible, hidden as they are in the heart the forest. The elves of Mealidor do not welcome would-be library users; only once or twice in a century have they admitted non-Clan members, let alone another race like humans to examine the archives. Mealidor is distinguished by the huge Library Tree, a rare combination Sentinel and Home Tree, housing the entire library with capacity for another 1,000 years’ records. Outside of the Library District, Mealidor has examples of the architectural fads of the last 1,500 years in mad juxtaposition throughout the limbs of its Home Trees. Bright colors and exuberant building shapes make Mealidor a classic example of the archetypal elven town.

Misthaven – Good Magic – Alfheim(6,7) – Misthaven is named for the permanent silvery mist which hangs in the place day and night and under control of clan Grunalf. The mist seems to soak up the sunlight during the day and then glows with a silvery light at night – such that the lighting here is consistent day and night. Misthaven aids the casting of spells related to confusion, concealment, transportation, movement, and teleportation. With the right magic (or the wrong luck), it is possible to walk into Misthaven normally and walk out of the place to locations hundreds or even thousands of miles away. The reverse trick, entering Misthaven from afar, is the subject of covert research both in Alfheim and in places who covet the elf haven’s magic. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Darkologist, Mentologist, Portologist, Skyologist and Witchologist Secret Crafts.

Pinitel – Elven Town – Population: 1,500 – Alfheim(-6,16) – This is the colorful home of clan Longrunner, the magic specialists of Alfheim. Several schools of elven magic are established here and it is recognized as the best place for adventurer-elves to go for advanced magical training. The citizens of Pinitel are known far and wide for their insistence on forester dress and their always immaculate appearance. Pinitel is further distinguished by the overbuilt Home Trees which form the magic schools (they are ordinarily sized home trees which have had too many rooms built on them, and maintain their integrity only through magical strengthening).

Shadowdown – Good Magic – Alfheim(-4,17) – This is a place of enhanced shadows, where the midday sun seen even from the highest Sentinel Tree is muted and cool, under control of clan Longrunner. The lack of light has little effect on the mighty oaks, but the smaller plants on the forest floor have been stunted by the low light level. Even the nighttime star constellations are dimmed here. Shadowdown strengthens darkness spells and aids most potion and poison manufacture. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Darkness, Earthologist and Alchemologist Secret Crafts.

Shieldtree – Elven Town – Population: 2,000 – Alfheim(-1,-6) – The home of clan Red Arrow is the best fortified of the elven clan sites. Shieldtree lies along the traditional invasion route into Alfheim, and the Red Arrow clan specializes in training warrior-elves and in drilling troops from other clans. Adventurer elves who seek to improve their fighting skills return to Shieldtree for training. Shieldtree is distinguished by the double-thick log palisade and the intricate gates and outworks which have been constructed over the centuries. Attacks and raids on Alfheim within the last 50 years have tended to avoid Shieldtree in favor of other, more roundabout routes to the less perfectly defended portions of the Canolbarth.

Stalkbrow – Bad Magic – Alfheim(-9, 15) – Little is known about this area, as it does not lie near human lands and its creations do not leave the forest. Elven magicians know that the evil from Stalkbrow often takes forms other than just monsters. It frequently creates emanations which interfere with spell casting or have even worse effects, such as magically spreading ideas of evil, mischief, or strife among the elves and their neighbors. Stalkbrow is in the middle of the the great forest, at the Southern end of the Vorsh Plains (a mostly unforested area – see the color fold-up map of Alfheim). The magic usually centers at a pair of brow-like hills, but frequently drifts up to five miles away from the hills. The drifting nodes carry with them a vague, mirage-like image of the central hills, giving the site its strange name. The watch around Stalkbrow consists not so much of troops, but of experienced elf and human wizards and druids. Because of the isolationist attitude and control of the local clan Longrunner, admittance of humans or other non-elves to the area of Stalkbrow is rare. The elves consider Stalkbrow to be the most dangerous site of all, and prefer that only those well schooled in its mysteries be allowed near.

Sump and Weir – Location – Alfheim(3,-1) – Drainage was an important consideration when the weatherchange spells were cast to irrigate the lands which would hold the Canolbarth forest. Were the immense water run-off to leave Alfheim through “normal” means, it would pass into the Streel River with catastrophic effect on the the lands and cities downriver. The solution was to not have the rivers drain outside the forest at all, but to have it flow underground, away from Alfheim and towards the sea. The elves created a deep chasm near the western end of the forest where drainage water could be directed into underground caverns that connected to the sea. Thus, the Sump was created, a mile-wide depression in the ground, perhaps a thousand feet deep. The water from the Great Flood and Monster Rivers cascades over the side of the gorge and drains away into the underground caverns, surfacing again somewhere in the Malapheggi Swamp. There are paths down the sides of the Sump, but these are little-used and ill-maintained. Explorers have traced navigable routes along the underground rivers through to the sea, but the elves strongly discourage such traffic. Separating the rivers from the Sump is the Weir, a fence-like dam intended to keep local boats and wandering monsters confined to Alfheim waters and out of the Sump. The Weir is almost two miles long and is twenty feet wide on top, with guard rails and towers. Elven soldiers of the Guard patrol the top of the Weir, lending assistance to boating parties and attacking to kill any monsters from Thornbush that may be stuck upon the Weir. This is an important duty station for elves, and these troops are called away from this post only in times of gravest emergency. It is a common posting for new recruits.

Alfheim Location Sump And Weir
Alfheim Location Sump And Weir

Temple of the Siswa: Located in the forest near Selenica in the area controlled by the Feadiel clan and houses their children.

Thorbush – Bad Magic – Alfheim(3,5) – Located near the geographic center of the elven lands, this is the oldest documented monster sitem, and its under the responsibility of clan Grunalf. It lies near the Lesser River, and monsters from it occasionally flop their way into the river and swim away to plague elves both up and downstream. Given the chance, the monsters will swim into the Sump (q.v) and then out of the forest to range as far as possible, ravaging Darokin, the Five Shires, the Atruaghin Clans and the open ocean. For this reason, there are special guards on Thornbush and the Weir (see Sump). The monsters which eventually resurface in the Malapheggi Swamp in southern Darokin do not make the marsh folk there love the elves more. The monsters are a source of resentment against the elves and the cause of anti-elf crusades in the past. Thornbush itself is an especially tangled mass of thick vegetation which does not respond to conventional forestry or weed controls such as chopping or controlled burning. Like the other malignant magic areas, Thornbush is part of the spell fabric which created the elven forest. As such, it cannot be removed or affected by the level of magic available to mortal elves or men. From time to time, important sages and magic-users come to study the place to learn more about the ways of magic gone wrong.

Turnclaw – Good Magic – Alfheim(-6,7) – Turnclaw is noted not for its appearance, but for its history and is under the control of clan Chossum. Turnclaw is the site of the most important battle against the wizard Illodious’s beast man invasion. The evil wizard Illodious (see “Beast Man Invasion”) was bent on controlling enough of the elf-forest to insure that he would always dominate at least one magic point. Turnclaw is the site where the elven wizards opened their gate into the beast men’s home world and in so doing, saved Alfheim. Turnclaw special characteristics have changed over the years. Often, elven prepared casters studying here have been able to memorize and cast spells of a much higher level than they could normally attain, as was the case during the Turnclaw battle. Usually, the site has had a profound effect on animal and monster summoning and control spells. At other times, the effects have enhanced polymorph and shapechange spells. As well as its connection to Elvenologist, it is also connected to Beastologist, Summologist and Shapeologist Secret Crafts.

Great Elven Clans of Alfheim

  • Clan Chossum – (Mainly Elves of Air – Nomadfey) The Chossum clan is firmly in favor of outside contact and progress, as long as they can turn a profit.
  • Clan Erendyl – (Mainly Elves of Earth – Woodfey) This clan refers to itself as the “royal clan,” because it is the family of Doriath, current king of Alfheim.
  • Clan Feadil – (Mainly Elves of Fire – Sunfey) This is the most recent major clan to join the clans of Alfheim. The progenitors of the clan first arrived magically through the rainbow gate as they fled Moorkroft’s conquest of the Sylvan Realm.
  • Clan Grunalf – (Mainly Elves of Earth – Wildfey) The Grunalf clan holding of Ainsun lies in the densest forests of Alfheim, between the River of Monsters and the Black Lake Rivers. This has produced a clan of avid monster-hunters, foresters, and gardeners
  • Clan Longrunner – (Mainly Elves of the Elements – Seasonfey) The Long Runners are the most ingrown of the clans. They have little contact with the outside world and little love for anyone but elves, and not too sure of any from outside of Alfheim.
  • Clan Mealidil – (Mainly Elves of Fire – Sunfey) claims to be the true clan of the founder of Alfheim, Mealiden Red Arrow. They claim that this achievement by one of their own grants them the position of cultural arbiters for all that is truly elvish, and they back up the claim with an extensive library of writings and other recordings on the history of elves and those they deal with
  • Clan Red Arrow – (Mainly Elves of Fire – Sunfey) provides the rank and file of any elven army. As the clan responsible for stopping six major invasions, they take their position as defenders of Alfheim and the forests very, very seriously.
  • The Minor Clans

D&D Elven Clan Chossum – Alheim, Darokin (Mainly Elves of Air – Nomadfey)
Settlements – Densae (Alfheim(-2,6)), Turnclaw (Alfheim(-6,7)),

Elven Clans – ChossumCalisan (Counselor, M, Rog7/Wiz7), Daisy of Desnae (Alfheim Town, F, Pal8/Clr8), Shalander (Karameikos – Specularum, M120, Pal8/Clr7),

  • DnD Elven Clan Chossum Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Chossum Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Choosum Arrow

The Chossum clan is firmly in favor of outside contact and progress, as long as they can turn a profit. Some more conservative elves call the Chossums the “dwarves of Alfheim”, their love of money and desire for a good business deal seem decidedly unelvish. Others think them a regression to the ways of the elves of the southern continent, from whom Ilsundal led his immigration.

Most of the wandering traders who go from clan to clan with hard-to-get food-stuffs, weapons, and wearing apparel are members of the Chossum clan. The Chossums are wheelers and dealers. Clan leaders have proposed that major trade roads be built into Alfheim from Corunglain and Selenica and even the Rockhome mountains, so as not to stifle trade by focussing it through the Darokin road.

The Chossums resent the Erendyl position as ambassadors to Glantri, they feel that the Erendyl ambassador has no concept of Alfheim’s trade needs. There is talk of Shadowelf infiltration of the Chossum clan, but this is regarded as the idle gossip of folk from clans who don’t understand true entrepreneurial spirit.

Clanmaster Lynnwyll is in favor of anything that puts elven products in the markets of the world, and the world’s gold into Clan Chossum’s pockets.

Converting Chossum Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Chossum elves prefer Paladin and Cleric as their match.

D&D Elven Clan ErendylAlfheim (Mainly Elves of Earth – Woodfey)
Settlements – Elleromyr (Alfheim(6,-5)), Ironbark (Alfheim(3,-5)),

  • DnD Elven Clan Erendyl Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Erendyl Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Erendyl Arrow

This clan refers to itself as the “royal clan,” because it is the family of Doriath, current king of Alfheim. About 300 years ago, a branch of the clan, the Erewan, moved to Glantri and now is one of the major powers there. A member of that clan, Sire Galladin, is the ambassador to Glantri from Alfheim, just as a member of the Glantri branch is Glantri’s ambassador to Alfheim.

There is much contact between this clan and outsiders from Darokin as well as Glantri. As King, Doriath has foresworn ties to the clan. Regardless, many Eyrendyl elves hold positions within the Alfheim government, such as it is.

Erendyl elves are some of the best craftsmen in Alfheim. Artists and artisans come from all over to study under the carvers of Elleromyr, the clan holding. The profits from Elleromyr carvings and other artwork has brought the clan much outside money, which they use to equip the Elleromyr Guard.

Clanmaster Brendian usually agrees with Clanmaster Lynnwyll on any subject dealing with outside contacts.

Converting Erendyl Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Erednyl elves prefer Bard and Druid as their match.

D&D Elven Clan FeadilAlfheim (Mainly Elves of Fire – Sunfey)
Settlements: Algorn’s Last Stand (Alfheim(13,24)), Feador (Alfheim(-9,21))

  • DnD Elven Clan Feadil Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Feadil Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Feadil Arrow

This is the most recent major clan to join the clans of Alfheim. The progenitors of the clan first arrived magically through the rainbow gate as they fled Moorkroft’s conquest of the Sylvan Realm. Feadiel is perhaps the most paranoid of the elven clans. Anyone and anything not of Alfheim, and sometimes not of the clan, is distrusted – after all, Moorkroft first came as a friend. Only druids are not distrusted.

As a result of their late-comer status, the Feadiel elves make a point of their clan name in all dealings with outsiders and take umbrage when it is forgotten. The Feadiel elves are on good terms with most dwarves. However, this attitude is strongly tried by the antics of the Thorns of Rockhome (see The Dwarves of Rockhome Gazetteer).

Feadiel has many adventurers. The clan wishes to expunge the record of its cowardice for not staying to face the onslaught of Moorkroft. Feadiel also has the highest percentage of adventuring elves who return to the forest after wandering.

Feadiel elves are also the least likely to ask another clan for help. They feel a need to show they can take care of themselves. Feadiel is foremost among the clans in its lore of the Tree of Life, and Feadiel Treekeepers are valued anywhere that there are Trees of Life.

Clanmaster Dyradyl Feadiel continually argues for restricted human access to Alfheim and a renewed elven regard for the worship of Ilsundal. He thinks that Lynnwyll and Brendian are dangerous adventurers.

Converting Feadil Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Feadil elves prefer Paladin and Druid as their match.

D&D Elven Clan GrunalfAlfheim (Mainly Elves of Earth – Wildfey)
Settlement – Ainsun (Alfheim(5,3)), Dewdrop (Alfheim(5, 1)), Misthaven (Alfheim(6,7)), Thornbush (Alfheim(3,5)),

  • DnD Elven Clan Grunalf Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Grunalf Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Grunalf Arrow

The Grunalf clan holding of Ainsun lies in the densest forests of Alfheim, between the River of Monsters and the Black Lake Rivers. This has produced a clan of avid monster-hunters, foresters, and gardeners.

The Grunalfs are involved in maintaining the forest of Alfheim. The greatest foresters, the best trackers, the most prodigious hunters are said to come from Ainsun. The Grunalfs are also the best boatsmen of the Alfheim elves. They specialize in canoes and kayaks which act as platforms for their monster hunting.

The Grunalfs bore the brunt of the Shadowelf invasion centuries ago, and are especially vigilant in sniffing out new outbreaks of the Broken Landers. Many great Treekeepers have come from the Grunalfs. Their ability at growing things and keeping them alive is unmatched anywhere in Alfheim.

The Grunalf naming convention is similar to that of Long Runner and Red Arrow in that they each take a use name, which has no magical significance, but in addition to, rather than instead of, a real name.

Clanmaster Durifern Widefarer is frequently absent from Council meetings. When present, he stays quiet and then votes in a way no one expects him to. He stays on good terms with his fellow Council Members, though few consider him an asset to the council.

Converting Gunalf Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Grunalf elves prefer Ranger and Druid as their match.

D&D Elven Clan Longrunner Alfheim (Mainly Elves of the Elements – Seasonfey)
Settlements – Glowtree (Alfheim(-9,13)), Pinitel (Alfheim(-6,16)), Shadowdown (Alfheim(-4,17)), Stalkbrow (Alfheim(-9, 15)),

  • DnD Elven Clan Longrunner Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Longrunners Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Longrunners Arrow

The Longrunners are the most ingrown of the clans. They have little contact with the outside world and little love for anyone but elves, and not too sure of any from outside of Alfheim. Their territories include both the twisted magic site of Stalkbrow and the good magic sites of Glow Tree, Shadowdown, and Goblin Park. This makes their territory ideal for the study of magic in many different forms. Elves from all over Alfheim come here to study with the master wizards of Pinitel (their clan holding).

The Longrunners are known for their care in costuming and cosmetics. Where other clans may ape human styles, the Longrunners are sticklers for primitive clothes of leather and fur, donning armor only when war is at hand. One faction of the clan is fanatically resistant to the presence of anyone but elves in the clan territory, although clan leadership strongly favors it, especially considering the helpfulness of human druids and wizards in controlling the Stalkbrow site.

Like Red Arrow elves, Longrunner elves tend to keep their real names (and even the real name of their clan) a secret. Instead, they take names indicative of some aspect of their personalities, personal histories, favorite activities, or prowess. These names change over the course of an elfs life. A Longrunner whose name was Hornhunter in his youth, due to his prowess in hunting deer, may become Bugwatcher in later years, as he devotes himself to studying the effects of the twisted magic on local insect life.

Clanmaster Beasthunter is the youngest of the Clanmasters and has a total disregard for the needs of outside contact. He considers Brendian a prissy bureaucrat and Lynnwyl a materialistic fool. At the same time, he has a hard time allying with Dyradyl and Mealidan because of their lack of interest in hunting. His best friend on the Council is Durifern Widefarer

Converting Long Runner Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Long Runner elves prefer Barbarian and Wizard as their match.

D&D Elven Clan Mealidil Alfheim – (Mainly Elves of Fire – Sunfey)
Settlements – Goblinpark (Alfheim(-4,11)), Mealidor (Alfheim(-1,11))

  • DnD Elven Clan Mealidil Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Mealidil Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Mealidil Arrow

Clan Mealidil claims to be the true clan of the founder of Alfheim, Mealiden Red Arrow. They claim that this achievement by one of their own grants them the position of cultural arbiters for all that is truly elvish, and they back up the claim with an extensive library of writings and other recordings on the history of elves and those they deal with.

The collection is so large that they had to grow a special combined Sentinel and Home Tree to hold it all. Most books or other records of historical interest found by adventurer elves wind up in the library of Mealidor. Mealidil is easily the most conservative of the clans. Their leaders consistently wear out-of-date clothing fashioned after that worn by the followers of Mealiden 1,800 years ago. Their answer for any problem is to research the Annals of Mealiden and find what he did in a similar situation.

Clanmaster Mealidan can be counted on for the most conservative reaction to any question that comes before Council, but, is not an isolationist like Beasthunter or a paranoid like Dyradyl. He just wants everything to be done “as Mealiden would have us do it.”

D&D Elven Clan Red Arrow Alfheim – (Mainly Elves of Fire – Sunfey)
Settlement – Dragontree (Alfheim(-7,1)), Dreamland (Alfheim(0,-8)), Shieldtree (Alfheim(-1,-6))

  • DnD Elven Clan Red Arrow Hilt
  • DnD Elven Clan Red Arrow Heraldry
  • DnD Elven Clan Red Arrow Arrow

This is a clan of militant warriors. Where the Grunalf’s provide the scouts and trackers, Red Arrow provides the rank and file of any elven army. As the clan responsible for stopping six major invasions, they take their position as defenders of Alfheim and the forests very, very seriously.

As a result of their continual contact with outside realms, the leaders of Red Arrow waver between isolationism and cosmopolitanism. They favor a closed Alfheim as the ultimate protection against foreign influence and conquest, but at the same time they have seen and adopted the practices of many foreign military establishments. Among the elves, the closest thing to dwarven or human discipline can be seen in the elite archers of the Red Arrow clan.

This clan was once a part of the Mealidil clan. During Mealiden’s long march to find a homeland, the Red Arrows were his honor guard who protected him and provided most of their military force. At that time they were simply the Red Arrow Guard. Eventually, their way of life changed so much from the Mealidil kinsmen that Mealiden declared them a new clan. When the clans finally settled in the steppes which became the Alfheim forest, the Red Arrows purposely established themselves on the easiest access from the human settlements which became Darokin, just so they could be the first elves to feel the brunt of an invasion. They have been granted their wish many times.

Like the Longrunners, the Shieldtree elves hide their real names and take use names suited to their personalities, personal histories, or enthusiams. Unlike the Longrunners, the Red Arrow tribesmen tend to keep their use names throughout their lives, sometimes taking on extra names if some other facet of their existence becomes supremely important to them.

Clanmaster Redsword Truetalker represents the military viewpoint on the Council. He favors anything that will build up Alfheim’s ability to defend itself, which includes weapons from other lands. However, he dislikes having large numbers of unaccounted-for non-Alfheimers in Alfheim at any one time and would just as soon tear Alfheim Town down (which he proposes at each meeting). In any non-military question, his participation is usually a disaster.

Converting Red Arrow Elves in BECMI to 5th Edition – Elves split their advancement from a martial class and a spellcasting class for the first ten levels, then dedicate themselves to either the martial or the spellcasting class for the Letter advancement starting at C and going to M. Red Arrow elves prefer Fighter and Wizard as their match.

D&D The Minor Clans Alfheim

Some 20,000 elves do not owe any allegiance to these major clans. They are split up into about 10 minor clans ranging in membership from 500 to 4,000 elves. Their Clanmasters are on the Council, but rarely get called to meetings. In most cases, these are the most isolationist of the elves, frequently refusing to have anything to do with the other clans, much less outsiders. As might be expected, the isolationist clans are the lowest in number. One once boasted over 10,000 members, but now has less than 1,000, due to attrition, lack of new births and desertion to other clans.

Elven Secrets

The Magic Points

The powerful magic needed to maintain Alfheim’s unnatural climate and plants has resulted in the formation of a strange places where magical effects occur spontaneously and where spellcasting is made easier.

The master druids and wizards who constructed the magical weatherchange energies of Alfheim meant for the magic to restrict itself to altering the climate and creating plants to match the new weather. However, the eldritch spells combine the Tree’s of Life with Lay lines emanating from unnoticed enchantments emanating from the Broken Lands, from the Dwarven and Halfling Lands, from the courts of the recently arrived Alphatians and, possibly, from areas within Alfheim itself. Together, these forces birthed aberrations in the magical energy field, resulting in the strange magic points, the best known of which are noted on the map of Alfheim.

These major sites have been extensively studied and are of a reasonably stable nature. Short-term sites which appear and vanish within a 10 to 20 year span are not shown. New and relatively weak sites of unknown properties may be discovered by parties traversing the magic forest.

The Good Magic Points

These areas are sources of magic where major magical research is done. In these places, according to elven tradition, the forest looks and acts just as it should. However, the high concentration of magic energy in these places makes it uncomfortable, possibly even dangerous to dwell here for long. Even the normally laid-back forest elves avoid living in (or too near) them.

Most of the magic points are the same sort of terrain as the surrounding lands and are simply uninhabited continuations of the surrounding giant forest, save for the rare live-in scholar and his or her attendants. The magic points extend only for five to 10 acres of land, although fluctuations do occur. Misthaven (in northwestern Alfheim) once briefly grew to an area of 10 square miles.

The good magic points are characterized by a condition which makes the casting of spells particularly easy, efficient, and/or risk free. For instance, a Glantrian magic craft practiced at the right magic point would be free from the possibility of a disastrous effect on a fumble. Sometimes, spellcasters casting at a magic point find that their spells kept in mind do not disappear upon casting, so that multiple spells can be cast by a low-level spellcaster. Occasionally, the potency of the spell is increased. The nature of the magical effects at these locations changes over the years, so that individual parties going to the sites can never be exactly certain of what will be accomplished at any particular place. Upon occasion, this has resulted in some notable surprises for elven wizards – some for much the better, and some which have been disastrous for all elves in the forest.

The magic pockets are a direct link to the controlling magics which maintain the elf-forest. There are ceremonies and enchantments which enable elf master-Druids or Wizards to both change the enchantment of the forest and change the properties of the magic point itself. The latter allow them to switch one kind of magical amplification for another. The ceremonies and rituals to accomplish these changes are very extensive, and are generally quite beyond the powers of average elven adventurers. They can be found in the Elvenologist Secret Craft.

DM notes: The magic points are some of the most logical locations for adventuring in the forest, next to Alfheim Town and the various clan towns. The descriptions of the magical characteristics are deliberately vague. You, as DM, have the option to make the magic points as weak or powerful as the needs of your players and the direction of your own campaign dictates.

Magic Gone Bad

Three magic points, Thornbush, Dragontree, and Stalkbrow, are specifically noted by the elves as areas of malignant, rather than benign magic. This is part of the dark side of the elven forest magic. “Wronglife” and “twisted magic” are elven names for these areas which have existed for centuries and show no sign of disappearing. They work well with Chaosologist and Voidologist Secret Crafts.

In these areas, the magic of Alfheim occasionally causes evil monsters to either be spontaneously generated or teleported in from somewhere else. These evil creatures proceed to roam around the forest – killing elves and devastating the plantlife. Sometimes, there are worse things than mere physical horrors. The elves have scouts and guards detailed to detect and kill these creatures, but the long-lived elves find it hard to maintain a keen pitch of day-to-day alertness; many monsters evade immediate detection and escape to wander at the edges of remote elvish communities. For this reason, the elves tend to stay near to their clan holdings, and travellers (particularly non-elven adventurers) must be wary of their way in Alfheim. It is also said that the elves actually prefer to let the monsters wander for awhile – it makes the hunt that much more interesting.

Wrath of the Immortals Timeline

Phase One (Levels 1-5)

AC 1000 (Tier 1 – Level 1)
  • TimelineAC 1000Alfheim
    • Introduction to Alfheim – A mini campaign introducing the wonder of the elven forest. After spending ten years in the shade of a clan’s Tree of Life, a group of elves have earned their adult name and are called to protect the forest.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC1) A Night out on the Forest. Encountering the different cultures of the elven forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Hallow
AC 1001 (Tier 1 – Level 2)
  • TimelineAC 1001Alfheim
    • Mystery of the Dead Elf – A elven student Troikithus gain access to the records of the library of Alfheim relating to the clan of Ellerovyn.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC1) The Lost Seneschal – A missing tax collector for a lord in a domain bordering the elven forest.
    • <-> Dwarven Woe – A bunch of dwarven children a causing havoc in the western edge of the forest.
    • (dwt) Chop Chop! – A logging site has started to cause issues.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Honey Queen
AC 1002 (Tier 1 – Level 3)
  • TimelineAC 1002Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) Follow that Orc! – A Guardian of the Trees of Life asks for an investigation into unusual movements of an Orc in Alfheim City.
    • (dwt) The Blight – Issues with a sacred tree.
    • (dwt) Lair of the Mad Druid – people are disappearing in the forest.
    • The Rise of the Drow – The Darkest Dawn
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Vengeful Heart
    • Tome of Beasts II Lairs – The Twisted Wreath
AC 1003 (Tier 1 – Level 4)
  • TimelineAC 1003Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) Defend the Weir – Monsters are breaking out of the weir and your called in to strengthen the defences.
    • (PC1) The Hanging Hideout – A wood drake has taken something from the treekeepers.
    • (dwt) The Burning Tree of Coilltean Grove – a sacred grove is burning.
    • Rise of the Drow – The Darkest Revealed
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Fingers of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Challenge of the Fang
AC 1004 (Tier 1 – Level 5)
  • TimelineAC 1004Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Missing Artefact – A treekeepers artefact has been stolen and needs to be recovered quickly and quietly.
    • (mdt) The Queen’s Estuary – Spirits of the forest causing mischief.
    • (mdt) The Kabandha’s Request – Treants in the forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende

Phase Two (Levels 6-10)

AC 1005 – (Tier 2 – Level 6)
  • TimelineAC 1005Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) Rough Play – Dwarves known as the Thorns are causing further mischief.
    • (mdt) The Dragon Queen’s Sanctuary – A shrine to the dragon gods has gone silent.
    • (mdt) Campsite in the Haunted Forest – something bad is happening in the woods.
    • (mdt) Entrance to the Forest Maze – a path deeper into the forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Gall of the Spider Crone
AC 1006 (Tier 2 – Level 7)
  • TimelineAC 1006Alfheim
    • Rheddrian’s Investigation Bureau – The Knight’s Rivett Inn expands out to Alfheim City (Alfheim), Akorros (Darokin), Corunglain (Darokin), Tothmeer (Five Shires) with services to its employees at each site.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (PC1) Sith Bruaich – A legendary haunted hill on the edge of the forest starts to wake.
    • To Catch a Unicorn Special Edition
AC 1007 (Tier 2 – Level 8)
  • TimelineAC 1007Alfheim
    • The Day Magic Died – The trees of life stopped talking, communicating or protecting the elves, causing much concern in the nation.
  • Still to be Edited
    • (GAZ5) The Ten Mother Trees of Life – A treekeeper needs you investigate the known trees, and to account for the missing tree’s. Something is going wrong with them.
    • (CM7) The Tree of Life – A clan treekeeper needs heroes to investigate the mother tree of life.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Grandmother’s Fire
AC 1008 (Tier 2 – Level 9)
  • TimelineAC 1008Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – Cross and Double-Cross – Shadowlands elves are stirring trouble in the elven forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Tongue of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – Grandmother’s Fire
AC 1009 (Tier 2 – Level 10)
  • TimelineAC 1009Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event U – Spring 1006 – The Master is Hammered – The forces of the Five Shires, Alfheim and Karameikos come to the aid of Darokin City.
    • GAZ5 – Assassins – Shadowlands elves are terrorising the forest.
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Heart of Derende
    • Tales of the Old Margrave – The Vengeful Dragon

Phase Three (Levels 11-15)

AC 1010 (Tier 3 – Level 11)
  • TimelineAC 1010Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event W – Fall 1006 – Twisted Trees of Alfheim – The trees of Alfheim are becoming twisted and dark in the aftermath of the masters curse.
    • GAZ5 – The Plot – a major conspiracy from the Shadowlands comes to fulfilment.
AC 1011 (Tier 3 – Level 12)
  • TimelineAC 1011Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Root of the Trouble – Looking into the issues that are causing the tree’s of the nation to twist and become darker and more sinister.
AC 1012 (Tier 3 – Level 13)
  • TimelineAC 1012Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • PC1 – A Quiet Day Spent Fishing – Magical talking fish and the creatures of the fey await.
AC 1013 (Tier 3 – Level 14)
  • TimelineAC 1013Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – A New Holding – A chance to hold the corruption at bay bring a new domain into the forests.
    • PC1 – Cattle of the March – A famous cattle farm on the edge of the forest is cursed.
AC 1014 (Tier 3 – Level 15)
  • TimelineAC 1014Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Tome of Beasts II Lairs – Towers of the Three Regents
    • Wrath of the Immortals – Event ZG – Fall 1007 – Alfheim is No More – The ability for the forest elves to hold their own nation against underground attack has become too much.
    • CM8 – Endless Stair – A tomb sealed by magic long ago is now accessible with the elves magic failing.

Phase Four (Levels 16-20)

AC 1015 (Tier 4 – Level 16)
  • TimelineAC 1015Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Nithian Lich – A forgotten foe is awakened by the corruption
    • PC1- A Blight on the Forest – The forest is dying, the elves have left, what is left is in shadow
AC 1016 (Tier 4 – Level 17)
  • TimelineAC 1016Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – The Great Hunt – The king is hunted through his former lands.
AC 1017 (Tier 4 – Level 18)
  • TimelineAC 1017Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • GAZ5 – Into the Bad Magic Point – A link to the Sphere of Entropy Is going out of control and threatens to drag the world with it.
AC 1018 (Tier 4 – Level 19)
  • TimelineAC 1018Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • Wrath of the Immortals: – Event ZZ – Fall 1009 – The Week Without Magic – The Glantrians activate their device and all magic in the world is gone for a week
AC 1019 (Tier 4 – Level 20)

Phase Five (Levels 21-25)

AC 1020 (Tier 5 – Level 21)
  • TimelineAC 1020Alfheim
  • Still to be Edited
    • The land that was once Alfheim is now a nation of dark and twisted tree ruled by the pale, xenophobic Shadow Elves.
    • Elven quest for immortality

Section of Notes still under Construction

Gold – found near the lakes.
Green – found in or near the forest.

Forest (Wood Elves) – The woodly realm was run by wood elves, as at the centre of every clan (even the high elves) was a Tree of Life that supported all elves as a gift from their Immortal guardian Ilsundal god of the elves.
Slyvan (Eladrin) – The fey kind, or most mischievous of the elven clans, have the least in common with the forest and only arrive as visitors, not having a clan of their own in this forest.
Sun (High Elves) – The high magic support for the forest is provided by the clans of high elves, they also seek more communication with the outside world and those clans that are found outside the forest.

Forest – in the darker regions of the forest.

Content Updates

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